Mobile technology

AT&T wants to be your unlikely ally against asthma

Through AT&T’s ForHealth initiative, researchers at AT&T Labs are working on an asthma sensor that scans the air for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may worsen asthma symptoms and then alerts patients via smartphones and other devices.

Is it time to wean yourself off of the smartphone?

Smartphones continue to enhance our lives, but all of the great apps, features and social connections can add stress. Is it time to cut back on smartphone usage or maybe we need smarter smartphones that route only the most important information to us.

In-app advertisers need to catch up with mobile technology

Although mobile apps have become increasingly mainstream, no one has figured out how to successfully monetize them yet. What’s the problem here? Inneractive’s Hillel Fuld says mobile technology has evolved faster than the Web, and it’s time for advertisers to match mobile’s pace.

T-Mobile battles the subsidy beast (by raising prices)

T-Mobile CMO Cole Brodman said if he had a magic wand he would use it to eliminate subsidies in the wireless industry. That’s big talk for a carrier, but apparently T-Mobile is willing to do something about it: raise data plan prices on subsidized phones.

Preparing for a mobile-first world

Forrester says 1 billion consumers will have smartphones by 2016, with 257 million of them in the U.S. That’s not just a big trend. It’s forcing companies to rethink their IT strategy as the world goes increasingly mobile first.

7 signs that Android is faltering as iOS strengthens

Based on a growing number of data points, Android’s sales dominance may be nearing its apex while iOS is on the rise. Even as a daily user of both an Android smartphone and tablet, I can’t deny the facts that Android’s future won’t rival Android’s past.

The state of mobile tech: By the numbers

If one thing became clear at this year’s GigaOM Mobilize conference, it’s that all the buzz about mobile technology is completely warranted. Since numbers speak louder than words, here are some of the most interesting stats that surfaced on stage at Mobilize 2011.

The HTML5 boom is coming. Fast.

The tech industry’s movers and shakers have been saying for months now that the HTML5 mark-up language is very important. New research data released Friday indicates that HTML5 is not just going to be big, it’s going to be huge — and it’s coming fast.

MobileTechRoundup Podcast 228

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