Mobile security


Are apps safe? Digital security and the B2C app

App developers, mobile security experts, government regulators, and the creators of industry guidelines must understand the app types that create the most risk, how internal and external factors contribute to those risks, and what is currently being done to mitigate these issues.

What is two-step authentication?

Two-step authentication helps protect your account from unauthorized access if someone manages to steal your password. It can be a pain to set up, but that’s a small price to pay for extra security.

How Bromium lets bad guys in and still keeps data safe

Forget the ideas of virtual desktops and desktop hypervisors to separate employees’ work lives from their personal lives. Bromium, the latest company from Xen creators Simon Crosby and Ian Pratt, creates isolated instances on computer processors that keep code from going where it’s not wanted.

Poll: Will Carrier IQ influence your next handset purchase?

Although the story is still developing, it’s clear that some phones on certain carriers have app called Carrier IQ pre-installed; the app can capture nearly activity one takes with a smartphone. Will this situation cause you to think harder about your choice of smartphone or carrier?

How to check if your Android phone uses Carrier IQ

More than 141 million smartphones are now running software called Carrier IQ that can log everything a user does and sees, including private web browsing, incoming texts and which buttons you press on the phone. Is your Android handset spying on you? Here’s how to check.

Are carriers logging every action on your cell phone?

After you buy a smartphone and data service, what you do with the device is your business, right? Maybe not. Pre-installed software from Carrier IQ can capture every activity behind the scenes. Here’s a video showing that you don’t have the privacy you thought you had.

Mobile Security and the Internet of Things

A wave of new connected devices — from cameras to heart monitors to your refrigerator — will present a host of security concerns as the Internet of things begins to get legs. But those same issues will mean big opportunities for vendors of mobile security software.