Why an Apple-Foursquare partnership would make sense

According to one report, Apple is considering a partnership with Foursquare that would involve using the location-based service’s data inside Apple’s maps. That would be a smart move for Apple at a time when its maps have come under heavy fire for a lack of features.

Report: Apple fires the manager in charge of its Maps app

Eddy Cue took over responsibility for Maps last month when Apple announced SVP of iOS Software Scott Forstall would be leaving the company. Cue has been known as Apple’s “fixer” and has been charged with getting the Maps program into working shape after a disastrous debut.

Nokia’s Here mobile maps app arrives on iOS

Apple’s own Maps app has been heavily criticized, and Google does not yet have a Maps app for iOS ready, so Nokia’s timing in offering an alternative on the iOS platform is good as it tries to build up its user base.

New Nokia maps app, Here, coming soon to iOS

Though the free app isn’t released just yet, Nokia’s mapping app called Here could make Apple’s own Maps look behind the times. Here will be available online and offline. And more importantly for urban dwellers or those without cars, it will have public transit directions.

The Apple Roundup: Apple supplier Foxconn admits hiring underage workers

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web that you shouldn’t miss. Today’s installment: Apple’s biggest supplier admits breaking China’s underage hiring law, profile of a maps app that’s taking advantage of Apple’s failure, and teardowns of the Lightning connector and iPod nano.

The Apple Roundup: Apple to enlist retail employees to improve Maps

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web that you shouldn’t miss. Today’s installment: Retail employees asked to help correct Apple’s mapping data, will a future iPhone have NFC?, Oracle embraces the iPad, why Apple is building a smaller tablet, and more.

Amid Maps flap, worldwide iPhone 5 launch rolls on

Apple’s most important product this year, the new iPhone 5, continues to draw lines of buyers. The device went on sale for the first time in 22 new countries Friday morning, just as Apple’s CEO was apologizing for releasing a disappointing Maps app.

Google working on an iOS 6 Maps app with 3D imagery

Google is working on a new Maps app for iOS 6, but there are a couple of things that have held up development, according to the New York Times. Google claims it was surprised by Apple’s move away from its maps app.

More finger pointing over the quality of Apple Maps

TomTom, one of the companies supplying mapping information for Apple’s Maps app, defends the quality of its data. There’s been much mockery of the new Maps app since iOS 6 arrived Wednesday, and TomTom suggests that Apple’s integration of its data is the problem.

Report: Google is working on a new iOS 6 Maps app

According to The Guardian, Google has already begun working on a Google Maps app for iOS 6, and it “will appear in time” on Apple’s App Store. But when? Apple new Maps app is attracting a ton of criticism and has seriously disappointed new iOS 6 users.

Feeling lost with iOS 6 maps? Here are some workarounds

iOS 6 has some great features but the maps are not one. Thankfully there are good alternatives available right in Apple’s own App Store for detailed directions and points of interest. Also a bonus tip: how to turn an old iPhone 3GS into a standalone GPS.

Apple’s new iOS Maps: the risk factors

Apple’s new Maps app has its pros and cons. But it’s also becoming apparent that the normally conservative company has opened itself up to some significant potential risks by taking on the responsibility of creating and maintaining a mapping solution. Here’s a roundup of potential problems.

Hands on: New turn-by-turn navigation in iOS 6

It’s important to note with beta software that it’s unreleased for a reason. While iOS 6 is still in the early beta, it’s not too early to answer the question: How does turn-by-turn navigation in Maps for iOS 6 work? I tested out the new app.

Skobbler wants to take on Google in the maps biz

Skobbler until now has been known as the maker of the popular GPS Navigation 2 app, which is built using the crowdsourced OpenStreetMap platform. But the company sees a much bigger opportunity in turning its experience with OSM into a tool for other developers.

CityMaps expands its social map to iOS, SF and Austin

City Maps has built an incredibly detailed online map of New York City, down to the block level showing every restaurant, parking lot, hotel and business. Now, it’s introducing an iOS app, an update to its website and an expansion to San Francisco and Austin.

Nokia Maps plus HTML5 equals offline mobile maps

Nokia Maps, arguably one of the company’s best software products, now supports offline maps in Google Android and Apple iOS browsers, thanks to HTML5. The “neighborhood maps” are fairly small in geographical size but can help save money for those on limited mobile broadband plans.

Google Picks Inrix For Mapping Realtime Data

Location, location, location: it’s the time-honored mantra of real-estate agents and retailers, but could just as well be applied to Google…

A new way to Google hotels: Hotel Finder

Most travel search sites share pretty much the same layout: They’re cluttered with search boxes, radio dials, and drop-down menus galore, and of course, ads. Lots of them. Google’s new Hotel Finder has a refreshing approach. It’s clean, uncluttered, and totally sans ads.

Google Maps for Android gains downloadable maps

Google updated its Maps for Android software Wednesday, bringing a new feature for those who take public transportation, as well as some additional functions for everyone. But a Labs feature can help smartphone owners on limited data plans: downloadable maps for offline use are available.

Why Apple Won’t Be Flying Solo on Maps Anytime Soon

Former Google CEO and current Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said Tuesday that Google recently reached a deal with Apple that will ensure Google search and maps products continue to appear on the iPhone. Apple, then, likely isn’t taking over iOS Maps app duties.

Free Help2Park for Android Finds Parking Spaces

How can navigation companies fight against the likes of free offerings such as Google Maps? They either have to create extra value in terms of data or the experience. Navigon takes a step towards doing that with a free Android app that finds nearby parking spots.

Report: Apple Acquires Poly9 Mapping Company

According to reports from the Quebec City newspaper La Soleil, Apple has recently acquired Poly9, a Canadian online mapping design house. The employees have apparently relocated to Cupertino where they will work on Apple’s mapping team.

Can a Redesign Help MapQuest Find Its Way?

MapQuest not that long ago was the leader in online map services, but then Google came along and stole the crown. Now AOL has redesigned its service and added a range of new features in an attempt to regain some ground against its larger rival.

Mobile Map Apps Overtake Maps in Browsers

Smartphone use for maps and navigation in the U.S. has nearly tripled in the past year as GPS radios are becoming standard fare in such devices. For the first time ever, more smartphone owners seeking navigation or maps use software as opposed to a browser.

Earth2Tech Map: Where the Next Green Cars Will Be Born

With car companies gearing up to launch a new generation of plug-in hybrid and electric cars over the next five years, the time has come to pick sites for manufacturing the vehicles. Here is a map that highlights various locations of these hybrid car factories.

Google Introduces Location Aware Mobile Maps

[by Blake Robinson] Google (NSDQ: GOOG) today announced the release of version 2.0 of Google Maps for mobile. Of particular note to the rele…