The hidden costs of Apple’s mobile transition

The refresh of the entire mobile lineup and most of the Mac lineup and Apple’s decision to ramp production on all of these products at almost the same time has costs, CFO Peter Oppenheimer explained in a call with investors.

Commutist podcast: iPad Mini and iMac gets skinny

Apple unveiled a smaller iPad, a thinner iMac and so much more at a special event today. A special Apple event deserves a special edition podcast! Erica Ogg and Kevin Tofel provide all the news you need to know for your way home from work.

Apple making a $799 Air in fear of ultrabooks? Nope.

An Apple computer starting at $799 would be a big deal, but it’s unlikely. And the idea that Apple would be “forced to” lower the price due to competition from Intel-based ultrabooks makes very little sense. Here’s why.

2012: the year of Thunderbolt

Apple got an early start on outfitting its Mac computers with Intel’s Thunderbolt technology. Now, almost a year later, a rush of accessories at CES indicate this might be the year average users start to get some real benefit from having Thunderbolt on board.

Why the MacBook Air will be the iMac of notebooks

Apple’s iMac occupies a prized place in a fast-growing segment of the overall desktop PC market, the all-in-ones, that few others can approach. It got there by spotting a growth opportunity that’s paying off big now, and the MacBook Air is primed to do the same.

Apple’s Anobit buy reportedly a done deal

Apple is reportedly just about finished acquiring Israeli flash memory firm Anobit. Last week, reports suggested that Apple was in the process of acquiring the company, and on Tuesday, Israel’s Calcalist reported that Anobit has now informed employees of the deal’s successful completion.

A few of our favorite things: Power accessories

Shopping time is almost up for this year’s holiday season, but shipping deadlines have yet to elapse completely, and stores will still be plenty busy. In this week’s installment of our series, we’re looking at power accessories for Apple devices that could make great last-minute gifts.

PlugBug review: The best in iPad replacement chargers

If, like me, you lost your original 10W iPad charger, don’t buy an official Apple replacement. Why? Because you can have a much better one: The twelvesouth PlugBug. It’s just as good at charging as the official version, and offers two-in-one charging with all MacBook adapters.

The 15-inch MacBook Air: A no-brainer

Apple is gearing up to launch a 15-inch ultrathin MacBook in 2012, according to a new report by DigiTimes. The supplier-connected publication says that parts are no being made at component-maker factories for the device, which is said to be intended for a March 2012 release.

What comes after the MacBook Air

This holiday season is the first big chance that ultrabooks will have to prove that they resonate with consumers. Will they boost PC sales the way Apple has seen overall Mac sales bumped by its MacBook Air? And where will Apple take notebook design next?

This is what Apple does with all of that cash

There are a lot of advantages to keeping a hoard of $81 billion in cash on hand, as Apple does. One in particular allows Apple to set itself apart from its competitors in a very real and tangible way: by dominating the global electronics supply chain.

When will broadband finally kill local storage?

As more and more of our ‘computational’ needs that span from work to entertainment transition to the cloud, is it time to start writing the obituary for local storage? With a 100 Mbps connection, local storage is going the way of the dodo for me.

PlugBug is MacBook and iPad charging genius

PlugBug, the newest accessory from Twelve South, is a simple adapter that connects to your existing MacBook power adapter, adding a 10 W USB charger for charging your iOS devices. That means you can charge your devices faster, which will come in handy for travelers.

7 signs that it’s time to get a new Mac

Macs retain higher resale values than other PCs, but they don’t last forever. But how do you know when to act? What are the symptoms of impeding Mac death or obsolescence, and when is a good time to consider getting a new one?

Macs sales up, iPods down according to NPD Group

New sales data from the NPD Group, as shared by Piper Jaffray, shows that Apple’s Mac sales are surging thanks to new models introduced in July. The other side of the coin is that iPod sales are in decline, but that’s nothing Apple isn’t expecting.

Lion 101: Working with PDFs in Preview

Preview is definitely one of the under-appreciated gems of OS X. Preview actually has two main uses. One for graphics and photos, and another specific to PDFs. There are certain very handy capabilities in Preview that are only available when working with PDF files.

