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LTE, smartphones & video are adding up to a mobile data boom

The world of mobile is getting faster and faster, and that means more LTE everywhere. It also means less talking, more Facebook and, of course, more video. The bottom line — we are only just getting started. Some data points from Ericsson’s mobility report.

How mobile data is making us question everything

The switch from voice to data isn’t just affecting carriers. The new mobile data reality is driving device makers to change the way handsets are designed, Internet companies to deal with the smaller screen, and infrastructure makers to re-architect the fundamental topologies of their networks.

Vyclone turns smartphone videos into multi-camera movies

Vyclone, a new iOS app, lets people record video and contribute it to a single movie that incorporates multiple angles. Users can create a movie automatically from various cameras in one place or they can edit the footage themselves.

Is Condition One the future of video? Mark Cuban thinks so

Danfung Dennis, a war photographer whose company Condition One is set to graduate from TechStars’ New York class today, has created a video technology that lets people create immersive video that can capture 180 degrees of view and can be manipulated with swipes or an accelerometer.

Why you’ll want a 1080p screen on your smartphone

LG has created a 5-inch screen with 1920 by 1080 resolution. There’s a tradeoff between screen resolution and smartphone size, but the trend is more pixels per inch and larger devices. And it’s all because on a smartphone, the screen is the most used component.

Will the iPad spark a new video creation revolution?

Quick question: How many times have you seen someone using a tablet to capture video or take pictures? The odds are likely that most will answer “never,” but with the introduction Apple’s new iPad I think that answer is about to change, for three reasons.

Why cops, cameras and the cloud aren’t a panacea for anything

Although the idea of police officers video-recording their use of Tasers has some claiming a small victory in the quest for better transparency, the issue isn’t that simple. From providing biased evidence to possibly invading privacy, video is ultimately no different than any other data type.

Plex gets Windows client, cloud service, media sharing

Plex, the media center solution of choice for many home theater PC fans, just received a massive update this weekend that makes it easier to access your and your friends’ media collection on your Android or iOS handset. The app is now also available for Windows.

YouTube’s top channels rival cable audiences

Gone are the days in which traditional cable TV had a larger audience than online video makers: YouTube’s top five channels rival the daily viewership of their cable counterparts. That may explain why YouTube now causes 20 percent of all peak mobile downstream traffic.

Skyfire puts mobile video on a bandwidth diet for carriers

Skyfire is moving into high gear with the next iteration of its Rocket platform, a video compression technology solution for carriers, which brings a host of improvements that should be appealing to operators worried about an explosion in mobile video usage.

iPads the gateway drug for college data usage

Data is in demand on college campuses, and it’s putting a strain on shared school networks. The iPad is partly to blame, according to University of Missouri-Columbia IT director Terry Robb, but it’s mostly acting as a gateway drug for the real culprit: online video.

Desktube wants to be your Android tablet’s YouTube app

Ever wished the official YouTube Android app would come with more features? Then take a look at Desktube, which prides itself of being a Swiss Army Knife for watching and recording YouTube videos on Android devices. It even comes with its own group viewing mode.

YouTube effects: Shake it like an Instagram picture

Giving your YouTube videos the Instagram look is now as easy as clicking a button. The site launched new edit functionality today that adds Instragram-like effect filters as well as advanced cinematic image stabilization to take the shake out of mobile phone recordings.

Orb Live brings free Hulu content to Android

Hulu has been slow in rolling out its apps for Android devices, but Android handset owners don’t need to wait any longer: All of Hulu’s content is now available on their mobile phones for free, thanks to a new and controversial app from Orb Networks.

Tout goes beyond the iPhone with webcam video sharing

Social video service Tout is taking a big step to broadening usage, with new capabilities that will allow users to share moments with friends even if they don’t have its iPhone app. It’s also improved communications between users, with the ability to reply to friends’ videos.

Cord Cutters: Sync mobile media with Miro 4

This week’s episode of Cord Cutters is all about taking your media on the go, and automatically syncing it with your Android phone. We take a closer look at the newly-released Miro 4 video player, which is optimized for this kind of mobile video syncing.

2020 via time machine: networks and systems

At the IEEE Technology Time Machine Symposium last week I heard the world’s leading academics, engineers, executives, and government officials project what the world will look like in 2020. The future brings technology together for everything from enhancing the human experience to improving environmental sustainability.

Watchlater Is Instapaper for Video on Your iPad

Even if you have a 3G-capable iPad (s aapl) and a mobile data plan, you might not always have access to a stable connection. That’s a situation Watchlater, a new iPad app that caches online video for later viewing, is hoping to make more bearable.

BlipSnips iPhone App Makes Sharing Mobile Video Social

BlipSnips introduced the latest version of its iPhone app, which adds new features to sharing mobile videos on social networks. That includes geolocation support and the ability to tag your friends within the timeline of a video, and link comments to action while it is happening.

Report: 80% of Mobile Video Views Happen on Apple Devices

Mobile video is still a small part of overall online viewing, but it’s a part that Apple dominates. According to new data from video ad startup FreeWheel, the vast majority of video views that occur on mobile devices happen on Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Netflix Who? Amazon Unbox Videos May Play on Android

Amazon Unbox videos reportedly are compatible with and play back on the HTC Thunderbolt, with no major effort on the user’s part. Downloading a video and setting the USB-connected phone to Sync mode does the trick. Could video be the final piece to Amazon’s Android puzzle?

Will Mobile Users Ever Embrace Social Video Apps?

New iOS app Tout thinks 15-second video status updates for Facebook and other social networks are what users want. But, despite obvious interest from the development community, the track record of social video sharing to date is still shaky at best, especially among the mobile crowd.

