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Hands-on: Office for the iPad

iPad users now have top-of-the-line office productivity software now that MIcrosoft has finally released Office for iPad. It was worth the wait.

Is this what Microsoft Office for iOS looks like?

More details leak out about Microsoft’s mobile version of Office for iOS and Android devices. The Verge snagged what it says are screenshots of the app, which is reportedly on track to hit app stores early next year.

Will Office for iOS launch coincide with new iPad?

Office for iOS has been rumored to be arriving soon for at least a year. A presentation and press release from Microsoft’s Czech Republic team pins the launch of native mobile app versions of Office in March 2013.

Google adds Quickoffice mobile productivity team to suite of talent

Google announced Tuesday that it has acquired Quickoffice, a suite of office-related mobile productivity apps for iOS and Android. The deal gives Google an established document viewing and editing platform at a critical competitive juncture, as Microsoft remains reluctant to expand Office to other mobile platforms.

Symbian gets better with Microsoft Office. Is it really dead?

Eight Symbian handsets gained Microsoft Office support on Tuesday. There’s no question that Microsoft’s software — both Windows Phone and Office — are helping Nokia manage a transition to the modern smartphone age. But is Symbian’s death greatly exaggerated or is it a Plan B?

OnLive brings cloud-based Windows apps to the iPad

The new OnLive Desktop app making its debut at CES this week will let users stream their full-featured — and resource-intensive — Microsoft Office applications to their Apple iPads. The company runs virtualized versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint on its data centers in the cloud.

HP TouchPad gains document editing in Quickoffice HD

The HP TouchPad hardware may not have a future, but at least updated software for the tablet does: QuickOffice HD is today updated to include document editing. That’s good news for the several hundred thousand new TouchPad owners looking to be more productive with their tablet.


Microsoft software still dominates the landscape and is important for many web workers. From Windows and Office to SharePoint and Project, we…

iPhone OneNote App May Mean More Office Apps to Come

While the iPhone has received a couple Microsoft apps like Bing and Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft Office programs have been no shows — until now. Microsoft announced today it is releasing an iPhone version of OneNote, it’s note-syncing app for the iPhone.

Google’s Cloud Connect Is a Two-Way Street for Microsoft

Google today released Google Cloud Connect, a plug-in that allows a user to sync Microsoft Office documents with Google Docs online. It’s part of Google’s ongoing efforts to court Office users but will it lure anyone to Google’s cloud?

Office for Mac 2011 Coming Oct. 26

The official Office for Mac blog announced yesterday that Office for Mac 2011 will be available for purchase starting Oct. 26, so roughly a month from now. You can pre-order your copy now at Amazon, too. This is what I think about the beta so far.

Office Mobile 2010 Released as Free Upgrade

Microsoft has released an upgrade to Office Mobile 2010 in conjunction with the release of Office 2010. Office Mobile 2010 has been available for Windows Mobile 6.5 devices in beta since last year. This new version is free and is available in the Windows Marketplace.

The Pleasure of Productivity

As a recent (sort-of) switcher, I’ve been exploring iWork 08 a fair bit, and, with the launch of iWork 09, I’ve really thrown myself into Pages, Numbers and Keynote. For someone who has used Microsoft Office almost exclusively for the last twenty-odd years, that’s a huge change! Along the way, I’ve started to notice subtle – but important – differences between them, but they’re not the nuts-and-bolts workaday differences you might expect…

Documents To Go Coming to iPhone

For those of us who at one time depended on a Palm device for our pocket computing needs, Documents To Go is…

RIP Apple TV, Hello Apple TV

After finally admitting that the company did a poor job with the Apple TV, Steve Jobs in his Macworld keynote today unveiled…