When Microsoft becomes the soul of a Google machine

After years of driving PCs to be commodities, Microsoft is now imbuing devices that have Google operating systems with Windows. The doubles have their place along with Microsoft’s own devices, but Microsoft ultimately needs better than device parity.

Google algorithm guy, Microsoft DSP expert get NAE nod

Two industry luminaries — Google Fellow Amit Singhal and Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Henrique “Rico” Malvar — were elected to the The National Academy of Engineering this week. Singhal oversees Google’s search algorithms and Malvar specializes in signal processing and compression.

Windows Phone 8 features leak, look like a sales booster

Alleged details of Windows Phone 8 emerged on Thursday in a leaked video intended for Microsoft’s partners. Information from the video was written up by PocketNow and upon first glance, all the details seem feasible. More importantly, they’re what Microsoft needs to improve sales.

Mango for WP7 ready to roll within 2 weeks

Microsoft’s next major software update is nearly ready for Windows Phone handsets, expected in the next week or two. Windows Phone is set to gain momentum due to the improvements in the Mango software, making it a real contender for the No. 3 mobile platform.

One Man’s Data Dump Is Another Man’s Data Marketplace

A few providers are not just creating huge data dumps — collecting and structuring data from multiple sources — but creating marketplaces for others to find and use that data. They include Microsoft’s Windows Azure DataMarket and InfoChimp, who hope to connect enterprises with the data they want

Google Could Make Data Marketplaces Actually Useful

Google this week announced that its Public Data Explorer now lets end users upload and visualize their own data. With that move, the company appears to be making a move toward the increasingly crowded data marketplace, which is now growing increasingly more complex.

Software + Webcam = Gesture Controlled Devices

Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect accessory might have the spotlight when it comes to gesture technology, but it’s not the only game in town. EyeSight is bringing its software and algorithms to camera-enabled Android tablets and Windows computers for remote controlling applications with the wave of a hand.

10 Tablets to Keep an Eye on in 2011

With nearly 100 new or updated tablets shown last week at CES, the show was unofficially nicknamed Tabletpalooza. But how to keep track of all those gadgets and which ones really matter? Don’t even try. Here are 10 that stand out from the crowd.

First Look Video: TEGA v2 Windows & Android Tablet

The TEGA v2 tablet is only slightly bigger than the iPad, yet sports a full hardware configuration capable of running Windows 7 Pro quite nicely. The v2 also has an unusual distinction of booting into the Android OS in addition to Windows.

Killer Feature of Windows Phone 7? Hint: Not the Phone

Microsoft is expected to spend $400 million or more to push it’s new Windows Phone 7 smartphone platform. Advertising dollars appear to be the last puzzle piece after the company has quietly built a compelling handset platform over the past year, one part at a time.

WinMo Wrap: WM7 is Coming!

The week marches on and today being Saturday means it is time to recap the recent happenings in the world of Windows Mobile. Next week the Mobile World Congress kicks off and Microsoft will be unveiling, at long last, an official look at Windows Mobile 7.

Tablet PC Team Blog Shuts Down

When Microsoft rolled the Tablet PC bits into Windows Vista it was clear the end of the Tablet PC as a unique product line was near. The end is here as the Microsoft Tablet PC Team blog has closed the doors. RIP.

And Now, Windows Live Is a Social Network

*Microsoft* has launched a new version of its Windows Live service, or whatever it was before (search plus its myriad communication services…

The Apple Tax: Fact or Fiction?

Recently, we’ve seen Microsoft move to respond to Apple’s “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC” ads, fearing the company’s rapid growth.…

Oh Hulu! Ready For The World?

Hulu is launching tomorrow and has signed Warner Bros., Lionsgate, the NBA, and the NHL. The site also features premium web content…

Apple’s Trojan Horse: Webkit

Back in the early days of TAB, one of our fellow writers was one, Chris Holland. Chris is a pretty smart guy,…