The 99% on 99Designs: crowdsources logo search

Snazzy logos aren’t just for corporations anymore., the soon-to-be-launched website for the international Occupy protest movement, has turned to crowdsourced design website 99Designs to find a logo. The “Occupy 99Designs” design contest has garnered nearly 400 entries in its first few hours online.

15 things successful CEOs want you to know

Focus. Persevere. Hustle. Follow your gut. Put customers first. Don’t reinvent unnecessary wheels. This is just some of the smart, helpful and brief advice that iStartupLabs CEO Peter Corbett got from CEOs and founders over Twitter. Here, he shares the wisest words.

iTunes in the Cloud and Why This Scares Me

Our future is wireless at high speeds anywhere we’d like. This may be a decade away and if carriers make wireless data truly unlimited this will be a reality, but it scares me for a few reasons that simply can’t be fixed by technology.

Sometimes, You Gotta Ignore the Experts

Found|READ contributor Aruni Gunasegaram is preparing to seek angel funding for her current startup, Babble Soft, which builds Web and mobile communication…

The Art of the Startup Write-off

Today we’ve picked up a useful piece in Crain’s Chicago Business on how entrepreneurs can do more for their small companies with…

Do you want to be Rich, or be the King?

It matters because if you want to be The King of your startup, some new research out of Harvard Business School suggests…

Credentials? Nah. Judgment is what counts.

For your company’s prospects, Marc Andreessen says “the market matters most” — more than product, team, and even b-plan. For your prospects…

Are you a leader?

A few days ago a Found|READer introduced me to Ben Yoskovitz and his Instigator Blog. It’s awesome. I had other plans for…