Mobile Tech

Clear iSpot — 4G Hotspot for iOS

Clear has launched a mobile hotspot for iOS devices, aptly named iSpot, that is roughly the size of a mouse, that shares connections on the Clear 4G (WiMAX) network with up to five devices using Wi-Fi. It will only work with iOS-based gadgets, like the iPad.

How I’m Retooling My Mobile Toolkit

It’s time to whittle down my personal devices, so a few phones are going away. Depending on how the iPad works for my needs, it could find a home at my house and take the place of several other devices for me.

Let’s Cut the Cord on Proprietary Wireless Adapters

The Bluetooth standard has been pretty solid for a handful of years. So why are hardware makers still using proprietary wireless dongles for mice? That causes a big issue when your mobile device only has a few USB ports. Why waste that Bluetooth radio?

Pocket Trackpad for Windows, Macs

A review of the iPazzPort wireless trackpad and keyboard shows the utility such a peripheral can bring to a media center. It can also be used with those slates beginning to appear that lack a physical keyboard. The wireless connectivity can work with Windows and Macs.

Create Your Own 3G Hotspot with a $99 Wi-Reach

After skipping the first year of MiFi devices, I’m getting itchy to share my 3G connection with multiple devices. I could opt for a new MiFi or Overdrive of course, but this $99 device works with various 3G and 4G USB modems.

WiMAX Dock Doubles Signal Gain

Motorola already offers a USB WiMAX solution for mobile road warriors. Indoor signal strength can sometimes be a challenge though. How about a dock for that USB stick that offers double the signal gain? There’s still one missing feature I’d like to see.

Will Notion Ink’s Adam Be the iPad for Geeks?

Notion Ink’s Adam with innovative Pixel Qi display uses less battery life and still looks great. Digital content pops on the device, just like it will with Apple’s iPad. Will the Android platform coupled with this hardware appeal more to tech enthusiasts than Apple’s iPad?

Mobile Firefox for Android in February? Nope.

We’ve been anxiously following Mobile Firefox for a long time. While this mobile version of Firefox has already hit some platforms, Android owners were understandably excited when Mozilla confirmed an Android version was under construction. Rumor has it there may not be long to wait.

Mobile Trends for the Next 10 Years

Kevin Tofel recently joined a panel of mobile tech heavyweights to produce a slideshow of predictions for the next 10 years. Look for phone-based health monitoring, free smartphones, and more.