Three Mac apps to help you self publish your book

I’m looking to self-publish my writing, so I took a look at a bunch of different Mac apps that can create ebooks. The best I found were Apple’s Pages, Adobe InDesign, and Scrivener. Here’s a look the pros and cons of each program.

The Apple Roundup: Microsoft got iOS license with promise not to copy

Here’s our daily pick of stories about Apple from around the web that you shouldn’t miss. Today’s installment: revelations about Apple and Microsoft’s licensing agreement, the super-secure iPhone, signs point to a September iPhone launch, the mythical Apple television, and the death of optical drives.

Apple’s new ads not the work of geniuses, but still hit the mark

Some say Apple is not really thinking differently enough about TV ads with its new “genius” campaign. Everyone already knows the iPhone and iPad, why shouldn’t the company play up an intangible feature — its customer service — that potential new customers may not know about?

Apple backs down: Macs will stay EPEAT certified

Following an outcry from environmentalists and customers, Apple is reversing its decision to walk away from EPEAT certification for its computers. On Friday, outgoing SVP of Hardware Engineering Bob Mansfield posted a letter on Apple’s website calling the move “a mistake.”

Tweetbot’s new Mac client gets buzz as Twitter crackdown looms

The popular iPhone client Tweetbot will now have an application for Mac, an exciting development for fans of the product, but an interesting development to come just as Twitter has announced plans to restrict third-party use of its API and keep Twitter users on Twitter products.

New Skype 5.8 for Mac is ready for OS X Mountain Lion

The latest version of Skype for Mac has just been released and supports OS X Mountain Lion. By releasing the new Skype in advance of Apple’s own OS release, scheduled for next month, it’s clear Skype remains committed to supporting the service for Mac users.

New Filemaker Pro 12 gets better iOS support

Version 12 of the Filemaker Pro database line for Mac, Windows and iOS is out. This new version introduces some key enhancements that will make the business software even more appealing to organizations with large databases and those using iOS devices for mobile access to Filemaker solutions.

Mac 101: Fix and extend your WiFi network

Having problems with your home Wi-Fi network? Don’t feel bad if you’re not a professional radio engineer — we can help. The following can help Mac owners or anyone with a WiFi network understand where and why their devices are not connecting to the network.

Is it time for Apple’s patent war to end?

In its fight with Android hardware-makers, Apple almost seems to see itself as a noble hero fighting a nefarious villain bent on stealing its identity and reputation. But just or not, is the fight one that makes sense to Apple from a practical and business standpoint?

Boxee releases new PC version – as a farewell gift

PC, Mac and Linux users are finally able to upgrade Boxee to its most recent version – but they won’t be getting any future upgrades. The company announced today that it is officially abandoning the PC platform, completely concentrating on CE devices instead.

12 great gift ideas for any Apple fan for under $100

Time may not be your biggest challenge even as holiday shopping draws to a close. Apple gadget-lovers can be hard to shop for, since they tend to satisfy their own needs when it comes to accessories. Still, there’s something for everyone among the following twelve suggestions.

Games for the weekend: Modern Combat 3

I’m starting to think there’s a union rule: In every shooter, the helicopter, plane, train, or automobile you use to arrive will be destroyed. Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation for iOS is no exception, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The design genius of Steve Jobs

Mobile experience designer Christian Lindholm believes that great products are born out of deep, relentless dissatisfaction with the present and the status quo. Inside Apple’s walls, Jobs almost seemed to carry the burden of all humanity’s frustration with bad products.

Sleipnir for Mac: A new OS X browser with unique features

Sleipnir, for those not versed in Norse mythology, was the eight-legged horse of the god Odin. It’s also the name of an iOS browser that has a reputation for doing things a little differently. A new Mac beta version could change your desktop browsing habits, too.

Apps that supercharge cross-platform text editing

There are an increasing number of apps that not only support both the iPhone and iPad, but also have an OS X version available. Here’s how three devs behind WriteRoom, TextExpander and DropBox have teamed up to make cross-platform writing as painless as possible.

Make Lion’s Mission Control behave more like Spaces

When Lion first came out, transitioning from Spaces to Mission Control was a big change for me. If you’re looking to take some control back from Mission Control in order to make things feel a little more like how they were before, here are some tips.

7 Lion annoyances and how to fix them

With every OS upgrade, there’s always some new annoyances that pop up, and since Lion is such a big update to OS X, it stands to reason that it has more annoyances than usual. Here’s how to remedy seven of them quickly and easily.

