MobiTV withdraws IPO bid

The company, which licenses a technology to large wireless carriers that lets their customers watch live TV on their smart phones, pulls its $75 million IPO bid, citing “unfavorable market conditions.”

MobiTV’s IPO filing is not a pretty picture

MobiTV will be going public soon — but look closely at its S-1 filing and what do you see? A company with the majority of its revenues wrapped up in three partners, whose contracts could all expire over the next 18 months.


Report: A Mobile Video Market Overview

Mobile video accounts for a very small fraction of the overall U.S. mobile data market, despite on-the-go video and mobile TV receiving as much hype as any other area in the space. This report — the first in a two-part series on mobile video — examines what we can learn from the failures of mobile video to find a sizable audience so far, which challenges will continue to hinder the market in the coming years and the opportunities that will increasingly exist. The iPhone, Android devices and other multimedia-friendly handsets offer more screen real estate and higher resolution than previously possible, while the move toward 4G will help carriers deliver higher quality video more consistently. Even so, the challenges in this market are many, and mobile devices will likely always be inferior to set-top boxes, desktop computers and laptops when it comes to delivering a quality viewing experience. And because video consumes so much bandwidth on mobile networks, uptake will surely be impacted as carriers move away from all-you-can-eat data plans. The industry must, then, find other ways to monetize video in mobile, and without clogging already taxed cellular networks. Most importantly, it must develop viable business models for implementing video in ways that make sense for the consumer, the content owner and the network operator. Companies mentioned in this report include AT&T, Sprint, Apple, Google, Research in Motion, Qualcomm and Samsung. For a full list of companies, and to read the full report, sign up for a free trial.

MobiTV Raises $5 Million

Streaming TV provider MobiTV has received $5 million in funding from Leader Ventures, in addition to the $125 million it raised from VC firm…