Matrix Partners

Big data startup with NSA roots nets $2M

Sqrrl plans to parlay technology from the Apache Accumulo project, which enables the lock-down of segments of a record, to make big data applications more secure and compliant with government regulations, said CEO Oren Falkowitz, an NSA veteran.

Networking startup Plexxi scores $20.1M

Plexxi Systems, a stealthy networking startup that wants to bring fiber into the data center at a cost the comprable to existing Ethernet technologies, has scored a $20.1 million third round of financing from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Matrix Partners and Northbridge Venture Partners.

GrabCAD grabs $4M for open-source CAD

GrabCAD, a specialist in open-source CAD software, has netted $4.2 million in new funding from its existing VC backers. It has also added Matrix Partners’ David Skok to its board, according to a new blog post by GrabCAD President Hardi Meybaum.