Mobile carriers

Now there’s an iPhone app to pick your iPhone carrier

Want a new iPhone, but not sure which U.S. carrier is best suited for your needs? Enter CarrierCompare, a free iPhone app that uses real network tests in your location combined with crowdsourced data to help you choose the carrier that’s right for you.

Is Sprint getting iPhone 5? It’s not denying it

Sprint’s CEO says he doesn’t want to talk about whether the carrier is getting the iPhone. But he’s not exactly going out of his way to deny it, despite several reports that indicate Sprint will be U.S. customers’ third carrier option to buy Apple’s upcoming smartphone.

YouTube responsible for 22% of all mobile bandwidth

Every fourth bit transferred over mobile data networks worldwide is part of a YouTube video: That’s the gist of a new study from network optimization vendor Allot Networks. The research also shows strong growth for VoIP and IM traffic, albeit on a much smaller level.

Google Gets in Bed With Mobile Operators Again

France Telecom said it is in talks with Google about offering segmented services for users, so those who want faster or more stable service can pay more. It’s part of a larger push by FT to come to some agreement with Silicon Valley companies.

With Today’s Smartphones, Carrier Loyalty Is Fleeting

Tech-savvy smartphone users are the least likely to stick with their carrier, and 31 percent of U.S. consumers are ready to switch wireless providers for better or improved services, says a recent Nokia Siemens Networks survey. Is the smartphone starting to render carrier loyalty obsolete?

The Bright Future of Distributed Antenna Systems

Crown Castle completed its $115 million acquisition of NewPath Networks last week, which builds and operates distributed antenna systems (DAS) networks. The deal underscores the increasing importance that technology will play in the future deployment of mobile services.


Will Metered Mobile Data Slow the App Market’s Growth?

AT&T today restructured its pricing plans for mobile data, killing all-you-can-eat offerings that have long been enjoyed by users with iPhones and other high-end handsets. The move marks the beginning of the era of metered billing — which could significantly impact the world of mobile apps.

Is Your Carrier The Fanboy or The Underdog?

AT&T this morning confirmed it will carry Palm’s webOS devices, in addition to Dell’s Android-based Aero. Still, the network operator’s strategy is all about the iPhone. Here’s a quick breakdown of tier-one carriers’ current strategies.

Stalling Smartphone Revenue Growth Puts Pricing Plans in the Spotlight

Deep discounts are helping to push smartphones beyond early adopters and hardcore business users and into the hands of mainstream U.S. consumers, but they’re also stalling revenue growth, and demand for the sophisticated handsets may suffer once network operators do away with all-you-can-eat data plans.

Android Dominates MWC as Carriers Quiver

Google continued to build on its impressive momentum in mobile this week as Android stole the headlines at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company’s increasing footprint in mobile has some network operators shaking in their boots — and for some very good reasons.

AT&T Taps Alcatel-Lucent, Confirms LTE in 2011

AT&T has chosen Alcatel-Lucent and Ericsson to build its LTE network, which is set to begin commercial deployment next year. While the carrier is playing catch-up to Verizon, its move to 4G may enable it to hold on to iPhone users after its exclusive pact ends.

WiMAX: A Dress Rehearsal for LTE's Opening Night

LTE will be the 4G standard of choice in mobile, but the technology must clear several key hurdles before it gains any real traction. WiMAX will build a considerable lead over its rival technology as LTE suffers growing pains in the next few years.

ZTE Looks to Stimulus Funds for LTE Network

Comnet Wireless has tapped ZTE to deploy a test 4G network for voice and data services in 3 states — and teaming with the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority in the hopes of getting a piece of the $7.2 billion broadband stimulus fund to help.

Verizon FiOS Slows as Mobile Grows

Verizon’s FiOS business slowed in the fourth quarter but Verizon Wireless continued to build on its momentum, adding 2.2 million new customers. And mobile data — which has become a focal point for the carrier — fueled much of the revenues.

Post-quake, Haiti Residents Turn to Mobile Nets

Tuesday’s 7.0 earthquake in Haiti knocked out the country’s only direct submarine cable system, leaving the country to rely largely on satellites and mobile networks for international communications. Digicel, the nation’s leading mobile carrier, is working to send technicians to the island to ease congestion problems.

Mobile Data and the Need for Metering

The surge in mobile data usage will keep ramping up as multimedia-friendly phones continue to gain traction. So network operators are exploring ways to move beyond flat-rate plans to monetize high-end users and minimize the effects of increased traffic on the network.

How About a Data Plan With That Car?

Cars will become increasingly connected to the web over the next several years, according to iSuppli. While that represents a huge opportunity for mobile players, network operators will need to make sure they can deliver the kind of content consumers are sure to want.

AT&T Exec: Stop Streaming, Dammit!

AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega this morning said the carrier either has to “reduce or modify” the mobile data consumption of some of its high-end users. Which could mean the end of flat-rate pricing in favor of prices that vary based on network congestion.

Vodafone Embarks on Branding Facelift

Vodafone is hoping that social networks and a new app store can give it a much-needed facelift. The carrier is launching a…

Carriers Head Back to School to Find New Customers

The days are getting shorter, the mercury is falling and the kids are headed back to school. And network operators are pouring boatloads of money into marketing campaigns to turn those youngsters into high-end, ARPU-boosting customers.