Mobile wallet

BillGuard brings financial protection to Lemon mobile wallet

BillGuard, a crowd-sourced financial protection service that flags suspicious activity for consumers, is taking its services to mobile wallet app Lemon, which has 2.5 million users on iOS and Android. Now, Lemon users can check their balance on stored cards, see recent transactions and suspicious activity.

Lemon targets Passbook with mobile wallet API

Lemon, maker of a mobile wallet apps that stores digital copies of IDs, cards, receipts, coupons and tickets, is now opening up its app to outside publishers, who can integrate their cards and services through a new API. This will heighten the competition with Apple’s Passbook.

LevelUp arms merchants with white label payment apps

LevelUp is expanding its reach with a white label tool that lets merchants build their own custom app that uses LevelUp for payments and loyalty. That can help LevelUp appeal to merchants who want to offer a branded app but still connect to LevelUp’s network.

Target, Walmart and Co.: why leave mobile payments to others?

The mobile payment market is getting even more crowded thanks to a big play by a consortium of retailers including Target, Walmart, Sears and others who are creating their own mobile wallet. The move will give them a chance to save costs and protect their data.

Paydiant raises $12M for white label mobile payment platform

Paydiant is announcing $12 million in Series B funding led by Stage 1 Ventures, which will go toward the build out of its white-label payment and offers platform for banks and retailers. The company enables banks and merchants to add mobile payment services into existing apps.

Placecast arms mobile wallets with location-based offers

Placecast, which allows retail brands and operators to push out location-based offers, is now making its ShopAlerts technology available to mobile payment and mobile wallet providers. Retailers, operators or credit card companies with existing payment apps will be able to incorporate ShopAlerts into their apps.

With $8M in funding, Lemon wants to be your mobile wallet

Lemon, a mobile expense receipt tracker, isn’t just interested in helping people organize their receipts by taking pictures of them. It is looking at becoming a full mobile wallet for users and it’s just raised $8 million to go after that goal.

Isis mobile wallet adds AmEx cards in lead-up to launch

Isis, the mobile payment joint venture of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, has added American Express cards to its wallet. The news helps build more momentum for the Isis payment platform, which now has a broad array of payment cards that will work inside the mobile wallet.

Visa launches digital wallet beta with

While credit card rival MasterCard announced its own digital wallet platform, Visa has some news of its own. It’s launching the first beta of its wallet service with online retailer as it prepares to go public with the its payment product.

Geode iPhone case wants to replace all your credit cards

iCache is working to help people leave their wallets behind using an innovative iPhone case called Geode, that can digitize all of a user’s payment cards and loyalty cards and provides a simple way to present them at checkout at all stores.

PayPal poised to unveil redesigned digital wallet at SXSW

PayPal hasn’t done much to overhaul the consumer experience of its digital wallet. But the company is poised to launch a redesigned experience, which it will provide a sneak preview of next week at South by Southwest in advance of a big launch this summer.

Loopt sales shows future of location is commerce

The future of location-based services is in commerce, payments and deals, said Sam Altman, founder of Loopt. He just sold his startup to pre-paid card provider Green Dot and is working on mobile payment products. That’s where he said location will have the biggest impact.

Why retailers want to take the wheel on mobile payments

Walmart, Target and other retailers are working together on their own next generation payment system that will compete against the likes of Google Wallet, Isis, PayPal and many others. While it will add more confusion, it makes some sense for retailers to pursue their own system.

Is There Money for Carriers in the Mobile Wallet?

Network operators are once again pushing the idea of a “mobile wallet” in an effort to grab a slice of purchases for virtual and physical goods. But they would be wise to view themselves as potential extensions of existing payment systems — not replacements of them.