Mobile development

PaeDae offers game developers new way to get money and users

Game developers are getting new tools from startup PaeDae that allow them to monetize through real-world branded rewards and distribute their apps through a promotion product. The service is trying to make its mark with very smart targeting of rewards.

Nokia launches ad exchange to lure in developers

Nokia is launching the Nokia Ad Exchange to help developers monetize their apps through in-app advertising. Using technology from Inneractive, developers can advertise easily on Nokia phones but also on iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Freemium app revenue growth leaves premium in the dust

Freemium app revenue is now dominating premium for developers on both iOS and Android, said App Annie. The analytics firm said that freemium apps generate 69 percent of the worldwide iOS app revenue and 75 percent of global Android app revenues.

Appcelerator launches fund to boost mobile startups

Appcelerator is launching a fund to back early-stage mobile startups. The first investment is in Lanica, which is building a gaming engine on top of Appcelerator’s Titanium platform. Appcelerator is looking for startups that can help its ecosystem and accelerate mobile in general.

Apptopia gives app developers an exit strategy

While most developers won’t see a big Instagram-like exit for their apps, they are gaining a new way to make money from their apps by selling them on Apptopia, a new marketplace for developers. The service launched online last week.

Appcelerator buys mobile backend provider Cocoafish

Appcelerator, which helps developers build mobile apps, has been on an acquisition tear in the last year and has added mobile backend provider Cocoafish on Thursday to fill out its offering. The pickup allows Appcelerator to offer a full suite of front-end and backend solutions.

App Economy has created almost half a million jobs

Could the app economy be the cure for United States’ employment doldrums? A new report suggests that the nascent app economy spurred on by iOS, Android and Facebook apps has generated 466,000 jobs in the U.S. economy since 2007.

Gimmie uses real rewards to drive in-app engagement

Gimmie, a new startup out of Tandem Entrepreneurs, is trying to take the idea of incentives and real-world rewards one step further by creating a rewards platform that incentivizes all kinds of engagement in apps with the goal of helping developers ultimately do more in-app transactions.

Verizon, Salesforce lead $15.1M investment in Urban Airship

Urban Airship, a push notification and mobile development service provider, is enjoying a huge lift from the growth in mobile and has now pulled in $15.1 million in a Series C Round led by and Verizon. It’s looking to become a one-stop mobile engagement platform.

Appcelerator rides the app wave with $15 million in funding

Appcelerator, which helps developers build native and HTML5 mobile apps, has been on a tear in the last year, going from 5,000 apps to 30,000 apps built off its Titanium platform. And it’s now raised $15 million in funding for its Series C round.

Android pushes past iOS in app downloads

With Android gobbling up market share, it was just a matter of time before it took the lead in app downloads from Apple’s iOS. That’s what happened in Q2 with Android commanding 44 percent of overall app downloads compared to 31 percent for iOS.

Good Technology gives enterprise apps a secure launchpad

Good Technology, which has enabled companies to extend security and management to a fleet of employee devices, is looking to extend its technology to independent software developers, corporate customers and systems integrators, by allowing them to build apps that can ride on Good Technology’s secure platform.

3/4 of iOS and Android apps don’t connect to a backend

Mobile backend provider Kinvey found 73 percent of iOS and Android apps are basically static and don’t connect to a backend. IOS apps fare better with 35 percent of apps connecting to cloud backends while 18 percent of Android apps connect to these services.

Adobe enables 3D gaming on updated Flash Player, Air

Adobe is looking to be the go-to resource for gaming with updated versions of Flash Player and AIR. Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 will be 3D enabled for the first time and will offer 1,000 times faster graphics rendering performance.

Aviary arms mobile apps with photo editing tools

Thought you’d seen enough mobile photo apps? Well, Aviary has some different ideas. The New York City-based developer of advanced creative tools for photo, design and audio, is now bringing its web photo editing tools to mobile developers through an SDK for iPhone and Android devices.

Apsalar raises $5 million for mobile behavioral targeting

The boom in mobile apps is opening up opportunities for mobile application development services, a market which is expected to grow to $100 billion by 2015. The latest to ride that growth is Apsalar, a mobile analytics and behavioral targeting platform that just raised $5 million.

Strobe brokers the peace between web and native apps

Whether to go web app or native may soon become a moot point with the release of new app platform and delivery network from Strobe, which allows developers to build an app in HTML5 and deploy it as both a web and native app.

PlayHaven gets real-time with mobile marketing platform

PlayHaven, a San Francisco start-up is looking to bring the real-time web to mobile marketing with a new platform that brings the dynamism of the web to mobile ads. The new platform gives mobile game developers the ability to react quickly to their shifting needs.

App makers relying more on repeat users to make money

A survey of developers finds that the primary importance of selling additional copies of a single app is dropping while driving users back repeatedly and spending money within the apps they’ve already sold is gaining. It’s a natural outgrowth of an extremely crowded apps marketplace.

