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How mobile and IT mismanagement failed Mitt Romney

Mobile technology is an invaluable tool for modern businesses and even political campaigns: at least, when it works. As Mitt Romney’s campaign found out the hard way this week, the mobile web is an afterthought to many and beta testing is a good thing.

Zillow CEO says he was luckier than most monetizing for mobile

Making money off mobile advertising isn’t an easy job, but Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff said Friday at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference that being a real estate company gave them a leg up on this challenge, since most users can actually benefit from the ads they see.

With $1M in new funding, Snappli keeps iPhones saving data

As unlimited data plans disappear, consumers need new data-savings solutions. Snappli is the latest to out a mobile service that cuts down on data use through compression techniques; the free software, available today, works on iOS and saves data for the web, apps and even videos.

With new CTO, One Kings Lane goes all in on mobile

Armed with a new chief technology officer, and other new execs, One Kings Lane hopes to emerge as a leader of the mobile web. The company expects to double revenue to $200 million this year and says 25 percent of revenue comes from mobile.

Android tablets, iPads still see wide gap in mobile web use

A report earlier this week that found ownership of Android and Apple tablets had pulled even in the U.S., but other data shows those devices’ web use isn’t close at all. That will matter a lot to people trying to target mobile ads on these devices.

Who’s building mobile Websites? Pizzerias and plumbers

Pizzerias love the mobile Web. Why? There’s a feature embedded in many of their sites called click-to-call that allows a hungry mobile surfer to initiate a phone order directly from the Webpage. An astonishing 35 percent of site visits result in a click-to-call order.

No need for an app: Uber launches on the mobile web

Uber has launched a new mobile website that at, aimed at allowing Blackberry and Windows Phone owners to use the service. That will help expand its potential user base, especially as it expands to more than 15 new cities worldwide this year.

As IPO looms, Facebook also wants to be a mobile leader

Facebook’s social-media prowess has allowed it to move into a stored Silicon Valley office building as it awaits the riches that will accompany a huge IPO around the corner. But Facebook wants more: it wants to be seen as a leader among mobile software developers.

Google wants to mobilize your Web site – for free

Google(s goog) is wants to bring more small websites to the mobile phone, and to help nudge those sites along it’s willing to foot the bill for a year. Google and Duda Mobile are offering free hosting and customization of Web sites for mobile browsers.

Facebook buys some time but hasn’t solved mobile

Facebook may have figured out a way to get advertising in front of mobile users of its products, but that doesn’t mean it has a mobile advertising strategy. Instead, Facebook is taking a product designed for the desktop and hoping it won’t freak out mobile users.

2012: The year websites optimize for tablets

Mobify’s CEO Igor Faletski, whose company helps sites optimize for mobile, said almost all of Mobify’s work thus far has been to optimize for smartphones. But he said this year many sites are preparing to build specifically for tablets, taking advantage of their unique capabilities.

4 reasons you will want the Wikipedia for Android app

Wikipedia’s website may have been dark yesterday in protest of SOPA, but now there is a new official Wikipedia app for Android 2.2 and up devices. You could use the mobile web for Wikipedia, but four key features make this app worth the download.

Kik releases an API to improve content sharing in apps

Group messaging startup Kik sees a new opportunity in not just connecting users through its own app, but in becoming a content-sharing layer between other apps. Kik is launching a new open API to help app users transmit content directly from one app to another.

HTML5 key to Facebook’s mobile app discovery, engagement

Facebook launched its native app for Apple’s iPad on Monday, but the bigger story is wider support for web technologies as Facebook tries to be everywhere on every device. The company shared news with developers explaining how social app discovery using HTML5 can reap greater engagement.

Apple’s mobile market share climbs in September

Apple’s iOS once again dominated the mobile OS market share picture in September, according to new data from Net Applications. The enterprise application maker and web monitoring company found that iOS accounted for 54.65 percent of mobile market share, up from 53 percent in August.

