How BitCoin Wants to Make Money Even More Virtual

There have been many failed attempts at launching a digital-cash system, but that hasn’t stopped a group from trying to launch a “peer-to-peer” currency called Bitcoins. Although supporters are optimistic, the venture is fighting a massive uphill battle: for one thing, Bitcoin may actually be illegal.

Can Flattr Plus Twitter Make Micropayments a Reality?

Flattr, a micropayment startup, says it is launching a new feature that will allow users to pay people by using their Twitter username. Could this give Flattr enough scale to make it a real payment solution, or will it join the heap of failed micropayment solutions?

Filmmaker: Forget Festivals, Go Online Instead

Film festivals used to be the go-to-place for aspiring filmmakers. Nowadays, they’re a place to go and have some fun with your crew. If you’re serious about getting your films in front of an audience, you have to release them online, says Andrew S Allen.

Kevin Pollak Picks Micropayments for Chat Show

Want to catch up on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show? It’ll now cost you. The comedian is turning to a micropayment system to support the weekly series, using both iTunes and the beta Dynamo player. Is the podcast world ready for this move? Because iTunes isn’t.

PayPal Plans Micropayment Push

PayPal is set to launch a new product specifically designed to facilitate micropayments — a move that could set it up as a more attractive…

Social Micropayment Service Flattr Opens Up Beta

Social micropayment service Flattr opened up its beta test today, making it possible for anyone to give money Digg style: Flattr users can spread micropayments to online video makers and others by simply clicking on a Flattr button that is embedded into a creator’s web site.

GlobalPost Adjusts Its Membership Model

GlobalPost, the international news startup which has tried to establish “elite paid memberships” as a significant revenue stream — with onl…

Facebook Puts To Rest Any Paywall Rumors

Facebook is now telling users “it’s free (and always will be)” when they sign up because some users still think the company could pull a bai…

5 Questions With…Ooyala CEO Jay Fulcher

For this week’s Five Questions feature, we have Ooyala CEO Jay Fulcher. The video platform’s clients include Warner Brothers, Armani and Electronic Arts, and here, Fulcher discusses the problem with TV Everywhere, the virtues of Vice Magazine and Ooyala’s new micropayment functionality.


Will Micropayments Make Money for Web Video?

Micropayment options are just one monetization possibility that a web video creator might consider in order to generate a profit off their original content, but the tools for enabling small-scale payments are so far relatively limited, especially for independent creators. Change, however, just may be afoot.

Digital Content Market in Upheaval, But Growing

The world of digital content is in a state of almost continuous upheaval, but a new report from GigaOM Pro analyst Paul Zagaeski estimates that the worldwide market for digital goods will grow to $36 billion by 2014, up from $16.7 billion in 2009.

Would You Use a Payment System Built by Pirates?

Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde has launched a micropayment service called Flattr. The service, which is now in beta, is designed to help users and fans pay programmers, software designers, musicians and other artists for their work easily. But micropayments are a tough problem to solve.

Mobile Donations For Haiti Top $7 Million

Remove the barriers to giving, and people will give. That seems to be the lesson many charities are learning in the wake of the earthquake i…

Live Gamer Raises $2.8 Million In Funding

In-games commerce firm Live Gamer has raised $2.8 million in funding, according to an SEC filing. The company is calling it “side-car” finan…

PlaySpan Amps Up Social-Network Payment Wars

We’ve recently seen an influx of fundings and acquisitions in the online-payment space — particularly related to social gaming — and with…