Happy 10th birthday Now that’s what I call sports TV is one of success stories of the online video streaming business. Thanks to rabid baseball fans across the globe, the service has signed up millions of subscribers, racking up mega-millions of dollars in revenues. And today, the service celebrates its 10th birthday.

With 3M downloads, MLB app hits it out of the park

MLB’s office of Advanced Media has had the video streaming and mobile game figured out far longer any of its American peers in professional sports. And their mobile app is having a record-setting season in 2012, with 3 million downloads just a week into baseball season.

WNBA launches streaming iPad app to recruit new fans

Millions of subscribers pay yearly to stream baseball or basketball games to their web browser or mobile devices. But for leagues like the WNBA, getting into the streaming game is more about using online video to increase awareness and fan loyalty.

Cord Cutters: A First Look at MLB & NBA on Apple TV

With an update to the Apple TV set-top box, sports fans can now stream live baseball and basketball games on the device. For sports fans like me, that gives us another way to track our favorite teams without having to pay for a cable subscription.

Cord Cutters: How to Watch Sports Online

The biggest question we get from potential cord cutters is how to watch live sports without paying for cable. This week we talk about all of the ways sports fans can watch live MLB, NBA and NHL games online and on Internet-connected TVs and other devices.

Vid-Biz: Hulu Expansion, FCC TV Spectrum, MLB Mobile

Today on the Net: Hulu considers raising money for a possible expansion in international markets, the FCC unanimously votes on a proposal to enable TV broadcasters to auction off spectrum and MLB has lots of viewers on mobile devices, but very little revenue so far.

FCC Live-Tweets NLCS Matchup for Cablevision Subs

Today, when the Giants faced off against the Phillies in Game 3 of the NLCS, the official Twitter account for the Federal Communciations Commission provided several updates on the game for Cablevision subscribers unable to watch the game because of an ongoing dispute with Fox. SERIOUSLY.

Microsoft Switched to HTML5 for ESPN3’s Xbox Live App

Microsoft has backed off demands for content owners to use its proprietary streaming format for live video, enabling publishers like ESPN to stream video in HTML5 instead. That could lower the cost of video delivery and open the door for more content on the game console.

YouTube To Show MLB Games — In Japan

YouTube will be broadcasting all Major League Baseball games on its site in Japan next year, in what the company is calling “the largest par…

MLB Puts Games On YouTube for Free, But Not in the U.S.

Major League Baseball is expanding the amount of content that is viewable for free online, with the launch of a new service on YouTube that makes full-length catch-up games available on a free, ad-supported basis. The only catch? The games aren’t available to U.S. viewers.

Global Crossing Scores MLB Live Streaming Deal

In order to deliver 2,430 live baseball games, Major League Baseball needed a robust network to ensure that all the news, highlights, statistics and high-definition video being sent out from stadiums could reach its customers. And it turned to Global Crossing to build that network.


DISH to Fork Over $104 Million to TiVo; with the Supreme Court not hearing its case, the satellite service announced that it…