How Mobile TV Could Finally Find an Audience

The mobile TV hype machine is up and running again thanks to the Open Mobile Video Coalition’s efforts surrounding mobile DTV. If a greater number of consumers are finally going to start watching video on their phones, though, at least three key challenges must be overcome.

VMIX’s Vidcinity: An App for Tagging Places With Video

VMIX is best known for enterprise video distribution, but its new Vidcinity iPhone app, which is available on the Apple app store now, is a consumer-focused offering that lets users mark locations with videos that can be watched by other users nearby.

AdMob Survey Shows What the iPad is Good For

A new survey conducted by Google-owned mobile ad company AdMob breaks down how people are using their tablets, which at least so far, in most cases means the iPad. The survey’s nearly 1,500 respondents revealed some interesting trends regarding tablet usage.

Vimeo App for iPhone Includes Editing Tools

Vimeo’s new app provides access to its library of online video, but it emphasizes the ability to record, edit and upload your own videos first and foremost. It should help differentiate the app from clear market leader YouTube, which comes pre-installed on every iOS device.

Mobile Video Watchers Are Bandwidth Hogs

Bad news for mobile network operators: According to new research, less than 10 percent of users watch mobile video — but those users account for about two-fifths of all network traffic. That’s a problem that will only get worse as mobile video usage becomes more mainstream.


Report: A Global Mobile Video Forecast, 2011 – 2015

Mobile video has undergone a difficult period sorting out appropriate business models in order to gain traction and, with that, substantial revenue generation. However, in 2011 there will be important changes in the worldwide mobile video market as consumers make their selections for how they view video and TV on mobile devices, and as viable business models for delivery surface.

Teens Watch Twice As Much Mobile Video As Everyone Else

New data from Nielsen shows that teens are the biggest consumers of video on mobile devices, watching on average more than 7 hours of mobile video a month. That’s four hours more than their parents typically watch and twice as much as the average mobile user.

Will Video on iPad, Other Tablets Crush Mobile Networks?

So far, users have been mostly limited to watching low-resolution, non-bandwidth-intensive videos on their mobile devices. But the iPad and a whole new generation of mobile tablets using Google’s Android operating system have the ability to push video data consumption on mobile networks to the limit.

What Mobile Can Learn From the World Cup

Much of the data regarding how we used our handsets to keep up with the 2010 World Cup has been released. Here’s what we can take away regarding how we use our handsets and how prepared network operators are to deliver the goods.


What Mobile Learned From the World Cup

Much of the data regarding how we used our handsets to keep up with the 2010 World Cup has been released. Here’s what we can take away regarding how we use our handsets — and how prepared network operators are to deliver the goods.

Android Users Are the New Mobile Data Hogs

iPhone users have long been accused of being data hogs, gobbling up bandwidth and crushing AT&T’s 3G network. But it’s Android users that could be pushing their carrier’s limits by watching mobile video over 3G networks rather than WiFi, according to new research from Rhythm NewMedia.

Sonic Ready to Take Blockbuster, Best Buy Videos Mobile

Sonic Solutions added a new feature to its RoxioNow digital video platform, allowing companies like Blockbuster and Best Buy to deliver videos to mobile devices. By teaming up with Widevine, RoxioNow will now be able to deliver videos to iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices.

YouTube Mobile Serves 100M Videos a Day

YouTube is now serving 100 million videos per day on its mobile site, and it hopes to better monetize these videos with a new site design that goes live this afternoon. The new site features, among other things, better video playback quality and HTML5 video optimization.

Why the World Cup Matters to Carriers

Mobile video could receive a big boost over the next few weeks as users tune in to watch the action on their phones. But carriers must be able to shoulder the data load if they’re to turn those fans into long-term viewers.

Fox Mobile Offers Hulu-like Subscription Service for Smartphones

Fox Mobile is hoping to find an audience with Bitbop, a $10-a-month video service for users with iPhones and other smartphones. While the News Corp. subsidiary brings some impressive competitive advantages to the table, the demand for premium mobile video is still far from certain.

GoldSpot Delivers Mobile Ads While You Sleep

GoldSpot Media is looking to tap the nascent in-app advertising space by delivering video pitches to consumers. And the company hopes to differentiate itself with technology that delivers “opportunistic downloads” that minimize traffic on cell networks and store content directly on the handset.


3-D Untethered: A Look at Mobile 3-D Technology

The mobile computing space has become the new center of innovation and new products after years of shifting away from desktop computing. Mobile technology has been domain of 2-D content and viewing, but we see prospects for a sharp increase in 3-D in coming months and years. In this report, we describe the current state of the art in 3-D mobile technology and take a look at the evolution of 3-D mobile technology and provide an assessment of where we are and how things might evolve in the foreseeable future. The key takeaway of this report is that the penetration of 3-D mobile technology is likely to rise sharply and become a key driver of 3-D content and technology innovation.

YouTube Gains Ground Along With Opera Mini

Much of the increased uptake on the wireless web is being credited to Apple’s iPhone, but Opera continues to make impressive gains…

Vid-Biz: Doritos, TVtrip, Mochila

Doritos Contest-Winners’ Ad a Favorite; amateur Super Bowl commercial wins USA Today’s focus group, after Anheuser-Busch had won ten years in a…

ComScore: 6.5M Mobile Vid Watchers in August

New numbers from comScore show that 6.5 million Americans watched mobile video in August. AT&T, which is the exclusive carrier for the iPhone, was tops among providers, with 4.4 percent of subscribers accessing programmed or on-demand mobile video.