Twitter tries to get stickier by showing you more activity

Twitter has rolled out two new features to help users know which of their tweets resonate with their social graph, and to get a better look at the activity of the people they follow. The new features appear to be designed to boost Twitter’s “stickiness” factor.

The Evolution of Blogging

Blogging has evolved, becoming more than just a source of straight information or opinion, but of rich context. But that’s not enough. Blogs need to evolve further, to become open, more social — to reflect more accurately our dynamic, real-times lives.

Sonic.Net's SF ComMuniFi Plan

[qi:045] Update: Dane Jasper of Sonic.Net left a comment saying that this is their own initiative and the equipment is coming from…

Mashing the G-Maps

Google Maps mash-ups are becoming all the rage, thanks to caffeine fueled geeks. What’s most interesting is the many forms these mash-ups…