iOS, OS X and The Death of the Scrollbar

Among those who have tried OS X Lion for the first time, there is near universal dismay at the “reverse scrolling” behavior in the Apple-provided applications. It’s a big change in the way we use computers, but has the scrollbar’s time passed?

Review: Apple Magic Trackpad a Futile Gesture

A sleek representation in aluminum, plastic, and glass, plus 80 percent more multitouch by area than a MacBook trackpad, what’s not to like about the Magic Trackpad? Everything that really matters. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend it.

R.I.P. Computer Mouse? Not So Fast

Ackerman thinks that something being largely overlooked amidst the tsunami of iPad hype is what he deems its biggest potential “achievement” — that Apple’s touchscreen quasi-PC might have finally struck a fatal blow to the longstanding standard of computer input devices, the computer mouse.

Apple Unveils the Magic Mouse

Today Apple revealed the Magic Mouse — the world’s first multi-touch mouse. Inspired by the multi touch technology in the iPhone and…