Mobile Apps

Apple scraps Cards app

Apple quietly discontinued its Cards app for iOS on Tuesday, but you can still use iPhoto to send customized cards in the mail.

How to find Android tablet apps

Android tablets are finally seeing an influx of high-quality, tablet-optimized apps, but it’s still a pain to find them. Until Google creates a separate section for tablet-optimized apps, here are the best ways to discover what’s out there.

Meet Manymo, a web-based Android emulator

App developers tired of testing their software on multiple Android apps have long used emulators to simulate an Android device. Now they can do that right in the browser: Manymo offers 42 various online emulators for different screen sizes, display resolutions and Android versions.

Make your Android phone smarter in 5 minutes with Atooma

One benefit of Android phones is the ability for users and apps to access the phone’s sensors and controls to make things automatically happen. Apps to help with this automation can be complex and intimidating. Not Atooma: I had it making magic in just five minutes.

Distimo: app translation can pay off, especially in Asia

App analytics firm Distimo, in its latest monthly report, found that outside of English-speaking countries, China, Japan and South Korea have the highest proportions of free downloads and revenue from native language-only applications. That can be an opportunity for developers who translate their apps.

Amazon heads off app fragmentation on Kindle Fire, Android

With multiple Amazon Kindle Fire tablets that differ in screen size, display resolution and even hardware capabilities, how will developers manage their mobile apps across the platform? A new “device targeting” feature will help and it supports Android devices through Amazon’s app store as well.

New Microsoft app, on{X}, brings automation to Android

Android enthusiasts have a new way to control their smartphone or tablet, courtesy of Microsoft. The company released a new Android app and supporting web service Tuesday called on{X}, which lets users create JavaScript code or simple recipes that add automated tasks to their connected device.

iPhone users may “like” Facebook integration in IOS 6

While Apple has welcomed Twitter into iOS, the biggest social network of them all has not been integrated into Apple’s mobile operating system. But it looks like that’s about to change. Apple is reportedly set to announce Facebook integration for iOS 6, said TechCrunch.

Yahoo Axis: A surprisingly fresh take on mobile browsers

Yahoo launched its new Axis mobile browser for iOS devices and it’s surprisingly good. In fact, Yahoo’s peers could learn a thing or two from this fresh take on user interfaces: Axis is swipe-friendly and a fast way to get at search or other web information.

Stitcher gets political, lets users follow presidential candidates

News and talk radio app Stitcher, is gearing up for the presidential elections with a dedicated election service for users to follow their favorite candidate and get elections news from select sources. The app can even transcribe reports so users can jump to particular topic areas.

Everyme takes private sharing mobile

Everyme launched a new iPhone application which aims to allow private sharing among friends and family, by automatically creating circles of contacts. Users can then share all their pictures, thoughts and news with only the people that they want to see them.

Amazon turns on in-app purchasing for its Appstore apps

Amazon is turning on a key money-making tool for developers in its Appstore for Android, letting app makers offer in-app purchase through Amazon. The service allows developers to easily sell in-game currency, upgrades, content and magazine issues with one-click checkouts.

SpinCam brings shareable 360-degree photos to iOS

The latest iOS photo-sharing software has a unique twist. SpinCam not only takes 360-degree panoramic photos, but it can also take a 360-degree image of a single object. The software reminds me of the “bullet time” photo approach made famous in The Matrix movie.

Yahoo kills a bunch of mobile apps you’ve never used

Yahoo is cleaning house in mobile product, announcing that it is “decommissioning” a long list of mobile apps you’ve probably never heard of. Unfortunately, Yahoo! Sketch-a-search is one of the apps being culled, as well as things like Yahoo! Meme and Yahoo! Mim.

955 Dreams gets $3.25M to re-imagine mobile publishing

955 Dreams has gotten plenty of praise for its stunning iOS apps, which create next generation albums and magazines in app form. Now, the company is getting the love from investors, who are pouring in $3.25 million in a seed round for the small start-up.

Mobile users lean toward apps over browsers

Mobile users love their apps and that love affair has outstripped our interest in browsers. That’s according to comScore’s latest mobile subscriber data, which found that the percentage of users who use apps has finally surpassed the percent of subscribers who turn to a mobile browser.

