Microsoft Lumia is the newest smartphone phone brand

Microsoft just reported it sold 9.3 million Nokia Lumia sales over the last three months. New phones, however, will be branded as Microsoft Lumia devices. The company will still use the Nokia name it licensed for 10 years on entry-level devices.

Nokia’s Amber update is rolling out now

Nokia’s highly anticipated Amber update is beginning to roll out for all Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8. It includes camera and browser improvements, and enables your phone’s FM radio.

Evidence points to Windows Phones with full HD screens

The next round of new Windows Phones could have sharper, higher resolution screens based Microsoft’s Visual Studio software: The code includes a Windows Phone emulator for 1920 x 1080 displays. Will Nokia offer the first 1080p Microsoft-powered handset?

Why Lumia 620 plus 920T equals big opportunity for Nokia

Nokia is hitting both the high- and low-end markets with two new handsets. The Lumia 620 is $249 before subsidies and are smartly aimed at new smartphone owners. The full-featured Lumia 920T comes to China Mobile, the largest operator in world, which has no iPhone.

Why Nokia left MeeGo behind: The multi-year backstory

We all know that Nokia’s efforts to use Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo as a revival of sorts didn’t pan out. And we had educated guesses as to why. Now, a detailed article comprised from interviews with Nokia employees is a “tell all” on what really happened.

Like 2-year contracts, smartphone exclusives need to go away

U.S. carriers like working out exclusive handset deals with hardware makers – such as the Lumia 920 with AT&T — but who benefits? Consumers really don’t, hardware makers might, but it’s the network operators that benefit most. Here I thought competition in the U.S. was good!

iPhone 5 vs. Lumia 920: Image stabilization challenge

Any excitement Nokia generated with its “floating lens” technology in the Lumia 920 smartphone was quickly squashed thanks to a video demo that didn’t use the Lumia to capture footage. This hands on video, however, shows that Nokia’s stabilization technology is the one to beat.

Lumia launch in U.S., Europe likely weeks after new iPhone

Although Nokia did not detail release dates when it unveiled new Windows Phones this week, reports suggest a November timeframe. Coming after the expected next iPhone, that makes Nokia’s sales challenge that much tougher, regardless of how nice the new Lumias look.

Nokia’s Lumia transition is complete. Will it pay off?

With new Lumia handsets, Nokia’s transition plan is effectively complete. While the company worked hard to get here — and it shows in the new hardware and software — the road ahead is still long as Nokia asks consumers to switch away from iOS and Android.

3 reasons a $49 Lumia 900 price drop won’t help Nokia

Starting Sunday, AT&T is offering Nokia’s Lumia 900 smartphone in a new color and a lower price for all models. The Lumia 900 is now available for $49 .99 with contract. For these 3 reasons, the new pink version and a cheaper line-up won’t matter much.

Nokia sold 2M low-priced Lumias last quarter; lowers outlook

Nokia still has a long road to return to prominence: the company sold 2 million Lumia handsets in the first quarter of 2012, but it is lowering guidance. Nokia says it faces “competitive industry dynamics” even though its new Windows Phone handsets are gaining momentum.

Nokia Lumia 900 reviewed: The Windows Phone to get

The Nokia Lumia 900 is AT&T’s “hero” phone, the carrier tells me; a highly regarded status essentially owned by Apple’s iPhone since 2007. Might this be a true Windows Phone flagship device in the U.S.? After a week of using it, I think so.

A $99 Lumia 900: Just what Microsoft and Nokia need

AT&T will launch the Nokia Lumia 900 with LTE on April 8 for $99 with a two-year plan commitment. At this price, the Nokia hardware powered by Microsoft’s software and AT&T’s 4G network could go a long way towards restoring Nokia and Microsoft’s smartphone brands.

Nokia’s 1 billion opportunity: A China Lumia launch

Nokia’s Lumia smartphone line is expected to launch in China on March 28. China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile will all reportedly sell Nokia Lumia handsets; combined, these three operators have nearly 1 billion subscribers; a huge opportunity both for Nokia and for Microsoft.

As others focus on Android, Nokia ships most Windows Phones

It is too early to call success or failure on Nokia’s strategy to build Windows Phone devices, but the handset maker is already shipping more Microsoft smartphones than its rivals. While shipments don’t equate to actual sales, Nokia might catch its peers too focused on Android.

Nokia’s Windows Phone transition shows promises kept

Nokia’s smartphone sales were down 31 percent in the final quarter of 2011 as the company’s switch to Microsoft’s Windows Phone continues. But one million Lumia’s sold to date is a good start, and Nokia is delivering on its transition plans, which gives it a chance.

What would 1M Windows Phones sold mean for Micro-kia?

Nokia may have sold 1.3 million Lumia handsets running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, which would be a morale boost for both companies. Both have been in decline, facing competition from iOS and Android devices. Is this finally a smartphone turnaround point for Nokia and Microsoft?

Nokia puts on a smile: UK sales are “excellent”

Faced with reports from analysts about lower-than-expected sales and share price trouble, Nokia has fired back by announcing that UK sales of the Lumia 800 are doing better than expected. Is it time to cut the Finnish handset maker a break?

MobileTechRoundup podcast episode 252

Join Matt and Kevin for the weekly mobile tech podcast. On tap: An interview with Stephen Elop and hands-on impressions of Nokia’s Lumia 800 start the show, the new Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet, upcoming AT&T smartphones and new Android tabets; now with quad-core processors!

Nokia’s iPhone moment: Lumia 800 design video

Nokia is sharing a video on the design process for its Lumia 800, and after watching it, I’m struck by the similarities to prior Apple iPhone videos I’ve seen. Talk of integrated design between hardware and software is clever: It’s the same approach Apple uses.

GigaOM Interview: Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop

GigaOM recently had the chance to sit down with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. Here’s what Elop had to say about the company’s phone strategy, the decision to partner with Microsoft instead of Google, how U.S. carrier negotiations are proceeding and what tablet plans Nokia may have.

Nokia & Microsoft’s real challenge

Nokia recently showed off a handful of new phones that are powered by the new Microsoft’s mobile operating system. These are good looking devices but that won’t be enough as the company is facing a challenge that is much more cerebral.

Nokia’s Lumia phones: The good, the bad and no ugly

Nokia’s Windows Phone handsets were officially unveiled on Wednesday. The hardware is solid, as expected, but is missing at least one key feature. And there’s actually little to differentiate the Nokia phones from other Windows Phone handsets. Here’s my grading of the news for Nokia.

Can Lumia really light up Nokia’s future?

After throwing its lot in with Microsoft, Nokia is finally starting to ship its first Windows Phone handsets — the Lumia, a new range launched in London today. But while Stephen Elop knows everything’s at stake for the Finnish company, has he delivered?