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How big an area would 1 billion televisions cover?

People still buy televisions — a lot of them every year, though I wonder how much profit television makers actually make. Either way, about a billion TV sets were shipped in last four years. That’s one big honking screen. How big?

Apple announces 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display

On Tuesday in San Jose Apple executives announced the arrival of the 13-inch MacBook Pro, joining the 15-inch edition announced in June that comes with the Retina display, technology that makes images and applications appear much sharper on the popular laptop computer.

iFixit joins Greenpeace in bashing EPEAT’s recyclability standards

The gadget dissector says the green electronics group’s recently released independent test of the recyclability of Apple’s MacBook Pro, along with ultrathin notebooks from Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba, amounts to “greenwashing” the group’s stated standards for promoting sustainable, recyclable computers.

Hands-On With the New MacBook Pro

Over the weekend, I bought myself a brand new 15-inch MacBook Pro. Having previously owned a 2008 model, non-Pro MacBook, I knew it was going to be faster, but I didn’t realize just how much of an improvement it would really be.

The New MacBook Pro — Buy, Sell or Upgrade?

Following Apple’s MacBook Pro refresh, users are faced with a choice between buying, selling, upgrading or just sticking with their existing computing solution. As it turns out, a quick look at the numbers shows you could get a new machine for relatively little.

MacBook Pro Benchmarks Show Huge Performance Gains

Apple unveiled new MacBook Pros Thursday, and the notebooks came equipped with Intel’s next-generation Sandy Bridge processors. Primate Labs gathered results from its Geekbench hardware performance measurement tool to come with some solid numbers showing the difference between the new MacBooks and their predecessors.

Thunderbolt: Apple’s Port to End All Ports?

As Apple prepares to refresh its MacBook Pro line of notebook computers, it’s beginning to look like it also will introduce a new I/O port called “Thunderbolt,” based on Intel’s Light Peak. Why this port, and what might Apple have planned for it in the future?

MacBook Pro Specs Leaked, Include New “Thunderbolt” Port

Just yesterday, we discussed what you might expect to see from Apple’s next generation of MacBook Pro portables. Now, a new round of rumors sheds a little more light on some potential specific hardware details, including the introduction of a new high-speed multipurpose port called “Thunderbolt.”

What to Expect From the New MacBook Pro

The buzz surrounding a new MacBook Pro release from Apple is reaching a crescendo, and there’s reason to suspect a new model is just around the corner. So what can you expect from Apple’s next generation of power-packing portable?

Apple Quietly Adds MacBook Pro Processor Options

Yesterday, Engadget observed that Apple didn’t just release a new MacBook Air, but also added a nice build-to-order option for their 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pros. Now, for an additional $400, you can upgrade to a 2.8GHz Core i7 processor.

What’s the Buzz About the SD Card Slot?

When I’d originally written about the introduction of the new 15″ MacBook Pro on Monday, I was curious as to if the newly featured SD card slot would support even newer SDHC cards. A little research later, I learned that the MacBook Pro does support this standard and has a few more tricks up its sleeve. So what’s all the buzz about the SD card slot?

NVIDIA Killed My 2007 MacBook Pro

In mid 2008, amid growing evidence, NVIDIA acknowledged that a significant number of its previous-generation GPUs (graphics processing unit) and MCPs (media…

17-inch MacBook Pro Will Be Late, Not Absent

Many noticed (and lamented) the lack of a 17-inch version of the updated MacBook Pro at yesterday’s notebook event. For those interested…

Apple Officially Admits to Faulty NVIDIA GPUs

Following NVIDIA’s July 2008 announcement that a number of their GPUs were experiencing higher failure rates than should be normally expected, Apple…