Fiksu launches FreeMyApps to stimulate paid app downloads

Fiksu, a Boston-based start-up that helps developers obtain loyal app users, is training its sights on helping drive paid downloads with a new product called FreeMyApps. The service incentivizes iOS users to try traditional paid apps that have been made free.


The more we rely on smartphones, the more we rely on apps to perform many daily functions — from killing time with…

Meshin for Android tackles communication chaos

Meshin, a Xerox-funded incubator project at PARC, updated its beta Android application that hopes to “bring order to communication chaos.” The free app unifies Gmail, phone calls, text messages and social network streams into a centralized application, helping to separate important information from noise.

Booyah tries to regain location gaming magic with MyTown 2

After 4.5 million downloads of MyTown, Booyah is back with MyTown 2, a new take on gaming that incorporates more of a CityVille approach while still using the real world as a game board. The app extends Booyah’s work in location-based gaming.

Myriad enables Android apps for iOS and more

Hoping to solve the challenge of developing mobile apps for multiple platforms, Myriad announced its Alien Dalvik 2.0 product. With it, developers can create an Android app that runs on any number of non-Android devices; even Apple’s iPad, which Myriad will demonstrate next week at CTIA.

How many group messaging apps do we need? Samsung: one more

Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant unveiled ChatON today, a multi-media group messaging app that will debut in October on its own Bada OS and will also appear on other platforms such as iOS, Android and BlackBerry. It will compete in a very crowded market.

360 for Android phones: the “Instagram for Panoramas”

When thinking of social photo apps, iOS comes to mind with strong offerings like Instagram. But it doesn’t do panoramic images like 360 for Android does: the beta app doesn’t require a ton of processing power to produce a seamless 360-degree image that can be shared.

How GroupMe thrived in year one of the messaging wars

GroupMe, a top contender in the group messaging app space, was born out of a hackathon but managed to find success by executing on its vision. The founders sat down with me and looked back at how the first year has gone since the service launched.

With Messenger, Beluga’s future up in the air

Does the launch of Facebook Messenger, led by the founding team of Beluga, mean the end of Beluga as its own standalone app? Beluga is still available on its own for the time being — but from the looks of it, that may not last for long.

Facebook gets into texting game with Facebook Messenger

Facebook has already started to supplant traditional email providers as a dominant way that people communicate online. With a new standalone mobile app called Facebook Messenger with SMS-like functionality, the social networking giant is poised to delve even deeper into users’ mobile messaging activity.

QMx brings function to the movie tie-in app

In the increasingly crowded mobile-app space, promotional apps are easily ignored: apps you might download and forget about a few days later, remembering them only to delete them later on. QMx Interactive would like to change all of that with a new sci-fi tie-in.

SwiftKey Android Keyboard Beta Open for All, Today Only

Android owners love their third-party keyboards, and the best I’ve found is SwiftKey, due to its personalized, self-learning word prediction feature. A new private beta version is in the works, but you can get in on the action with the right invitation code, today only.

HTC Trace Takes on Swype With Better Android Keyboard

The newest version of HTC Sense for smartphones and tablets appears to have a new keyboard function that allows text input by swiping a finger across keys. If this fast and effective entry system looks familiar, you must have seen Swype on another Android phone.

Will You Tune In to Your Social Networking Radio Station?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just hear the your social networking updates while working, running or driving? RadioMe, a beta application for Android devices, delivers just that. But constant audio powered by Twitter or Facebook may not be what some people want to hear.

4 Smartphone Apps for Families on the Run

As more family members begin using smartphones, mobile software and web services, isn’t it time we used them to help us better manage our family lives? These apps are the first I’ve found to help keep my family working together for events, location and shopping lists.

One Facebook Mobile Version to Rule All Phones

Facebook is modifying code for its mobile site to speed development and help offer common features across all phones. Now that the service sees 250 million monthly active users on mobile devices, the changes will help with a “write once, run on nearly any handset” approach.

