Mac OS X

Why I think OS X Mountain Lion is worth an upgrade

Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion is perfectly matched to not just Apple’s hardware but also with a new kind of Internet-centric usage behavior. It is the marriage of form and function. But most importantly, it’s a tip of the hat to the iPhone and iPad.

Digging deeper: Smaller changes in OS X Mountain Lion

The major new features in Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion are what everyone is talking about, but with every release of OS X, the company makes some smaller changes that escape the notice of most. We take a look at some of those changes.

Mac 101: Deleting files and erasing drives

There are two ways to think about securing information: Enabling access to information you want to keep, and disabling access to information you don’t. For information Mac users no longer want, it’s not as easy as moving a file to the trash and emptying the trash.

Hands on with Messages for Mac

One of the new features of OS X Mountain Lion, coming this summer, is Messages for Mac, which replaces iChat. Apple’s iMessage service is available as a beta version to download for use with OS X Lion today. Here are our first impressions.

Snapstream brings TV monitoring to the Mac

Snapstream is making its TV monitoring capabilities available to Mac users, with a Web-based video player and client that will let its customers search, view and clip live and recorded TV feeds. That could increase help its potential customer base, while making its existing base happier.

iTunes Match arriving “late October”

Apple finally talked about when people can expect to get their hands on iTunes Match, and it’s later than iCloud in general. Later in October is as specific as the company got to putting a release date on the cloud-based subscription music service.

How to Create and Use Symlinks on a Mac

In my recent post about pairing SSD and HDD storage in a Mac, I used a little-known command line feature to redirect some of my user folders between the drives. I’m talking about symlinks, which can be a very powerful tool for Mac users.

How OS X Lion Leads to the Next Computing Revolution

Mac OS X Lion, version 10.7 of Apple’s venerable operating system, has been released to developers. A summary glance at the features it brings indicates a fairly minor update. But what seem like mostly cosmetic changes actually indicate a significant new direction for OS X.

Imagining a Cloud-Based Future for Mac OS X

Apple has recently been awarded a patent for “administering and maintaining a network-booted operating system.” This could point to the development of a cloud-based Mac OS X. If it comes to pass, what would a cloud-based OS X actually look like and how will it work?

OS X Lion: Lessons Learned From iOS

Yes, the name for Mac OS X 10.7 is Lion. Steve Jobs introduced the OS today by going into the philosophy behind it. Lion takes what Apple learned from iOS and applies it to OS X. As Jobs puts it, “Mac OS X meets the iPad.”

Citrix's GoToMyPC (Finally) Remotely Controls Macs From Anywhere

Citrix’s GoToMyPC, among the most widely used applications for controlling remote computers, has always had a glaring hole: inability to connect to Mac systems from anywhere. That’s changed with version 7.0, announced today, and users can also control Macs from Windows Mobile phones.