Ebooks in 2015: Dull new world

Let's talk glut

Ebooks are feeling a bit hungover heading into the new year. TheĀ 50 Shades of Grey exuberance of 2011 and 2012 feels long…

The right to resell: a ticking time bomb over digital goods

There’s a brewing conflict over consumers’ rights to use platforms like ReDigi to resell their books, music and other digital property. Now libraries and companies like eBay and Redbox are leading a campaign to pass “You bought it, you own it” laws.

Another Macmillan imprint drops DRM

Pan Macmillan Australia’s digital-only imprint Momentum will remove DRM from all its titles by August, the company announced today. Last month, Macmillan sci-fi/fantasy imprint Tor/Forge announced it will drop DRM by early July.

Macmillan Stacking Sandbags Against e-Book Flood

John Sargent, CEO of book publisher Macmillan, has written a blog post defending his company’s new “agency model” approach to e-book sales through retailers such as Amazon and Apple, but all the post really shows is how desperate Macmillan is to protect its existing business model.