Most Engaging Phone Apps: Top Picks May Surprise You

A recent survey of 10,000 U.S. smartphone users shows a surprisingly limited amount of time spent on some mobile activities such as calendar use, weather and even taking photos. App developers would be wise to take note, since user engagement can boost revenues.

Why Every Android Web-User Should Try ReadItLater

Having a hard time reading all of your favorite websites? If you have an Android device, consider using ReadItLater, a $0.99 app that captures saved articles for offline reading and syncs them in real time. A free browser add-on shoots articles from a mobile device.

App Hunter Finds Free, Sale-Priced Android Apps

Android application discovery continues to be a challenge, but apps abound to help the situation. The lastest — App Hunter — focuses solely on free and reduced priced software in the Android Market. Updated daily, the software finds apps and then points you to the official Android Market.

A $10 Android App Could Save You Hundreds in Overages

Unless you have an unlimited data plan for your Android device, you’ll want to check SPB Wireless Monitor, a $10 app that watches data use and alerts you at configurable intervals. Alerts are based on bandwidth or costs and it tells which apps are data hogs.

How Outfit7 Built A Toy App Powerhouse

Slovenian start-up Outfit7 last year managed to quietly rack up more than 60 million downloads of its Talking Friends apps, led by its breakout hit Talking Tom Cat. The company has built a fast-growing empire by constructing a modern toy with communications at its heart.

POW! Comics Land on Android with

Comic book and graphic novel aficionados who own Android devices have a new way to consume content: is available in the Android Market. So how well does it work? I’ve had a few app crashes and see room for improvement, but it’s worth the download.

8 Reasons Android Owners Should Try Dolphin Browser

Got an Android smartphone or tablet? If so, you’re likely running the stock Google browser that comes with Android. But after using the Dolphin Browser HD app several months ago, it has become the first bit of software I load on any new Android device.

People Download Lots of Apps, But Many Get Discarded

App makers are quick to talk about downloads. It’s the most obvious metric for consumer adoption. But according to analytics firm Localytics, 26 percent of apps were only used once which means those download stats often mask the fact that many apps fail to catch on.

Why Google Just Enabled Cloud Printing on Phones

Google’s Cloud Print functionality finds its way into handsets today, enabling smartphone users to remotely print Google Docs or Gmail messages. Why is Google bypassing laptops for now? The answer is two-fold: which devices are outselling others and the growing mobile app economy.

8 Apps for the New Smartphone Owner

Many first time smartphone buyers are excited with their new phone, and once they actually figure out how to use it, it’s time to download apps! There’s no lack of software to choose from but these eight titles are worth having on your shiny new smartphone!

RIM vs Kik, Round 3: A Patent Infringement Suit

Not content with pulling Kik’s cross-platform messaging app from BlackBerry App World, Research In Motion has filed a patent infringement suit against Kik in Canada. While RIM should protect its intellectual property, this is another example of companies attempting to maintain control of the mobile space.

7 Free Mobile Apps for Awesome Holiday Shopping

More consumers are arming themselves with smartphones in the battle for holiday shopping. Before braving the crowds, make sure you equip your smartphone with one or more of these apps which range from price scanners to maps showing you on which aisle that must-have gift awaits!

Study: FDA Hampering Technology in Healthcare

Mobile healthcare is poised for major progress through incorporating technology, but a new study shows the FDA is negatively impacting this process in general. Companies trying to leverage technology in healthcare are finding that once the FDA gets involved, it becomes a time-consuming, expensive process.

Guitar World Turns iPad Into a Daily Music Teacher

As print magazines continue to struggle through a digital transition, it’s nice to see some “old school” journals embrace digital medium in new ways, the latest being Guitar World. Today, GW launched a free app that teaches guitar licks daily for a relatively inexpensive subscription fee.

Mobile Tech Manor #106: Building a New Phone

Mobile Tech Manor is my home office where all sorts of gadgetry is always arriving. In this column, I look back at the week in the Manor and recount the happenings and lessons learned. I love sharing my weeks with you, so welcome to the Manor.