How developers will be able to leverage iCloud for smarter apps

Steve Jobs said at the WWDC keynote this week that “the truth is in the cloud.” He wasn’t just being hyperbolic when he said this, though. It’s actually a clever reference to how iCloud will work behind the scenes, and how it will make apps better.

Think iCloud is reactionary? Think again.

Are iCloud and iOS 5 just Apple playing catch-up with Google and Android? No way, according to Steve Jobs himself in 1997. In fact, the WWDC announcements are actually Apple making good on long-standing promises. Check out Jobs describing the Apple of today 14 years ago

Getting Your Stuff Off of Your iPhone

There will come a time when you realize that you want to get something off of your iPhone, and yet you don’t have access to the Mac your normally sync with, or your Mac’s HD has failed. Don’t worry, you can still reach your iPhone’s data.

The Application Is Dead; Long Live the App

One of the biggest changes that came as a result of the introduction of the iPad and iPhone was in the way developers design and develop software. And this change appears to have a much farther reaching impact than you might have imagined.

The Big Mobile and Desktop Platform Merge Is Underway

As mobile apps become more sophisticated, they can be preferable over their desktop counterparts: fully functional, but faster and easier to use. Two major computer makers recognize what this means: the potential for huge disruption through a subtle merger of traditional desktop computing and mobile platforms.

Mac OS X 10.6.7 Released

Apple released its latest update for OS X, 10.6.7. The relatively minor software update for Snow Leopard brings bug fixes and general maintenance updates for a number of system components, and addresses issues with the Mac App Store, which shipped with OS X 10.6.6 in January.

How to Prepare a Used Mac for Sale

If you’re planning on buying a new machine, it’s a great idea to sell your old Mac to cover some of the new computer’s cost. If you choose to go this route, make sure to follow these steps to prepare your used machine for new ownership.

How to Get Turn-by-Turn Navigation on a MacBook Air

When choosing between a MacBook Air and an iPad 3G, you might think you’re giving up GPS if you go with the MacBook. That’s not necessarily the case, and if you’re looking for turn-by-turn directions and trip logging, you’re in luck.

The Future of Mac Might Leave Many Americans Behind

Apple doesn’t seem to want to keep physical media around that much longer, opting instead to distribute software and media via digital download. It’s a brave strategy, and probably one that most companies will eventually adopt, but in the meantime it could leave many consumers behind.

Verizon Brings Mac Support to 4G USB Modem

When Verizon originally launched its 4G network, Mac support for its mobile modems was notably lacking. Two months later, Verizon is offering a version of its VZAccess Manager for Mac software that adds support for the Pantech UML290, one of the network’s two 4G-compatible USB modems.

All Eyes Were on iPad at This Year’s Macworld

Macworld Expo 2011 has drawn to a close and, despite its name, this year the show had little to do with the Mac. Instead, the iPad took center stage, and the show gave a great glimpse into the future of Apple’s supporting players.

Your Macworld 2011 Questions Answered

Macworld 2011 raised a few important questions for the Mac community. These are the questions I was asked by Mac-loving friends who couldn’t attend this year and people on Twitter. You’ll notice that the effect of Apple’s continued absence at the show is a prevailing theme.

A Guide to Mac Diagnostic and Repair Utilities

Got hardware problems? There is no one clear leader in the Mac DIY repair market. When shopping for a hardware troubleshooting utility, choosing the right one can be difficult. What’s a wise shopper to do? Read this guide, of course.

How to Change the Twitter for Mac Icon (And Others, Too)

Twitter for Mac is one of the great apps introduced alongside the Mac App Store. Since then, it’s been updated twice and the app’s icon changed (some would say for the worse) both times. Here’s how to change the icon back to whichever you like best.

How to Do What the Mac App Store Doesn’t: Uninstall Apps

So you’ve just installed tons of apps from the Mac App Store, but now you realize you don’t really need that fifth Twitter client. How to uninstall it? Unlike Windows, OS X doesn’t have a “Remove Programs” tool, but the answer is actually simpler than that.

Hunter-Gatherer Societies and the App Store Economy

Watching the launch of the Mac App Store, I am struck by the change in the way people buy software. Much like primitive societies evolved from the hunter-gatherer model of resource collection to an agrarian civilization of cultivated farming, so has shopping for software changed.

Are the End Days Nearing for PCs (and Macs)?

New data from JiWire suggests that the shift Steve Jobs predicted about consumers migrating their computing workload away from truck-like computers to nimble tablets is underway. The Wi-Fi provider reported new connections to its network from Macs and PCs were down while new iPad users jumped.