First Lion update fixes bugs in MacBook Air, Mac mini

The first update to Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.7 operating system is out now, and there’s a special update just for owners of a MacBook Air or Mac mini loaded with Lion, including fixes for issues related to flickering screens, booting problems and SD cards.

Lion 101: How to know more about your Mac

New Mac owners don’t often know things about their computers that might prove otherwise helpful, like exactly which model they have. Luckily, OS X Lion organizes system info in a better way than its predecessor. Plus, there are two other great free tools that help, too.

Apple introduces new budget iMac for education

Apple rolled out a new, budget-priced iMac early Monday morning, but it comes with a catch: You have to be an educational institution to get the deal. The $999 iMac also features slightly less impressive specs when compared to its consumer retail siblings.

11.6-inch MacBook Air review: Petite powerhouse

With its latest update the MacBook Air inches ever closer to its high-powered siblings in the Pro line of Apple notebooks. But how does it stand up as a replacement for the MacBook Pro, and how does it compare to its predecessors? Here’s what we found.

Is your Mac running hot with Lion? Here’s why.;

After upgrading to Lion on my early 2008 15″ MacBook Pro, I started to notice that the computer was hot to the touch. Really hot. So I started measuring the internal temperature of my Macs to see if there was anything to be truly alarmed about.

Ask TAB: What would you like to know?

We’re launching a new feature here at TAB. Every month, we’ll ask you, our readers, what we can help you with. We’ll take a few of the hottest topics, assign articles and post them to the site. Have questions? Ask TAB in the comments.

Why a 15-inch MacBook Air is only a matter of time

Not one but two reports say Apple is now working on an ultrathin 15-inch Mac notebook, with one claiming that a 17-incher is also on the way. Apple has long been preparing for this, and I wouldn’t be surprised if those preparations bear fruit this year.

How and when to reset your Mac’s PRAM and SMC

There are times when your Mac will just start misbehaving. Video settings getting reset, fans start running at full speed, and more. This often happens after an upgrade like Lion. There are many possible fixes, but if everything fails, try resetting your PRAM or SMC.

Apple bids farewell to the MacBook

We knew Apple was introducing something today, what we didn’t know was that it was going to be saying goodbye as well. The basic white MacBook is getting squeezed out in favor of the newly polished and upgraded MacBook Air lineup.

OS X Lion review: The shape of things to come

Mac OS X Lion arrived Wednesday morning, available through the Mac App Store as a downloadable upgrade for users of Snow Leopard. Lion is version 10.7 of Apple’s desktop operating system, and it brings some significant changes to Mac computing. But will users welcome those changes?

How to prepare your Mac for OS X Lion

With the next major release of Mac OS X, 10.7 Lion, on the way, it’s a good idea to start preparing your Mac for the transition soon. Here are some steps to make sure your Mac is ready for Lion.

New MacBook Airs are coming. Here is why

New MacBook Airs could be right around the corner, according to stock shortages at retail partners like Best Buy and Amazon. OS X Lion is also arriving in July, which begins in only a few short days, and the Air could arrive at the same time.

Tested: SSD brings new life to an old MacBook

SSDs are making new computers blazingly fast. But how do they affect the performance of older machines? I tested an SSD in my original black MacBook (circa 2006) to find out if it could help my aging beauty get back her youthful charm.

Apple’s next MacBook Air will be the new flagship Mac

Apple’s refresh of the MacBook Air last fall did much to improve the fortunes of the company’s ultra-slim notebook. And with its next iteration, it could be getting ready to step into the spotlight as the quintessential Mac computer, alongside the release of OS X Lion.

Apple Making Things Right for Unibody MacBook Owners

Apple issued a new support document over the weekend that promises a fix for white, unibody MacBook affected by a problem with peeling rubber on the bottom case. Affected units are now eligible for free repairs, for up to two years from the original purchase date.

Quick Look: Henge Dock for MacBook and MacBook Pro

With MacBooks getting closer and closer to desktop performance, some may find themselves in need of a docking station. PC docks abound, but there are few Mac options. One of those options is the Henge Dock. These docking stations are designed for MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

ARM-Based Macs: A Real Possibility?

