Scotty, We Need More Bandwidth!

A slew of news out this morning ranging from AT&T’s $1 billion expansion in its network, to Cisco’s update of its unified computing system highlights the need to invest in networking — both inside the data center and on the long haul fibers between them.

Mobile World Congress: Don't Call It a Phone Show

Over the last few years Mobile World Congress, the mobile phone industry trade show, has experienced a shift from being about mobile phones to being about always-on connectivity. Mobile broadband has changed the value of the mobile ecosystem and thus the players who care about it.

Marvell to Make Future Phones Run Faster

Marvell Technology said today that it’s figured out a way to deliver the first-ever quad-core ARM-based application processor for cell phones and other mobile devices. More cores equals more performance — Marvell says its quad-core ARM chips will deliver “gigahertz-plus” performance.