Crittercism rides the growing mobile app services boom

Crittercism is getting in on the booming market for app support services with its user diagnosis and support tool, that helps developers track app crashes and address user complaints and bug reports. The company announced new funding from Kleiner Perkins, Google Ventures and others.

Pontiflex shows how to make money with mobile ads

Pontiflex, a New York–based startup, is helping crack the code on mobile advertising with its ad platform, which lets users sign up for the kinds of promotions they want to see. The tool is now coming to the iPad after a successful launch on iPhone and Android.

iOS users buy more apps and pay more for them

The app boom on iOS is gaining more momentum, according to new analysis, which found that App Store downloads are up 61 percent this year over 2010, to 83 apps per device, while users are paying 14 percent more per app.

Android Phone Makers Push the Edge in Drive to Differentiate

Android handset makers HTC and Motorola are extending their user interface skins in new directions that are meant to help differentiate their hardware. But in some cases, the extensions could exacerbate Android’s fragmentation problem. The moves show how competitive it is for Android hardware makers.

15 Percent of Mobile Apps Launched While Offline

A mobile analytics firm found that 15 percent of app launches happen offline. That’s a fair amount of offline app launches suggesting that our wireless connectivity needs to improve and app developers might be well served by building in more offline use for their apps.

Android Grows as Primary Target for Innovative Developers

While Apple still holds a strong lead in apps, there is an increasing number of cutting-edge, innovative mobile apps that are initially launching on Android before they go to iOS. It highlights the unique appeal of the Android open platform.

Android Cools With Developers, But Mobile Challengers Fade

Developer interest in Android appears to have cooled off due to concerns about fragmentation and the first wave of tablets using the operating system, according to a new developer survey from Appcelerator and IDC. But that doesn’t necessarily mean good news for the competition.

Adobe Says Air & Flash Are Winning Over Developers

Adobe believes it’s got some increasingly popular weapons in Air and Flash to win the hearts of mobile developers. On the eve of the Mobile World Congress, the company shared some new statistics, hoping to get developers to see the value in its tools.

Feature Creep Emerges as Next Challenge for Mobile Devs

The mobile app ecosystem has been one of those amazing stories in the last couple years as millions of users have latched on to smartphone applications. But the rising competition in apps has me wondering how soon before we may see feature creep overtake mobile apps.

How Carriers Can Crack the App Discoverability Nut

A lack of easy discoverability plagues the mobile app world with each new title that comes to market. But operators who can help solve that problem have a chance to regain their relevance in the exploding space — if they keep in mind four useful tips.

Why Apple Should End Its Fight Against iPhone Jailbreaking

Apple is stepping up its battle against iPhone jailbreakers with an updated version of its mobile operating system and the pursuit of a patent. But in all likelihood, the folks in Cupertino are pouring resources into a battle they shouldn’t be fighting at all.

Why the App Store Police Need More Muscle — Not Less

Like Android Market, Apple’s App Store teems with knock-offs, third-rate me-too offerings and plain old garbage. But the folks in Cupertino have a tremendous chance to differentiate their storefront by employing a bigger filter and offering a lineup of top-notch mobile applications.

Why the iPad Is So Promising for Developers

Applications for the iPad will be more expensive than those on other mobile devices, and new data indicates a substantial number of mobile users are willing to pay for on-the-go applications. So the iPad presents a lucrative opportunity for developers who can fully leverage the device.

Big In Japan Plans to Move the Needle in QR Codes With Snappr Buy

Big In Japan, whose barcode-reading app ShopSavvy has been a major hit on smartphones, today announced it has picked up a pioneer in QR codes. The move could go a long way toward pushing QR codes, which have failed to gain much traction in the U.S.

Mobclix and Nielsen Ink Mobile Ad Targeting Data Deal

Mobclix and Nielsen have inked a partnership aimed at providing detailed consumer information for advertisers looking to target their pitches to mobile users. The move will give marketers more confidence as they consider investing in a space where accurate data can be difficult to come by.

With Mobile, Firefox Buys Into the Browser and Scorns Apps

Mozilla’s new Firefox for Maemo is an impressive new mobile browser designed to provide a seamless experience for users across phones and PCs. But in an era built on smartphone apps and app stores, can a browser-based strategy win?

Are Emerging Markets Enough to Fuel Nokia's Ovi Store?

Nokia’s Ovi Store has overtaken Apple’s App Store as the storefront of choice for mobile developers in emerging mobile markets. But can Nokia leverage its traction in developing economies as Apple and Android build on their momentum in Western markets?

Chorus App Gives Voice to iPhone Users

The new App Store offering Chorus leverages user recommendations to give iPhone users an alternative to Apple’s list of best-selling apps when shopping in the App Store. And that’s good news for consumers who are bewildered by all the choices in Apple’s ever-growing storefront.

Verizon Working to Woo Developers

Verizon Wireless’s tie-up with Android was headline news yesterday — and for good reason (GigaOM Pro, sub. required) — but lost in…

Does Google Hate Android Hackers?

Google (s goog) has reportedly filed a cease-and-desist order against one of the Android platform’s most prolific developers. The developer, Steve Kondik,…