Tech blog SemiAccurate sped up a slow news Friday with a so-crazy-it-might-be-true rumor that Apple will be switching CPU architecture. Again. Right now, it seems impossible, but given time, could Apple really use in-house designed ARM-based chips to provide the processing power behind Mac computers?

MacBook Air Gets a Better Solid-State Drive

The MacBook Air may or may not get a June spec bump, as per recent rumors, but at least one component appears to have already been quietly updated. Some newer MacBook Airs are shipping with what seems to be a noticeably faster SSD.

How to Replace Your MacBook’s Optical Drive With an SSD

Just before the latest MacBook Pro updates were released, rumors swirled that the new models would adopt solid-state drives in addition to hard disk drives and drop internal DVD drives. That sounded perfect to me, so I made it happen even though Apple didn’t. Here’s how.

Add GPS to Your MacBook Using Bluetooth Devices

Location-aware devices are becoming common across Apple’s lineup, except when it comes to MacBooks. But adding GPS to a MacBook is as easy as pairing with a Bluetooth mouse. But not all Bluetooth GPS devices are created equal. Here are your best bets.

Tips for Mac Cord Cutters Using Notebooks

Earlier, I wrote about cutting the cord using Apple devices. In the section on using a Mac, I focused on general advice applicable to all machines, but here are a few tips tailored specifically to the unique challenges faced by those using Apple notebooks specifically.

Why I Bought a Used MacBook Instead of a MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air is guaranteed to be on many a Christmas list this year, and I’ve been dead set on getting one ever since it was announced. So how did I end up typing this on a four-year-old black MacBook that I bought on eBay?

Apple’s Next MacBook: An $800 Mac for the Masses

The MacBook Air is a bold move forward in mobile computing. It has flash storage, and real need for an optical drive. But Apple’s greatest achievement with the MacBook Air, and the thing that will have the strongest influence on its other notebooks is the price.

The Exciting Future of Apple’s MacBook Line

In 12 months, Apple’s notebook lineup will be so different, we’ll barely recognize it. Physically, the computers may look the same, but the teaser that is the MacBook Air makes very clear the changes we can expect to see rolled out across the entire MacBook line.

Apple Event Predictions: The Next Macs

Apple’s having a press event next week on Wednesday, Oct. 20, and a new version of OS X will definitely be unveiled. But that’s probably not all we’ll see revealed by Cupertino. You can expect new Macs, too, just in time for the holidays.

Moving to Mac: 6 Months In

It’s been about six months since I took the plunge and moved from PC to Mac. I thought it would be interesting to check in and see where I am now, how I am faring and what ?software I’m using.

The Mac Notebook-to-Desktop Conundrum

I’m one of the lucky few who can carry their MacBook Pro to and from work each day, and just use one computer for everything. Still, I’m not always happy with my current setup. There’s one big thing missing that PC laptops have: the docking station.

The Case for a Modular MacBook

My main computer for the past 19 months has been a Core 2 Duo unibody MacBook. It’s fast, has an excellent LED backlit display, is quiet and reliable. Nevertheless I still log some three to four hours per day on average with my 10-year-old Pismo PowerBooks.

Apple Updates MacBook, But Not the Value

With nary a yellow sticky saying the Apple Store will be back soon, today Apple quietly updated the white MacBook. The company’s value laptop got a slightly faster CPU, better graphics, and longer battery life, but not a better price.

Working in the Dark: Mobile Tech at Home

This morning didn’t start as planned. At 5 A.M. there was a loud “boom”, and the power went out. I have been working on my MacBook using a 3G connection. Working in the glow of the laptop screen reminds me of the period after Hurricane Ike.

5 Mac Utilities That Rock My World

I work in front of a computer for 10 – 12 hours per day, and having a productive environment on my Mac is vital to my mental health. Utilities provide a productive system to get work done; here are 5 Mac utilities that rock my world.