The Best Games on the Mac App Store Right Now

With the launch of the Mac App Store earlier today, you might be eager to find out what Mac games are available to waste your precious time. While the choices right now are quite limited, there are still some gems out there worthy of attention.

New Year’s Resolution: Get a Mac, but Which One?

You may have some cash from the holidays, and buying a Mac is as good a way as any to spend that money. Think about what you want, but more importantly, think about what you need. Here’s some advice to help make your decision easier.

How To Cut the Cord Apple-Style in 2011

As if you needed another reason to ditch cable in 2011, it looks like prices are going up. So if you’re finally tired of getting fleeced, here’s a number of choices for how to cut the cord and go cable-free the Apple way.

Apple’s Greatest Advantage: The Apple Ecosystem

Google’s power in the mobile computing world seems to grow with every new product announcement and Android device that comes to market. But for all its reach, the search giant is missing one piece of the puzzle that Apple does better than anyone else: product integration.

Verizon LTE Launches Without Mac Support

Verizon (s vz) today unveiled its first LTE modems, but they won’t work with your Mac (s aapl). Not if you’re using OS X, at least. The LG VL600, Verizon’s LTE launch USB modem device, is only compatible with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Meet Alfred, A New Launcher App for the Mac

One of the first things I advise people to install when they get a new Mac is a quicklaunch application, such as Quicksilver or LaunchBar. However, the decision of which one to install just got harder with the introduction of a solid contender called Alfred.

Please Fix This, Apple

My closet is so overfull with boxes from Apple that I hardly have room for anything else. I love my Macs, iOS devices, and Apple software. But there are some things about Apple products that just leave me wondering: why don’t they fix this?

6 Great Apps for New Mac Users

Over half of new Macs are being bought by users new to the platform. After years of negative experiences on that other platform, new Mac users might be a little worried about downloading software for their machine. Here are some safe bets to get you started.

Pro vs. Consumer: How iLife ’11 Blurs the Lines

As a musician, I’ll never forget seeing Logic for the first time and thinking, “Here we go baby!” Back then, GarageBand paled in comparison, so any semi-pro audio-technician would only use it for quick work. But iLife ’11 is blurring the line between the two programs.

Still More Victims Caught in Apple’s Wake

It’s inevitable. Each Apple event changes the industry: sometimes for the better; other times, well, depends on who you ask. The latest Apple event may not be as obvious a game changer as others this past year, but its effects will be felt nonetheless.

A Developer’s Take on the New Mac App Store

When Steve Jobs announced the Mac App Store yesterday, my first feeling wasn’t excitement, but rather worry. My concern is that the Mac App Store will, perhaps in two or three years, become the only effective channel through which Mac developers can sell their apps.

Back to the Mac: The App Store for Mac

You’re not alone if you’ve ever wondered when the convenience of the App Store would be unleashed on your Mac. Apple’s “Back to the Mac” event this morning revealed that the wait will soon be over. Developers could have the most to cheer about, though.

Back to the Mac: The Executive Summary

Earlier today, Steve Jobs addressed the Mac faithful at an event focused on Apple computers and software. The announcements weren’t all that surprising, but it’s all good news for consumers and developers alike. New Macbook Airs and a preview of OS X 10.7 stole the show.

Back to the Mac: GarageBand and iMovie ’11

New versions of iMovie ’11 and GarageBand ’11 were demoed today: the only other two programs from iLife ’11 that got screen time aside from iPhoto ’11. There were some very interesting additions to the software, including trailers for iMovie and better lessons in GarageBand.

Back to the Mac: iPhoto ’11

Apple SVP of Worldwide Product Marketing Phil Schiller was on hand at today’s event to demonstrate the new features of iPhoto ’11. Full-screen interfaces, improved printed books and slideshows, and brand new ways to share photos online and via new Letterpress cards were among the highlights

Apple Q4 2010: Record Quarter/Year, Surprises to Come

For fourth quarter 2010, Apple reported the best quarter and year in company history, with record sales of Mac and iPhones almost overshadowed by the iPad. That’s not all we can expect from Apple for this calendar year, though, as Steve Jobs hinted at some surprises.

Why No Love for Mac, Skype?

A new version of Skype for Windows arrived yesterday, bringing tighter Facebook integration along with other new goodies like group video calling. But while Windows users celebrated the new arrival, Mac users watched from the sidelines as the parade marched past. What’s up with that?

