Mobile data

T-Mobile smartphones are data beasts, eating up 760 MB a month

T-Mobile USA has a well-deserved reputation for having the hungriest smartphone users in mobile, but now it’s offering proof. The typical smartphone user on its network consumes an impressive 760 MB per month. For HSPA+ 42 smartphones that number increases to an astonishing 1.3 GB.

AT&T clears up when “unlimited” plans hit the brakes

If you’ve managed to keep your unlimited mobile data plan with AT&T, you’ve finally got some clarity on when AT&T will slow down your data speeds. Most customers will trigger the brakes at 3GBs of data in a month, while LTE customers get 5GBs a month.

That’s it: Tablets on contract should be abolished!

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE tablet on Verizon will cost $499 with a two-year data contract at a minimum $30 per month. Plans for each device have to go, and it’s time for carriers to adopt a pay-per-use plan for all tablets, not just the iPad.

If 2 GB is excessive, why is AT&T selling 3-GB mobile data plans?

When AT&T first started throttling unlimited smartphone data users plans last fall, it claimed it had to limit the “extraordinary” consumption of its greediest customers. It turns out extraordinary is only 2 GB – a full gigabyte less than it sells customers under its most-common data plan.

Android data-thirst impacts operator bottom line

How much impact does Android’s data thirst have on carriers? Sprint said it expects to get 50 percent more lifetime value from iPhone users over other smartphone users because of the network efficiency of iPhones. That suggests that Androids are putting significant strain on mobile networks.

Sprint to start limiting unlimited 4G broadband. Smartphones next?

One of Sprint’s only marketing advantages was its promise of unlimited 4G broadband. But that distinction is fading fast. Today, the carrier announced it was doing away with unlimited 4G mobile broadband for hotspots and devices and was instead instituting three new tiered data plans.

Onavo begins assault on high Android data usage

Onavo, a clever free mobile application that compresses data on iOS, is now turning its eyes toward the data-hungry Android platform. Onavo Lite does not apply Onavo’s full data-compression technology, but provides some helpful data tracking and management tools that can help limit data usage.

Good news, bad news: T-Mobile may consider overages

Leaked information is pointing towards T-Mobile moving away from its unlimited data plan offering for the smallest plan option. If the leak is correct, customers on T-Mobile’s 200 MB plan will pay $0.10 for each megabyte over the limit. Which is worse: overages or speed throttling?

T-Mobile focuses on value with new mobile plans

Starting on July 24, T-Mobile customers can take advantage of new plans saving more than $800 per year over service from rival carriers. Two phones on a Value plans with unlimited voice, messages and 2 GB of 4G data is as low as $99 per month.

Verizon unplugging unlimited plans July 7

Thirteen months after rival AT&T stopped offering unlimited smartphone data plans, Verizon Wireless is following. New customers on or after July 7 will choose between three tiers of monthly mobile broadband service. Are Verizon’s new data plans better than those from AT&T? That depends on you.

Analyst tells operators to quit whining

Mobile operators are freaking out about the growth of mobile devices, mobile video and their shrinking ARPU. But a respected research group with plenty of carrier clients issued a report this week that essentially tells carriers to stop whining. They can afford to invest.

It’s Time for Shared Data Plans in Households

Earlier this week, AT&T hinted at shared data plans, which could mean one of two things: one individual plan for multiple devices or a family plan to share data among a household on the same account. My family’s data usage illustrates the benefits of the latter.

Android Smartphones Consume More Data. Here’s Why.

Android smartphones are the most data hungry, according to new statistics from Nielsen Co., blowing past the iPhone and other smartphones. But does this indicate more usage on the part of Android users or something inherent in the platform that lends itself to more data use?

Sprint’s $10 Smartphone Charge May Push Users to 4G

While competitors have introduced smaller and cheaper mobile data plans, Sprint is increasing the price of its data plans for smartphones by $10 a month, applying a “premium data” add-on charge to all smartphones, not just devices that run on Sprint’s 4G network.

Death to Unlimited: T-Mobile UK Cuts Data Cap by Half

T-Mobile UK told customers its ‘unlimited’ data plan now offers just 500 MB a month of data instead of a less limited 1 GB, so perhaps it is time for networks and ISPs to finally stop faking the concept of all-you-can-eat data with marketing lingo.

How iPhone 3.0 Will Impact Wireless Networks

Nowhere has the impact of the iPhone been more evident than in the rise of mobile data usage, and with the release of version 3.0, such usage is set to spike even further upward. An improved user experience, new multimedia features and push notifications will see networks come under and even heavier load.