Why the Windows Phone browser has no tabs. Should it?

Microsoft’s newest Windows Phone browser, coming soon via the Mango software update, shows improvements, but tabs aren’t part of the redesign. The small screen of a smartphone limits what controls can be in the browser, but we’ve seen some clever ways to make it work.

Apple continues to dominate mobile browsing

In the mobile browser world, one Apple’s mobile Safari is unmatched in terms of reach. New data shows the iOS version of Safari as easily beating out even the closest competition by a wide margin in terms of mobile browser usage share.

How patents are shaping the growth of the mobile cloud

HTC said last week it will spend as much as $18.5 million to acquire Dashwire, a Seattle-based developer of mobile cloud software. While the deal underscores the growing importance of the cloud in mobile, it also highlights how valuable patents have become in the space.

Consumers losing patience with the slow mobile web

High consumer expectations for the mobile web aren’t yet being met, with 71 percent expecting sites to load on smartphones as quickly as they load on desktop computers. Dual-core smartphones and 4G networks will help, but businesses have to find ways to optimize their sites.

Lookout: Safe browsing comes to Android

Lookout, a mobile security company, today added a new feature to its security software that protects web users from visiting malicious sites on their Google Android smartphones. As consumers turn to the mobile web and apps for services, the need for such protection may increase.

Twitter for Mobile Browsers, Simply Wonderful

Twitter for Mac may have all the attention lately, but it pales in comparison with the new mobile web version of Twitter. The company recently released the new version that is is simply wonderful and a great showcase for the potential of HTML5 technologies.

Even Through a Recession, We Want Our Web

Given recent economic challenges around the globe, one might conclude that demand for the web is down, but apparently not. According to a report from research firm TeleGeography, international bandwidth usage continued to grow in spite of the global recession of the past few years.

Reach Out, Touch Faith and Donate on the Mobile Web

Bucking the growing trend of today’s app economy, non-profits are turning to the touch-friendly mobile web to engage audiences and generate charitable donations. Ironically, faith-based groups are leveraging the agnostic Internet as a platform more than any other in this sector.

The Importance of Touch on the Mobile Web

More than 81,000 mobile touch web sites exist for shopping and services, according to mobile search firm Taptu, a figure that underscores the importance of addressing touchscreen devices as you take your content to the mobile web.

Stop Cramming the Mobile Web Into the PC Box

It’s time developers stop viewing mobile as an afterthought and start building mobile apps for less robust wireless connections and a variety of platforms. Programmers should stop trying to force design principals and habits learned on the PC-focused wired web into a mobile world.

Skyfire Bets on WebKit for Mobile Browsers

SkyFire is joining the WebKit bandwagon with the acquisition of kolbysoft, which makes the Android Steel browser. The company may be able to build a better mousetrap, but convincing Android users to download an additional browser will be a tough sell.

Ground Truth Emerges From Stealth Mode to Shine Light on the Mobile Web

Ground Truth, a startup, has emerged from stealth mode, armed with a plan to use data from mobile carriers and infrastructure vendors to measure traffic on the wireless web. It’s a move that could go a long way toward boosting ad revenues in the space.

Floating Ads: Making the Mobile Web Even More Annoying

Crisp Wireless this morning unveiled a new technology that delivers ads that remain on screen as users scroll down through pages on the wireless web. While those ads may prove effective, they may also give users one more reason to avoid the mobile Internet.

Verizon: Where a Megabyte Costs Almost as Much as a Stamp

Verizon Wireless will reportedly require a data plan with the purchase of some new feature phones. The move could be a sign of how the carrier plans to charge for usage on its upcoming LTE network.

How to Shop on the Go This Holiday Season

There are countless mobile sites and apps designed to help users spend their money this holiday season. To help save you time, we’ve rounded up some of the more notable ones.

The Challenge of the Mobile Cloud

[qi:gigaom_icon_cloud-computing] Cloud computing is one of the hottest topics in mobile — even if many in the space are confused about just…