Millennial Media

Mobile ad network Millennial Media files for IPO

Mobile ad network Millennial Media has filed to go public as it looks to capitalize on the big shift in advertising toward mobile devices, a market that is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years as smartphones and tablets proliferate.

Android leads in mobile ads; iPad ads jump 456 percent

Media released its Q3 2011 Mobile Mix report Tuesday which shows Apple continues to be the device manufacturer with the largest share of mobile ad impressions. From a mobile OS perspective, though, Android leads with 56 percent of all mobile ads served.

5 trends that will shape the future of mobile advertising

Spending in the mobile advertising space will be approximately $4 billion worldwide this year, so despite perceptions to the contrary, we can safely assume it’s an area to watch in the coming years. Here are some trends that will shape growth in the next five years.

How the mobile landscape changed in the smartphone era

Millennial Media is using its 50th mobile intelligence report to look at some of the changes that have occurred since the company began its reports in March 2009. It marks an era in which the smartphones have gone from techie tools to almost mainstream devices.

Mobile Advertising Heats Up With Funding, Deals

Mobile advertising is ramping up quickly and is poised to grow by more than 40 percent over the next several years, outpacing traditional online advertising. And that is fueling a spate of funding announcements and deals as the competition in this space heats up.

Android Ad Impressions Stalled As iOS Holds Steady

Android has hit a lull in ad impressions as it competes with a resurgent iOS family of devices. According to the latest figures from Millennial Media, ad impressions for both iOS and Android were tied at 38 percent, similar to last month when both were tied.

Android Ad Impressions Surge While Revenue Eclipses iPhone

iOS remained the top operating system on Millennial Media’s ad network in September, but for the first time, Android revenue eclipsed iPhone-only revenue. The figures show that Apple is still in the driver seat with 46 percent of smartphone operating system impressions, though its dominance continues to erode.