Fake: A Programmable Browser for OS X

Does the Mac community need another Web browser? Probably not if we’re talking conventional browsers, as there’s a luxury of choices already available: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and a gaggle of others. But Fake is different, and it could just be the time-saver you’re looking for.

Relax, iOS Isn’t Going to Replace OS X

A prediction has been going around the blogosphere for a few months saying that Apple will eventually replace OS X with iOS, and a lot of people seem to agree. I don’t. That prediction has never sounded to me like something Apple would do.

Is Apple a Cult, a Religion or a Brand?

A university professor friend and recent platform-switcher jestingly refers to “the Church of the Mac.” He’s become an enthusiastic Mac evangelist and is perceiving some loose parallels. My learned friend is far from unique in drawing analogies between computer platform affinities and religion.

Apple is Abandoning the Mac…and Why I’m Wrong

The iPhone was released in 2007 running iOS 1.0 and now, in 2010 we receive our fourth huge update to iOS where Apple’s Leopard and Snow Leopard are largely unchanged from a feature perspective and only maintain system improvements, speed enhancements and other changes.

New Mac Mini Small in Size and in Value

Apple’s new Mac mini has a number of great new features including an updated case, an HDMI port and a speed bump in specs, but what’s not so great is its value proposition when compared to an iMac or MacBook.

The New Mac Mini — the Next Apple TV?

The Mac Mini desktop sees a hardware upgrade today, along with a price boost. It’s still the cheapest Mac desktop at $699, but with new Nvidia graphics and HDMI output, might it be your next Apple TV while Boxee and Google sit on the sidelines?

New Mac Mini Revealed

Today Apple revealed an updated and more powerful version of its compact desktop computer, the Mac mini. It’s 20 percent smaller, 25 percent more power efficient and a heck of a lot easier to upgrade.

Quick Tip: ? Menu Shortcuts

Every one of us makes a trip to the Apple menu almost every day. Even though it probably doesn’t seem like much of a chore, learning a few shortcuts can’t hurt and will save precious seconds every time you use this menu.

Viewfinder for Mac — a Screencast

Flickr is a wonderful resource, with millions of images online. Like many vast resources, finding that perfect image can be a real challenge. I regularly search for images of products on Flickr, and a utility I use to expedite those searches is Viewfinder for the Mac.

Steve Confirms It: No Mac App Store

Ever since the App Store opened its doors, Apple fans have been calling out for something similar for the desktop. However, if a recent email from Steve Jobs himself is anything to go by, OS X users won’t be seeing anything of the sort anytime soon.

Wi-Fi Adapter Doubles Wireless Range on Macs

Is your Mac struggling to maintain a Wi-Fi signal as you move away from your home network router? Although it has some limitations, the n3 from BearExtender can provide more than double the range to your computer if you don’t mind giving up a USB port.

iPad Poll Results — Who’s Buying?

The iPad has launched, but who’s planning to purchase it? With over 2,000 poll respondents in less than 24 hours, there are some surprising results from our audience. For some, this is the perfect device, while others clearly expected something more from Apple.

Nano Ad Screen Goofs?

With the new iPod nano featuring a built in video camera, Apple’s latest commercial really highlights how easy it is to use.…

Waterfield Designs: Cases for Apple Purists

Like some of you, I’m quite the “Apple purist.” I’m not a fan of fancy cases that junk up my Macs. I don’t like skins for my iPods and those plastic snap cases for my laptop. We all know that Apple designs beautiful products, so we might as well show them off! Balancing protection and beauty, the stylish and functional cases from Waterfield Designs are some of the highest quality cases I have ever used.

Macworld Day 2: The Best is Yet to Come

It was fitting that Tony Bennett, beloved for his amazing contribution to his profession but largely irrelevant to the current market, was…

Mac 101: Create Zip Files

Before converting to Mac I ran Windows, which to my knowledge, has no built-in capability to create zip files forcing users to…

Inexpensive Mac minis

Since you can’t currently find any Mac minis on the Apple Store refurbished site, you might want to check this out.…

GigaNET PM: Almost All About Apple

WebWorkerDaily: Switching to Mac? 16 tips to make it easy. (And another great guide for those who walk on the geek side.)…

AOL Video & Amazon Unbox Hook Up

[qi:_newteevee] AOL Video is going to drop its own for-pay download offerings in favor of Amazon Unbox, according to company officials. AOL…

Michigan Might Sue Vonage Over 911

More trouble for Vonage? Looks like Michigan state Attorney General Mike Cox is threatening to go after the company for “allegedly misleading…