Jolla: The market wants an alternative to iOS and Android

The ex-Nokians are almost ready to reveal their MeeGo-based smartphone, but how are they planning to break into the two-horse mobile race? According to CEO Jussi Hurmola, Jolla has a plan for getting operators and other co-branding partners on board.

MeeGo Not Dead Yet as LG Continues the Charge

Nokia may have divorced the MeeGo platform, but that means LG can start dating it. The company will show developers how to port MeeGo to LG devices at a conference next month, so it can start hedging its Android bet and reverse a declining sales trend.

How Much Will MeeGo Cost Nokia: Can It Afford Not to Pay?

Nokia is reportedly paying bonuses and other incentives to developers and engineers to continue pushing its MeeGo platform forward. Given that Microsoft is offering a smartphone lifeline to Nokia’s handsets and that MeeGo can power other devices, this small investment may actually be a good one.

Video: Virtualization Brings Android Apps to Non-Android Phones

Can Android applications run on non-Android devices? Sure they can, thanks to virtual machines. In this video demonstration, Myriad shows off their Alien Dalvik solution on Nokia’s N900 running the MeeGo platform. Given its Linux underpinnings, might Palm’s webOS be the next target for Android apps?

Could Nokia’s First MeeGo Device Be the N900?

Nokia’s N900 handset is a step closer to running MeeGo, the open source operating system that Nokia plans to challenge with in the high-end device market. By increasing development efforts on an existing device, Nokia can’t be seen as “late” in delivering a MeeGo device.

Nokia’s VP of MeeGo Says MeGone

Nokia has lost another high-level resource as Ari Jaaksi, head of MeeGo devices, is leaving the company. The timing of Jaaksi’s departure is just months prior the anticipated launch of Nokia’s first MeeGo device, which the company intends for the high-end smartphone and handheld market.

A MeeGo Tablet With Android App Support Is Coming

MeeGo may have been neglected at Nokia World this week, but a German company is readying a MeeGo tablet for launch next week. MeeGo is a joint venture of Intel and Nokia, and the WeTab is an iPad competitor that is running the open platform.

Can 3-D Save MeeGo?

Intel and Nokia today announced the opening of the Intel and Nokia Joint Innovation Center at the University of Oulu, Finland. The initial lab effort is for virtual 3-D handset interfaces, but the reality is: it appears MeeGo is fishing for a reason to exist.

Now’s The Time for Nokia To Dump MeeGo For Android

Nokia is insistent on using MeeGo for its smartphones in the future, but the company hasn’t yet provided a compelling reason why. Meanwhile, competitors with mature smartphone platforms are selling millions of handsets. It’s time for Nokia to stop the MeeGo experiment and embrace Google Android.

Intel Smartphones Coming in 2011, But Consumers Won’t Care

Intel’s Atom chips are finally ready for smartphones and we should see the fruits of Intel’s labor soon, just not this year. Instead, trade shows in early 2011 will set the stage for Intel smartphones. The problem is, consumers really don’t care who powers their handset.

When Will Nokia's Smartphone Transition End?

The new Nokia N8 has the dubious distinction of being both the first and the last N-series handset to run Symbian^3 — new high-end devices will run on MeeGo. A product strategy in constant transition isn’t one that will attract developers or customers to Nokia.

Intel’s New Mobile Chips; MeeGo for Tablets

We expected tablets to be the focus at the Computex show in Taipei and we have not been disappointed. Many computer makers are already showing prototype tablets at the show, and Intel is launching new processors to power these slates. Microsoft is now officially sucking wind.

MeeGo 1.0 for Netbooks Released

It wasn’t that long ago that Moblin and Maemo joined forces to form the MeeGo variant of Linux for mobile devices. In a rush to release, MeeGo 1.0 for Netbooks is available as a free download for those of you who like to play with alternate OSes.