Apple Updates MacBook Pros

Nearly a year after the last MacBook Pro update, and months after Intel launched its latest mobile CPU, Apple (s aapl) has added Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs to the MacBook Pro…or at least most of them.

It’s a MacBook Pro Parade

All focus on Apple may be aimed at the iPad and the new iAd service but for Cupertino it’s still business as usual. A refreshed line of MacBooks has appeared to keep Apple’s core business chugging along. The MacBooks get faster processors and longer battery life.

New MacBooks and MacBook Pros Just Around the Corner?

If you’ve been sitting there twiddling your thumbs while Apple announced the iPad, then just recently began talking about iPhone OS 4.0, then news of what’s going on with the Mac line (yes, Apple still makes computers) will probably come as a welcome surprise.

University Tempts Students With Free iPads

If you’re considering a school for next year, you might want to put Seton Hill on the shortlist, as the university in Greensburg, Pennsylvania is the first academic institution to announce free iPads for every full time student beginning in Fall, 2010.

Predicting 2010: Mac Lineup

January 2010 will mark the four-year anniversary of Apple’s (s aapl) first Intel-based (s intc) Mac, the MacBook Pro. With Snow Leopard…

14 Ways to Be Kind to Your Battery

A little over ten days ago Apple (s aapl) launched a shiny new Apple and the Environment microsite showcasing the company’s commitment…

MacBook 3G: Ringer or Red Herring?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between professional industry analysts and Apple fanboys coming up with dream specs for their ideal…

The Apple Experience

Maybe it is because I am a recent switcher that I notice details long-time Mac owners may take for granted, details that…

FireWire-to-USB: MacBook Redeemer?

Apple’s decision to axe FireWire from the MacBook line is not sitting well with many users, to say the least. For high-quality…

Flipping Function Keys!

The problem with function keys on a MacBook or MacBook Pro is that they are one-trick ponies; they are either regular or…

I Chose a New MacBook

Fellow TAB writer, Charles Moore, wrote a great article about why it’s a good idea to seriously consider the “mature technology” of a…

Apple to Sell Subsidized Notebooks in the U.K.?

The recent rise in the popularity and availability of netbooks has led some wireless carriers to package the computers at significant discounts…

MacBook Pro Review

For the first time in Apple’s history, the recent incarnation of consumer and professional laptops are starting to show signs of being…

Whither the 17″ MacBook Pro?

Notably absent from today’s laptop announcements regarding the new MacBook line was the 17″ MacBook Pro. Well, it wasn’t truly absent, because…

Mac of All Trades: 4 Ways to Extend Your Mac

Aside from being a fantastic computer and girlfriend/boyfriend substitute,  your Mac is capable of some pretty amazing things.  In fact, whenever I…

October 14 MacBook Event Confirmed

Members of the media have just received word that the rumored October 14 MacBook event is rumor no more. Invitations sent by Apple’s…

Missing the Big Picture

There is a lot of buzz surrounding music labels’ agreements to sell DRM-free music in marketplaces other than the iTunes Music Store.…

To Pro or not to Pro?

At my day job, we are getting new computers for everyone, and I weaseled my way into a position to have some…

Which Mac Notebook Is For You? Take Our Poll

Apple upgraded its Macbook and Macbook Pro lines of notebooks. With three product lines – Macbook, Air and Pro – it is time for you to tell us which is the Mac notebook you like the most, and why? Take our poll and then leave a comment.

Need a Hug?

The folks at Carsonified have just launched, where they showcase an incredibly exclusive collection (a total of nine in existence) of…

Upgraded Laptops

MacWorld UK is reporting that Apple has quietly released updated MacBook and MacBook Pros. The new versions are available in up to…

Pong with a Twist for MacBook/Pro

Nothing more than a terrific [and FUN] waste of time, Tilt SCREAM Pong takes full advantage of your MacBook’s sensory input devices.…

More Skinny on Vonage’s new HQ

This building – Prudential Insurance – is about 5 1/2 miles from AT&T’s South Jersey consolidated R&D center in Middletown, where a…

Broadband Goes Boom

Broadband boom, world wide continues. The latest data on sales of broadband modems, routers and gateways shows that slowly but surely we…

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