Google Video, iGoogle and other products closing for good

As part of its continued pursuit of “focus” Google is shutting down five more products. That includes Google Video, iGoogle, Google Mini, Google Talk Chatback and its Symbian Search App, the company announced in a blog post Tuesday afternoon.

Google purchases Meebo to work with Google+ team

Google announced Monday that it has purchased Meebo, the social media and advertising company, to add a team of engineers and some publisher-friendly social tools to its Google+ efforts. Meebo’s CEO, CTO and engineers from its product team will remain with Google after the completed purchase.

Meebo Brings the “Check-In” to the Web

You can “check in” to locations in the real world, and now Meebo is bringing the same idea to the web. The company is launching a new version of its website toolbar that allows users to check into different sites and follow other users.

Meebo Rallies Open Posse to Battle Facebook

A new open platform called XAuth is being released Monday by Meebo, with the support of Google, Microsoft, MySpace, Yahoo, JanRain, Disqus, and Gigya. XAuth detects whether or not a user is logged into web services elsewhere so a publisher can prominently display those preferred sites.

Will It Scale?

That was the question asked of the four panelists on Monday’s Scalability Boot Camp Panel at South by Southwest. The panelists, who…