At last! Windows Phone gains Internet sharing!

Windows Phone owners may want to connect their device to a computer and check for updates. I just did and found a software release that added the long-awaited Internet sharing feature for my HD7 handset. So now the question becomes: MiFi or handset as personal hotspot?

Bridging the connected age, the MiFi tops 3M sales

Introduced in 2009, Novatel Wireless’s MiFi sales topped the 3 million mark on Monday. The big number is no surprise because of the MiFi’s simplicity and utility: press a button and share a mobile broadband connection over Wi-Fi. Smartphones and software could mute future sales, however.

T-Mobile intros first 42 Mbps smartphones and hotspot

T-Mobile announced its first two smartphones capable of fully utilizing the operator’s 42 Mbps mobile broadband network. The carrier’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II and the HTC Amaze 4G were introduced along with a new 42 Mbps MiFi, the T-Mobile Sonic 4G Mobile Hotspot.

WiFi iPad? Meet TruConnect’s cheap pay-as-you-go MiFi

MiFi mobile hotspots aren’t new, but not everyone wants the two-year data contract that comes with one. TruConnect launched a new 3G MiFi on Monday for $90 that uses Sprint’s 3G network, doesn’t require a contract and costs $0.039 per megabyte; great for a Wi-Fi tablet.

AT&T’s first LTE devices poised for summer debut

AT&T is getting ready to launch its LTE network, and the first two devices that can use it have been introduced. One is a mobile hotspot, while the other is a USB data stick, but both should handle seamless transitions between 3G and 4G networks.

The Case of the Disappearing WiMAX Label

Comcast today announced that it will offer a 4G MiFi device, but what I found curious was that in the release about the device and Comcast’s Xfinity Wireless2Go product there’s no mention of the WiMAX protocol, an omission that’s becoming more common.

Death to the Dongle: Phones are the New Hotspot!

Only 7 percent of customers recently polled are interested in a mobile broadband data dongle, down from 20 percent just three years ago. Wi-Fi and the Mi-Fi are reducing demand for single-device data sticks, but smartphones with mobile hotspot capabilities show potential of a larger impact.

Goodbye MiFi, Hello Smartphone Mobile Hotspot

As mobile broadband subscribers are about to surpass those on wires, you’d think that sales revenue for Novatel Wireless’s MiFi would be up. But it’s not and it’s about to face challenges from an increasing number of smartphones that will double as personal mobile broadband hotspots.

Mobile Hotspots Hit the $500M Big-Time

Mobile hotspots, devices that share a mobile connection with other devices, will approach $500 million in revenue this year according to a report. This is a combination of the sale of mobile hotspot devices and the fees that networks charge for the service.

Is the MiFi Model the Future of Mobile Broadband?

Notebook makers are still adding embedded 3G and 4G radios in laptops, but in a world of MiFi devices and Wi-Fi gadgets, does the embedded mobile broadband model still make sense? MiFi sales are up and consumers simply don’t want a data plan for every device.

Wireless Broadband Accounts for 17.3 Percent of Europe's Broadband

Nearly 17.3% of Europe’s PC-based broadband connections are using some form of high-speed wireless broadband. In North America, mobile broadband accounts for just 7.1% of the total number of connections, but by 2015 this will change to 34.8 percent (or 42 million subscribers) by 2015.

Xcom Global Offers Flat-rate MiFi for International Travelers

Traveling internationally can be expensive when it comes to data plans. Each country has different requirements and different pricing, and roaming charges are exorbitant. Xcom Global is now offering the daily rental of a Novatel MiFi 2372, and the rate includes unlimited data in 21 countries.

Rogers Recalls MiFi 2372, Too

We told you about the Bell Mobility recall of the Novatel MiFi 2372 due to the potential for batteries swelling and causing serious problems. We just received word from Rogers that it too is recalling the MiFi 2372 for the same reason so contact them ASAP.

Bell MiFi 2372 Deactivated, Recalled

Novatel MiFi 2372 owners have been notified by Bell Mobility that a potential danger exists due to swelling batteries and a recall has been issued. The issue is considered serious enough that Bell Mobility shut MiFi accounts down yesterday to prevent the usage of the MiFi.

People Want Mobile Broadband, But Not Personal Hotspots

While global sales of mobile broadband devices are up 55 percent in 2009, there’s was a surprising drop in sales of personal hot spots — a reported decrease of 28 percent from 2008. Two key reasons are the likely driving force behind the lower sales numbers.

The Power of MiFi in the Tablet Era

Verizon is coaching sales staffers to encourage consumers to pick up Apple’s iPad and connect it to its network via a MiFi. It’s an expensive proposition for users, but it’s a reminder that the MiFi will be a powerful tool as more tablets come to market.

Of Course You Can Tether the iPad

It’s definitely iPad Mania, with information about the new slate from Apple everywhere you turn. Steve Jobs dashed the hopes of those wanting to tether the iPad to the iPhone. That won’t stop me. I will be tethering my iPad from day one. So can you.

Novatel’s New MiFi Offers More “Fi” — 4G WiMax

Sprint’s Overdrive isn’t going to be the only game in town when it comes to sharing 4G WiMAX with multiple devices. Novatel Wireless tested it’s new MiFi prototype and it offers great speeds. Will more and faster 4G devices bring bandwidth caps sooner?

How to Have a Good Working Lunch

Working outside the office is a staple for the home worker, but it can be a refreshing change for anyone. Having a work break is vital to stay fresh, but it can be combined with simple techniques to turn it into a productive work session.

Palm Mobile Hotspot Speed Tests — Not so Good

One exciting new feature of the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus is the Mobile Hotspot support. The ability to use either phone like a MiFi is certainly appealing, as long as it works well. Unfortunately, it looks like it might not.

Novatel's Big, Fat MiFi Bet

[digg=http://digg.com/tech_news/Novatel_s_Big_Fat_MiFi_Bet]For Novatel, (s nvtl) the maker of cellular modems, the introduction of the MiFi wireless router has added a little shine to…