Review: New Twitter for Android

Twitter is perfect for the mobile platform, as it lends itself well to quick sessions on the go. A new version of the official Twitter app for Android was recently released, and we’ve been tweeting with it ever since. It has some welcome new features.

Halloween Roundup: Mobile Monsters & Mayhem

The spooky Halloween season is upon us and to get you in the spirit, we’ve collected fun resources to deck out your phone for the occasion. These sights and sounds will haunt your smartphone and make you the life of the party.

Hellotxt for Android: A Mini-Review

Hellotxt is a way to keep track of and interact with a boatload of social networks in one place. The hellotxt Android app launched today, and since I’ve been using it for a while thanks to the folks at hellotxt, I can share my thoughts.

Review: Pocket Informant for Android

Smartphones are the perfect tool to use for both keeping on top of schedules and tracking things that must get done on time. Pocket Informant for Android is available in a public beta, and from a first look it might be the best PIM app.

HanDBase Comes to Android

If time in the market is an indication of how good an app is, HanDBase must be one of the best, with 12 years of sales. The database app that’s on virtually every mobile platform has now been deployed for the Android army.

Snap Screen Images With ShootMe for Android

Capturing a screen image on a smartphone may not be something needed all the time, but it’s a handy capability when you want to share the screen. The free ShootMe app is a utility that snaps the screen with a simple shake of the phone.

Too Many Magazine Apps Are Still Walled Gardens

Esquire’s new magazine app for the iPad is only the latest example of something that is becoming increasingly clear: publishers are hoping you will forget about the Internet and social media and all of those other things that get in between you and their content.

Evri Puts Content Filtering in its True Place: Mobile

Real-time content discovery startup Evri is turning its focus to a mobile strategy, and on Thursday at our Mobilize conference, the company will launch five Android and iPhone applications that drill down on specific content interests: celebrity gossip, technology, baseball, football and rock music.

BrightRoll Rolls Out Mobile Ad Capabilities

BrightRoll is extending its BRX platform to mobile devices, enabling advertisers to target both online and mobile audiences through a single ad-serving platform. With the latest update, advertisers can now upload their typical video creative, which will then be automatically transcoded and optimized for mobile delivery.

Come for the Hardware, Stay for the Apps

Smartphone buyers are still making buying decisions based on hardware. But it’s the apps that are changing their lives, connecting them to the Internet and in many cases, lessening their dependency on other gadgets, according to a report from Deloitte.

Mobile App Developers, Take Our Survey!

How can a developer prosper in the competitive space of mobile apps?  You tell us. If you’re a mobile app developer, please take our survey to help us see where the market is going. We want to know about platforms, profits and popular apps.

Mobile Security Needs Rise With Smartphone Sales

As the world transitions from feature phones to smartphones, more data will be on the handheld we tote. Companies like Lookout are prepared to protect that data and consumers are desiring such protection. Lookout now boasts 2 million users, which is double from two months ago.

Apple Relaxes Development Demands as Android Grows

Apple today has relaxed development requirements for iOS devices, allowing programmers to use non-Apple tools to create mobile applications. This easing still prohibits iOS applications from downloading additional code, but should open the doors for iOS apps to be built from non-Apple frameworks and cross-platform tools.

Hot Trend — Tools To Find Relevant Web Information

As we create more information on the web, how do we keep from drowning in the data deluge? “Digital intuition” software such as my6Sense can help — the free software arrives today for Android and aggregates information from multiple data source while surfacing important content

Hot Trend — Tools To Find Relevant Web Information

As we create more information on the web, how do we keep from drowning in the data deluge? “Digital intuition” software such as my6Sense can help — the free software arrives today for Android and aggregates information from multiple data source while surfacing important content.

Rumor: RIM Bought App Maker DataViz

Research in Motion (s RIMM), the company behind the iconic Blackberry smartphones is rumored to have snapped up DataViz, a Milford, CT.-based company that is well known for making mobile productivity suite, Documents to Go. The Canadian handset maker is said to have paid $50 million.

