Tiny T-Mobile isn’t so tiny anymore

T-Mobile is growing again, and not just from its merger with MetroPCS. With 44 million connections T-Mobile is filling out its seat in the country’s Top 4. Before too long it might even start challenging Sprint.


Proximity-based mobile social networking: outlook and analysis

Astute mobile application vendors are bringing to market applications that help mobile users connect and interact with people in close proximity. We expect this emerging market — what we call proximity-based mobile social networking — to grow to $1.9 billion in revenues by 2016.

MetroPCS, Cricket start financing high-end smartphones

T-Mobile will lean heavily on financing to execute its plan to end phone subsidies, but it’s not the only one. MetroPCS and Cricket are already largely subsidy free, but they’re using financing to get expensive high-end devices like the iPhone into their customers’ hands.

It’s quickly official: T-Mobile and MetroPCS agree to merge

A deal between T-Mobile and MetroPCS combines 42.5 million customers, which keeps T-Mobile behind Sprint in terms of subscribers, but it creates two opportunities: A wider, faster rollout of LTE services with more spectrum and a chance for Deutsche Telekom to eventually leave the U.S.

T-Mobile grows but its lack of iPhone is still a problem

T-Mobile is still struggling after its planned acquisition by AT&T fell through. In the first full quarter after the proposed merger was scuttled, the nation’s fourth largest carrier managed to gain only 187,000 customers; most from lower revenue businesses, such as prepaid and M2M.

Why LTE sucks (your battery, that is)

LTE phones are the fastest things on the airwaves, but they can also suck a battery dry in a few hours. Here are five reasons why your new Samsung Galaxy Nexus or HTC Vivid is going dead right after lunch time.

Is there a market for prepaid tablets?

The tablet market is booming as a host of new gadgets come to market, but 3G-enabled devices are gathering dust due to pricey data plans and requirements for two-year contracts. So prepaid data services could help carriers grab a slice of the pie.

Q1 Wireless Scorecard: What Verizon iPhone Effect?

The iPhone’s debut on Verizon Wireless in January was one of the most anticipated moments for many consumers and wireless lovers. But it turns out the launch wasn’t bad news for most rival carriers. Take a look at how they fared in Q1.

Fighting AT&T-Mo Is Fighting the Wrong War

The AT&T and T-Mo merger will be decided by a DoJ and an FCC playing by the old rules that don’t take into account the future needs of the mobile industry, nor how the relationship between the players in that industry have changed. That’s a problem.

Wireless Consolidation: How Did We Get Here?

MetroPCS recently met with the FCC about wireless competition, presumably in response to AT&T’s proposal to buy T-Mobile USA for $39 billion. Industry groups, average consumers and Sprint have come out against the proposed merger, and MetroPCS also offered up this slide showing industry consolidation.

Leap Won’t Exactly Leap to LTE

Leap Wireless, the company behind the prepaid Cricket prepaid service, will transition to a 4G Long Term Evolution Network in the second half of this year, but is dubious about the technology being ready for customers. Leap’s CEO thinks devices will achieve “critical pricing” in 2012.

MetroPCS LTE Plans to Charge More for VoIP & Streaming

MetroPCS’s discounted 4G LTE mobile broadband plans, announced yesterday, weren’t just the beginning of a possible price war. It represented a long-talked about tactic of ISPs charging for content at different rates and potentially favoring their own services while charging more for access to rivals.

Q3 in Mobile: Android, the iPad and the March Toward 4G

The third quarter saw the continuation of important trends in mobile, from the astounding growth of Android to soaring sales of Apple’s iPad. Perhaps the biggest trend, though, is the march towards 4G, which will have a tremendous impact on the industry in the coming months.

Veebeam Raises $6M for Wireless Video Streaming

Veebeam announced that it’s raised $6 million in the first tranche of a two-tranche funding round. The startup, which makes a wireless USB system for streaming from the PC to the TV, will use the funds to ramps up production and ship product to customers.

MetroPCS to Win U.S. Race to LTE

Verizon is hard at work to get its LTE high-speed network online late this year, but MetroPCS may be first according to information its LTE network will go live in September. The fifth-largest operator in the U.S. will light up Dallas and Las Vegas next month.

MetroPCS to Win U.S. Race to LTE

Verizon is hard at work to get its LTE high-speed network online late this year, but MetroPCS may be first according to information its LTE network will go live in September. The fifth-largest operator in the U.S. will light up Dallas and Las Vegas next month.

Q4 Wireless Scorecard: It's Good to Be the King

The prepaid market continued to expand in the fourth quarter of 2009 thanks to a price war that seems to get more brutal by the week. Meanwhile, AT&T and Verizon Wireless built on their dominance with postpaid subscribers.

MetroPCS's Next Challenge: Woo Postpaid Users

MetroPCS’s quarterly profit beat expectations, an indication that the carrier is holding its own in the brutal prepaid market. But if it can begin to lure postpaid consumers instead of poaching users of other prepaid services, it could begin to truly separate itself from the pack.

Leap Pretties Itself Up With South Texas Joint Venture

Leap Wireless will form a joint venture to expand its footprint in South Texas, an effort to make itself more attractive to potential suitors amid an increasingly brutal prepaid space that is pushing the mobile industry toward consolidation.

Mobile Industry Dances Toward Consolidation

Rumors of a merger between Leap Wireless and MetroPCS are flying once again, signaling a rush to consolidation among the second- and third-tier players in the space. But is T-Mobile USA a better fit for MetroPCS than its prepaid rival?

MetroPCS a Symptom of the Ailing Prepaid Space

MetroPCS this morning reported slower growth and increased churn thanks to an increasing competition in the prepaid market. It’s the latest sign that the health of the prepaid space is in decline.

LTE Advances Across Asia

The Asia-Pacific region is getting ever-closer to faster mobile broadband, with network operators in Japan, Singapore, Australia and Indonesia readying their Long…

Rich Carriers Got Richer in Q3

[qi:083] The rich mobile carriers got a little richer in the third quarter, as the nation’s top two operators increased their leads…

Wal-Mart Crashes the Prepaid Party

The cutthroat prepaid market will get even more competitive this weekend when Wal-Mart begins offering no-contract plans at bargain-basement rates. The planet’s…

Quarterly Wrap-up

Mobile Wrap-up: Q1 2009

Handset manufacturers reported disappointing fourth-quarter and end-of-year 2008 results, and carriers are being impacted, too. Despite the bleak current environment, however, the mobile industry is thinking toward the future, and bright spots exist with growing smartphone sales and continued evolution toward 4G networks.