Localytics gets $5.5M to help devs turn analytics into revenue

Mobile analytics provider Localytics has raised $5.5 million led by Polaris Venture Partners. The money will help Localytics launch a new automated mobile app marketing platform that allows developers to message their customers and encourage them to take certain actions or make purchases.

Rewards provider Kiip grabs $11M to go after consumers

Kiip, a mobile reward network, announced it has raised $11 million as it looks to become more of a consumer-facing company. The startup will release a wallet app called Kiipsake that will let users organize and manage their rewards.

Kiip lets brands create flash contests inside apps

Kiip, a mobile monetization startup that offers real rewards to game users who hit in-game milestones, is now going after bigger brand advertisers with a new feature called Swarm, which engages millions of users in multi-player tournaments with the top winners walking away with big prizes.

Kickanotch helps media publishers turn mobile apps into money

Kickanotch — a Kansas startup that is building a one-stop app management and monetization platform for media companies, starting with radio stations — is now coming out with RevKick, a content- and ad-management tool that lets companies easily deploy, manage and monetize their apps from one dashboard.

New media mantra: Monetize, monetize, monetize

Some media outlets are hoping that launching iPad subscriptions and paywalls will supplement the meager revenue they get from traditional online banner advertising, but AOL’s Patch and Hearst Magazines’ digital media are experimenting with some more innovative ways of monetizing their content as well.

YouTube Serving 2B Video Ads Each Week

YouTube’s ability to monetize user-uploaded video content has increased substantially over the last year, with the Number 1 online video site serving ads against two billion videos a week, according to the New York Times. That’s an increase of about 50 percent over last year.

For YouTube, the Money Is in Music

YouTube is clocking more than 3 billion video views each month from the top 2500 members of its partner program alone. That means more chances to make money, but not necessarily a lot of money for everyone: Most of these views are generated by music labels.

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