Alcatel-Lucent Buys “Write Once, Run Anywhere” Platform

Alcatel – Lucent today announced it has acquired Open-Plug, a software provider focused on mobile platforms, for an undisclosed amount. The purchase provides A-L with a cross-platform development framework, similar to Nokia’s Qt, supporting handets running iOS, Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile and variants of Linux.

AppBrain: Android Market Gets Social

App stores get no breaks. Once they get thousands of apps, then everyone complains that good apps are hard to find. The AppBrain web site is the result, and is a mandatory destination for Android owners. Members can share app lists making the experience very social.

BlackBerry App World 2.0 Goes Live

RIM has opened the figurative doors on the newest version of the BlackBerry App World. This app store has been in beta for a while, and it brings the RIM online market more inline with the competition. Easier navigation and cheaper apps are now available.

Video: 3 Top Social Media Apps for the iPad

If you’re like me you follow lots of content online, from Twitter to Facebook and of course, blog updates. Take a look at Flipboard, Blogshelf and Life Browser, and you’ll see a cool way to leisurely pass some time while keeping up with your world.

Top 5 Android Keyboard Apps

Owners of phones running the Android platform have a lot of options for keyboard apps, as developers have stepped up to the plate and produced good alternatives to the keyboard apps shipping on the phones. Here are the top five keyboard apps for the Android platform.

ZumoCast Streams Media to iPad, iPhone From a Home Computer

The ZumoDrive folks are applying the cloud storage concept to your home computer so you can stream media files right to an Apple iPad or iPhone using ZumoCast. Adaptive transcoding offers optimal playback quality and you can download files for offline enjoyment without a connection.

App Review: Blogshelf for iPad

If you’re like me, in addition to tracking lots of RSS feeds, there are a few go-to blogs that you like to read everything they publish. Unfortunately RSS feed readers can let them get lost in the crowd, but Blogshelf for the iPad handles them nicely.

Top 5 Twitter Apps for Android

The quest for the Twitter app that has no shortcomings, or the one that has a special feature is never-ending. There is no shortage of Twitter apps in the Android Market. I’ve tried many of them, and these are my top 5 Android Twitter apps.

Pocket Informant Hits the iPad — A Review

Pocket Informant has finally come to the iPad in the form of Pocket Informant HD. Pocket Informant brings integrated calendaring and task management to the big touchscreen. More importantly, it brings background syncing with desktop clients (Windows and Mac) and the cloud. Exchange syncing is planned.

Hands-On With Google’s Android App Inventor

I recently spent a few hours kicking the tires of Google’s Android App Inventor with my 12-year old son Tyler, and found the toolset to be fun and easy. It has limitations but it offers a great way to learn more about mobile app programming.

Top 10 iPad Apps for the Summer

Summer is here and thoughts turn to vacations, traveling and leisure activities. It’s a time for heading to the beach or across the globe to experience new places. The iPad is an apt companion for all sorts of summer activities, if the right apps come along.

5 Free Android Productivity Apps

Android smartphones are good examples of the phone as a mobile computer, and the increasing number of apps in the Android Market play a factor in that role. If daily productivity is the goal, these five apps are worth checking out. PIM lovers don’t miss Jorte.

Android Owners Love Free Apps

Consumers love free apps, but none as much as those toting Android phones, according to new data from Distimo. Approximately 25 percent of apps downloaded were free apps across all smartphone platforms with the exception of Android — as 57 percent of those apps were free.

Is Investing in iPhone App Development a "Fool's Errand"?

Earning millions of dollars on an iPhone app sounds appealing, but like the California Gold Rush of the mid-1800’s, everyone is jumping in to stake their claim and most will walk away with little or nothing to show for it, says new analysis from Tomi Ahonen.

Top 5 Free Android Apps

I snagged the Sprint EVO 4G yesterday, and have been testing free apps to make the Android experience even better. Here are the top five free apps I have settled on so far. Leave your own picks in the comments; the more apps the better.

On Smartphones, Facebook & Google Maps Are Killer Apps

Facebook and Google’s Google Maps are two of the hottest apps on smartphones, according to data from media market research firm, The Nielsen Company. Other popular apps include the Weather Channel, Pandora and ESPN. iPhone users love downloading apps, while RIM users lag way behind.

