MongoDB adds paid support for its free software

By offering users of its free software the same support it offers users of its paid software, MongoDB is actually making a pretty bold statement. As competitors encroach on its turf and IPO demands ramp up, the company is doubling down on its open source foundation.

Cloudera and MongoDB enter into a deep product partnership

Cloudera and MongoDB have formed a partnership that could potentially span everything from integrations to new products. It’s a big bet by MongoDB that Cloudera will be the Hadoop distribution of choice for its users, and another way for Cloudera to distinguish itself from Hadoop peers.

IBM buys NoSQL cloud database startup Cloudant

IBM has acquired cloud-based database startup Cloudant. It’s a smart move in terms of getting a foothold in the cloud database space, but it also seemingly forces IBM to embrace cloud providers and technologies outside its current umbrella.

Couchbase rolls out native NoSQL databases for iOS, Android

Couchbase is officially opening up two new technologies to mobile developers as part of a public beta program. Couchbase Lite is a lightweight database designed specifically for iOS and Android devices, while Cloud Sync Gateway syncs local data with a bigger database in the cloud.

MongoDB FTW: Fast-growing 10gen hires first CFO

MongoDB creator 10gen is growing again, this time with the addition of Sydney Carey as the company’s first CFO. She’ll help lay the infrastructure for plans to more than double in size in two years as it eyes an eventual IPO.

Spooky In-Q-Tel takes a stake in Cloudant

In-Q-Tel, a somewhat mysterious company, takes an undisclosed stake in Cloudant, the developer of a NoSQL-based data layer as a service. IQT’s blessing can help companies get their technologies deployed in government agencies, including the CIA and NSA.

In-Q-Tel stakes a claim in MongoDB, invests in 10gen

MongoDB proprietor 10gen has raised more money, this time an undisclosed sum from intelligence-agency strategic investor In-Q-Tel. 10gen is the firm’s first foray into NoSQL databases, although certainly not its only investment in the next-generation data-management space that also includes big data technologies like Hadoop.

How Disney built a big data platform on a startup budget

The big data world is full of small, scrappy startups using their ingenuity to build complex systems out of open source software, but the Walt Disney Company is not one of them. Here’s what goes into building a big data platform in a Fortune 100 company.

White House open sources “We the People” petition app

You never know what you’ll find on GitHub. Starting Thursday, you could download the source code to the Obama Administration’s “We The People” online petition application from the open source repository and start adapting it for your petition needs.

MongoDB or MySQL? Why not both?

NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra or CouchDB are a key foundation for web startups. But those companies might be better served using an old-fashioned relational database when it comes to their bread-and-butter transactions, according to Thrillist CTO Mark O’Neill.

Cloud startup Tier 3 gets serious about enterprise PaaS

Up-and-coming IaaS player Tier 3’s new Web Fabric Platform aims to give enterprise customers access to infrastructure services and higher-level application services from a single console. It builds on Iron Foundry, an open source fork of Cloud Foundry that adds .NET support.

How NoSQL database Riak makes Bump work

Database startup Basho on Tuesday released details of how its Riak NoSQL database underpins Bump. Bump is the seventh most-downloaded free iPhone app of all time — with more than 80 million downloads — so it has a lot of data to store and transfer.

Infographic: There’s a lotta MongoDB out there (Hadoop, too)

According to business intelligence provider Jaspersoft, MongoDB and Hadoop dominate the big data landscape among its users. The company today announced a new service, called the Big Data Index, which is a monthly measure of downloads of Jaspersoft’s “big data” connectors to its flagship BI product.

Should NoSQL startups be afraid of DynamoDB?

Executives at NoSQL startups are keeping a brave face in response to Amazon Web Services’ new DynamoDB offering. They cite the new product as a validation, while generally dismissing the competitive ramifications of having Amazon now playing in the same pool. But is that confidence justified?

Big data startups weigh in on competing with Oracle

It looks like Oracle does indeed have a big data strategy in place, complete with plans for Hadoop, NoSQL and even an integration of the R statistical analysis software. Today, some of startups affected by Oracle’s impending moves weighed in with their takes on the situation.

DataStax gets $11M, fuses NoSQL and Hadoop

DataStax has created the first commercial distribution of the Apache Cassandra database and has just closed an $11 million Series B round. Neither piece of news should come as a shock because as NoSQL products have been maturing over the past year, money has always followed.

Couchbase goes 2.0, pushes SQL for NoSQL

Couchbase has big plans to take NoSQL mainstream. It unveiled two today: Couchbase 2.0, which combines the Membase Server key-value store with the CouchDB document database in a single product, and UnQL, an open query language designed to bring uniformity to the diverse NoSQL landscape.

Real World NoSQL: MongoDB at Shutterfly

Shutterfly is a popular Internet-based photo sharing and personal publishing company that manages a persistent store of more than 6 billion images with a transaction rate of up to 10,000 operations per second. Here’s why it made the journey from Oracle to MongoDB.

10gen Raises $6.5M to Dominate the NoSQL Space

10gen, the company providing commercial support for the open-source MongoDB database, has raised $6.5 million in funding led by Sequoia Capital. Its CEO says NoSQL will become the third leg of the data storage stool for enterprises, and MongoDB is in the lead.