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Want a Tesla Model S? Try eBay

Want to get your hands on an early Tesla Model S electric car next month, but haven’t gotten in the reservation line? Try eBay. There’s one starting at $145,000 on the online auction site.

Tesla needs to gear up to meet Model S shipment goal

Tesla Motors needs to make a profit and is counting on the Model S to get it there. The electric car company began shipping the sedan last month, and it has collected about Model S 12,200 reservations now, compared with roughly 11,500 by the end of June.

Tesla’s Model S Betas revealed [photos, video]

Electric car maker Tesla Motors took the wraps off of its electric Model S sedan Betas at a customer event this weekend, allowing interested customers the opportunity to participate in short drives of three of the company’s Model S beta cars. Here’s photos and video:

Fisker starts hiring to make its second electric car

While electric car maker Fisker Automotive is in the process of launching its first electric car, the Karma, to dealerships and customers this summer, the auto startup says it is also starting to hire workers for its next-generation electric car, dubbed code name Project Nina.

Tesla’s Revenues, Margins Up, Still Losing Money

To kick off the first quarter of 2011, electric vehicle maker Tesla reported record revenues and gross margins. But given the company won’t be making a profit until well after its second electric car the Model S comes out, Tesla is still losing money every quarter.

Tesla’s Model S Battery Is Swappable, Just in Case

Tesla has designed its second electric car, the Model S, to have a swappable battery with the idea that if battery swapping becomes common for electric car drivers one day, the Model S will be prepared. It’s basically hedging its bets with battery swapping.

PHOTOS: Inside Tesla’s Model S Alpha Workshop

Check out our photos of Tesla’s Model S Alpha build room, where engineers work on testing 20 Model S Alphas for things like safety, durability and electronics. In a couple of months, Tesla will start building 50 Betas, and by mid-2012, will start delivering the car.

VIDEO: Tesla Model S on the Road!

Tesla’s next-generation electric sedan, the Model S, won’t be out until 2013, but the EV maker has already started testing the alpha version of the car on the roads. And Tesla has just released this video of the alpha Model S in real world driving tests.

With Tesla, Nvidia Aims for New Market

Leave it to cooler-than-thou electric vehicle maker Tesla Motors to know its mobile graphic chips. Tesla announced this morning that it will use two NVIDIA Tegra chips to power the 17-inch screen and the instrument cluster for Tesla’s next-gen electric sedan the Model S.

A Rare Look Inside Tesla’s New Factory (photos)

Tesla’s VP of manufacturing Gilbert Passin pretty much summed up Tesla’s newly acquired automotive manufacturing plant in Fremont, Calif. on a rare tour on Wednesday, when he said: “This factory is huge.” Check out my two dozen photos of the tour.

The Fox-Cablevision Drama Is Getting Emmy-Worthy

The ongoing dispute between Fox and Cablevision is becoming the fall’s best drama, full of exciting twists and turns and exciting guest stars — in this case, the FCC, which hopes to end this conflict by getting both sides to submit information on their negotiations.

Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBC, Hulu, 3-D

Today on the Net: an analyst estimates that NBC Universal is worth negative $600 million while USA Network is worth $11.7 billion, broadcasters like NBC are holding back the available ad inventory for sale on Hulu and Imax’s CEO says not every 3-D movie will work.

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Tesla Model S Factory Update: Tesla Motors said today it’s in “late-stage” negotiations for a soon-to-be named site where it will manufacture…