How much iCloud storage do you need?

Apple just extended a free offer of 20GB of iCloud storage to newly transitioned MobileMe subscribers until next year. But there are some big differences in how data from all your devices — iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac — is stored in the new service.

Final notice: Make the move from MobileMe to iCloud

If you have an older MobileMe account, you may have held off on the transition to iCloud until now. But the deadline to switch approaches quickly. If you haven’t already, here’s what you need to do before MobileMe goes dark on June 30.

Motorola forces Germany to ban iOS push mail

After a patent dispute in Germany between Motorola and Apple, local users of iCloud and MobileMe have now had push email functions disabled. But don’t be surprised if the same problem wings its way across the Atlantic soon.

Spanning Tools review: Cure your cloud syncing woes

Whether you use iCloud, MobileMe or Google to sync your contacts and calendars — no matter how careful you are — glitches occur. Fortunately, Spanning Tools helps clean up your contacts and calendars, making sure your syncs go as planned and correcting errors after the fact.

Find My Mac is reason enough to sign up for iCloud

Apple is including a tool in iCloud that should make signing up for it a no-brainer for Mac owners: Find My Mac, which went live for iCloud beta users Wednesday. Like Find My iPhone, the service provides an approximate location for all a user’s iCloud-connected Macs.

5 quick OS X Lion tips and work-arounds

Overall, I’m thrilled with OS X Lion. However, like any new OS, there are some things that either don’t work quite right or, while working as intended, may annoy. So, here are five tips and work-arounds I’ve found that might help address some growing pains.

As MobileMe closes, Google rescues new iOS users

Although Apple discontinued new signups for MobileMe on Monday, iCloud syncing won’t be available until the fall, and most likely will only be available for those running iOS 5 and Lion. What’s an Apple fan to do in the meantime? Go to a competitor.

MobileMe will transition to iCloud; Apple offers refunds

Now that Apple has announced its new iCloud service, which will be available at no charge, MobileMe users who have been spending $99 a year will be entitled to a refund. Anyone having an active MobileMe account will have their service extended through June 30, 2012.

Can Apple Make the Cloud Work for Consumers?

Apple has to do more than just upgrade MobileMe or match its competitors to provide a cloud offering that really catches fire with consumers on Monday. I talked with the CTO of a cloud management company to see just how far iCloud needs to go.

Quick Fix: MobileMe Gallery Video on Apple TV

For Apple TV owners that also subscribe to MobileMe, Gallery is an underrated feature. MobileMe Gallery and the Apple TV just work for photo and video sharing, at least most of the time. If you’re having trouble with the video part of that equation, try this.

How To Host GoDaddy Domain Names on MobileMe

Besides being just a catchy name that people can easily remember, what makes a domain name valuable is the content behind it, and MobileMe is a good repository for that content. Here’s how to connect your GoDaddy-registered name to your MobileMe site.

More Evidence That MobileMe Could Soon Be Free

Apple has not only notified resellers that the company is discontinuing sales of the MobileMe retail box, but it has also stopped selling it through the company’s online store. Current users can still renew their services, but indications are that MobileMe will soon be free.

Big Rumors About Little iPhone, MobileMe Revamp

Echoing rumors from late last week, the Wall Street Journal is weighing in with a report that Apple is gearing-up to produce a smaller, cheaper iPhone and introduce a revamped MobileMe this summer. Both moves seem motivated by Apple’s strong competition in the mobile market.

MobileMe 101: How to Set Up Back to My Mac

MobileMe offers subscribers a terrific level of remote access to files and applications stored on home Macs when on the road. You may be a MobileMe subscriber and not even be aware of this feature. Here’s how to go about setting up Back to My Mac.

More iOS 4.3 News: “Find My Friends,” New Device References

Yesterday, we learned that iOS 4.3 will have new features including more multi-touch gestures, the ability to act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and third-party support for AirPlay streaming. Today, more features continue to be revealed, and at least one previously removed option has been added back.

BusyToDo Review: MobileMe Syncing at Last

BusyToDo, a new to-do app for iPhone, aims to bring the most obvious omission from MobileMe to subcribers of the cloud services package from Apple. It does this without much flair, and it has a fairly high asking price. So is it worth it?

Why MobileMe Wants to Be Free

In response to complaints about MobileMe, the latest terse Steve-mail asserts Apple’s cloud services “will get a lot better in 2011.” That’s good, because it’s hard to imagine the industry-trailing MobileMe taking a downward turn from where it is in 2010.

Has Apple Given Up on iWeb?

iLife ’11 brings no update for iWeb. Users should rightly wonder what the fate of the app will be. It’s a shame that iWeb is being ignored, because it made web design accessible to all Mac users. But maybe it’s just time for a new model.

MobileMe Gallery App Finally Goes Universal

Apple just released version 1.2 of the MobileMe Gallery iOS app, with iPad support, along with Retina Display-enhanced graphics and fast app switching on iOS 4+. iPhone and iPad users can now also view friends’ MobileMe galleries even if they themselves aren’t MobileMe subscribers.

How-To: Blogging With Jekyll and MobileMe

Did you know that the same servers that host your iWeb site can host HTML generated by any app? We’ll take a look at using Jekyll with MobileMe to generate a blog that can be hosted on your MobileMe account.

Find My iPhone: Now Available On Your iPhone

Apple has been on a kick releasing new applications for its iOS devices over the past few weeks. Now, coinciding with a redesigned MobileMe, Apple has released the native Find My iPhone app for both the iPhone and the iPad.

MobileMe Gets a Makeover

MobileMe has just gotten a makeover, featuring the new webmail, now out of beta, and a refreshed navigation system. In addition to the new features that came with the Mail beta, Apple has also unwrapped a few additional features.

Apple’s Maiden Voyage Into the Cloud

Apple’s billion dollar data center being constructed on a 225 acre site near Highway 321 and Startown Road in Maiden, NC could play host to a number of services. So, what are the likely candidates for what Apple will be doing with this new facility?

Apple’s Mobile Dominance and MobileMe

It’s becoming clear that Apple needs to improve MobileMe. Obviously, Android is now Apple’s biggest threat in the mobile space and Google’s innovation wheel isn’t slowing down. To fully understand just how bad Apple is at running Internet services, let’s take a trip back in time.

MobileMe Mail Beta Walkthrough

Apple recently started offering a new beta of the web Mail application portion of its MobileMe software suite. As a longtime MobileMe subscriber, I’d say it was high time it updated that particular app, which has been more or less broken since launch.

Syncing Does not a Backup Make

Whether you are using MobileMe, Dropbox, or any one of the variety of other syncing programs, you may be one of the increasing number of people using these services to backup their data. The problem, though, is that syncing is not backing up.

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