What Great Mobile Apps Will Surface During AppCircus?

Finding great new apps for handsets continues to be a chore, which is why I’m looking forward to the AppCircus, slated for June 17 in Barcelona, Spain. This year, I’m volunteering as a judge for this mobile software competition, which closes to developers on June 7.

Inking iPad App Penultimate Gets Palm Rejection

iPad owners have wanted a good inking solution for the iPad, but the capacitive digitizer isn’t designed for writing on the screen, as it will misinterpret strokes caused by the hand resting on the display. Penultimate now has palm rejection, the first such feature on the iPad.

iCab Mobile Review: Better iPad Browsing

Finding good apps for the iPad can be a daunting task, and when a jewel is spotted it can be a delightful experience. That’s the case with iCab Mobile, an alternative web browser for the iPad that has earned a place on my iPad’s dock.

TapTyping: Improve Typing Skills on the iPad

A common sentiment from iPad owners is that it is easier to type on the virtual (on-screen) keyboard than people thought it would be. Typing on the iPad is like anything else, a little practice makes perfect. That’s where TapTyping from Flairify comes in handy.

5 Things to do to Get Ready for the iPad

There are only a few hours left before the iPads start hitting owner’s hands, so it’s a good idea to make sure everything is ready for the new addition to the family. Here are 5 things you can do to be ready for your iPad.

For Apps, iPhone Growing Faster than Facebook

When it comes to apps, the iPhone platform is now bigger than the Facebook platform, according to a report by Flurry, a San Francisco-based mobile analytics company. Apple’s iTunes app store has over 140,000 applications in comparison to 60,000 apps available on the Facebook platform.

Top 10 iPhone Apps to Put on the iPad

One of the biggest draws of the iPad is the support for all existing iPhone apps. Many developers will produce iPad versions of their apps when a big screen makes sense. Here is my list of the 10 iPhone apps that I need on the iPad.

How To Increase Productivity: Stop Fiddling

I am a fiddler. Not the kind with strings, I fiddle with my work setup constantly. Maybe it’s the inner geek in me, or maybe just the desire to maximize my working methods. I need to stop that, I’d be more productive in the long term.

Google Gets Angry Buzz Over Lack of Full Android Support

Some Android customers are fuming after discovering that Google Buzz isn’t fully functional on their handsets. The news underscores the growing problem of the splintering of Google’s mobile OS — and it’s a problem that will only increase as Android expands its global footprint.

iPad Launch Spawns a Tablet AppFund

In the hopes of another platform gold rush, there’s already an “AppFund” for applications for the iPad and other tablets. The AppFund doesn’t have quite the resume of the KPCB-backed and Apple-supported iFund, but it comes at a time when tablets are top of mind.

2010: The Year of M&A in Mobile Advertising

Apple is reportedly set to jump into mobile advertising with the $275 million acquisition of Quattro Wireless. The move follows Google’s pick-up of AdMob two months ago, and further sets the stage for a flurry of consolidation in the space this year.

It's Droid, Droid, Baby

Motorola and Verizon are on track to sell a million Droids in the fourth quarter — and with that, Droid has become the most dominant Android phone on the market today, beating out the HTC Dream, which was the best-selling Android smartphone in October and November.

Android, iPhone & the Freelance Nation

According to data from oDesk, the number of iPhone-related jobs listed on its marketplace beats the total number of Android jobs, which are slowly inching up. There are 2,071 iPhone developers listed on oDesk vs. 624 Android developers.

Why Google Is Killing Gears & Pushing HTML5

Google is betting the farm on HTML5 technologies, even if it means saying goodbye to two-year-old Google Gears, its technology that gave offline access to web applications. The question is why?

App Developers Not Happy With Android

Despite a growing number of handsets, the app store to go along with Google’s Android OS faces is getting a thumbs down from developers who complain about slow sales and low downloads, a survey says. Android can’t afford to lose developer attention who have other opportunities.

TripIt Launches Android App as Beta

[qi:gigaom_icon_google-android] TripIt, a travel aggregation service that is offered as an application on the iPhone and BlackBerry, is now available as a…