AT&T Galaxy Note 2 priced at $299, launches Nov. 9

AT&T’s version of the 5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 2 arrives in stores on November 8 with pre-orders expected to begin this week. The phone will use Samsung’s 1.6 GHz quad-core chip, promising speedy performance on the device, supplemented with AT&T’s LTE network for fast mobile broadband.

Wait, now Sprint wants to control Clearwire?

Apparently after four years of letting Clearwire flounder, Sprint is now interested in taking control of the struggling WiMAX operator. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sprint is set to take over the Clearwire board to ease the way for its own acquisition by Softbank.

Verizon’s LTE juggernaut expands to 75% of population

With the addition of 34 new markets on Thursday, Verizon’s LTE network will envelope 235 million Americans or three-quarters of the country population. Four months before the end of the year it’s within spitting distance of reaching its 4G coverage goals, while competitors play catch-up.

Motorola Photon Q LTE arrives at Sprint Aug. 19 for $199

Motorola’s newest Android 4.0 smartphone, the Photon Q 4G LTE could help Sprint limit subscriber losses thanks to some innovative software and the five-row hardware keyboard. SmartActions make the smartphone smarter thanks to both customized and canned phone options that are triggered by specific events.

Sprint Photon Q 4G LTE pairs Android 4.0 with a keyboard

Sprint’s strategy to curb subscriber losses by converting Nextel customers is working but what will help the operator’s cause more is the addition of hot smartphones. With the Photon Q 4G LTE, Sprint is gambling that people still want physical keyboards on their handset.

Quad-core HTC One X+ may be coming to T-Mobile

When HTC brought the One series of smartphones to the U.S. it left Nvidia’s Tegra 3 behind due to LTE network support. That could change sinceT-Mobile still uses an HSPA+ 42 network; according to leaked information, the HTC One X+ with Tegra 3 could be arriving.

The next iPhone screen: bigger, but also thinner?

There’s been debate over whether the next-generation iPhone’s display will grow from 3.5 inches to 4 inches. But it’s also looking more like the display will also shrink, width-wise. The WSJ says the next version of Apple’s smartphone will have a thinner screen.

Sprint LTE network goes live July 15 in five cities

Sprint has revealed the official launch date of its new LTE network: July 15. That Sunday it will turn on its new 4G service in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City and San Antonio, promising speeds that far exceed what it can provide over its CDMA networks.

Sprint stores to start selling HTC EVO 4G LTE on June 2

The on again, off again launch of Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G LTE smartphone is on again: Customers will find the $199 Android 4.0 device in most Sprint stores on June 2. Unfortunately, I suspect we’ll see more mobile devices held up due to patent infringements.

HTC One X hits AT&T on May 6 for $199.99

AT&T’s first Android 4.0 smartphone arrives on May 6: The HTC One X will cost $199.99 with 2-year contract. The dual-core, 4.7-inch handset with Beats Audio supports AT&T’s new LTE network in 32 markets and falls back to HSPA+ where LTE coverage isn’t yet available.

Where’s the promised savings from 4G LTE?

4G phone sales are expected to increase ten times over those in 2011, totaling 67 million LTE handsets this year. The new networks are faster and more efficient for carriers, so where’s the savings? There isn’t one and early LTE adopters are paying for the transition.

AT&T accelerating LTE rollout, targeting 11 new cities

After launching LTE in a bevy of major cities in early January, AT&T’s expansion took a bit of breather, with Ma Bell turning on the 4G service in only a handful of markets in the ensuing months. But in April it’s accelerating its rollout once again.

The iPad will deliver 73 Mbps LTE. Why not 72?

Apple’s latest iPad has been revealed, and it has Retina display, a faster chip and all sorts of goodies, but for the network crowd only three letters mattered: LTE. And yes, the new iPad has LTE delivering up to 73 Mbps down. Wait — what? 73?

Crossbred Droid 4 to bulk up Verizon’s LTE lineup Friday

Verizon Wireless will begin selling the latest version of its long-running Droid line on Friday, offering the Motorola Android handset for $200 with a two-year contract. Unveiled at CES, the Droid 4 is a cross-breed of many of the Motorola devices that have come before it.


LTE-Advanced: what it is and isn’t, and why that matters

LTE-Advanced will bring huge gains in speeds, capacity and network efficiency and may even lead to a big drop in the cost of mobile data, among other things. But the LTE-Advanced networks that Sprint, AT&T and Clearwire will deploy in 2013 won’t be the 1 Gbps monstrosities that the standard calls for. Rather, they will be works in progress — iterative networks that will gradually grow faster and more efficient as operators get more spectrum and gain access to more-powerful technologies.

AT&T loads up on Android LTE devices at CES

AT&T used the first day of CES as a launch point for a bevy of devices for its LTE network. The new Android devices now number six, including Samsung’s wide-bodied stylus-driven Galaxy Note, an ultra-cheap Pantech tablet and a pair of HD video phones.

Clearwire green-lights LTE build by raising $734 million

One day after announcing the final details to its public offering, Clearwire has closed on the stock deal, raising $734 million in equity investment from new investors and principle shareholder Sprint. The next step? Build a big fat LTE network, of course.

Sprint raising debt, may fund ailing Clearwire

Sprint may be poised to rescue partner 4G wholesale partner Clearwire. The third-place U.S. carrier said it was planning to offer debt in the form of 7- and 10-year notes that it will use for general purposes, including potentially funding 4G provider Clearwire.

Sprint plans LTE-Advanced deployment for 2013

Sprint is moving ahead with its LTE 4G plans and said it expects to upgrade to LTE-Advanced in the first half of 2013. The third-place carrier will deploy LTE-Advanced Release 10 in a 10×10 configuration, achieving downloads speeds of 12-15 Mbps.

LTE handset shipments to hit 154M in 2015

With the fast expansion of LTE networks, we need devices to use them. And there will be plenty, according to In-Stat. The research firm is predicting that LTE handset shipments will eclipse 154 million units in 2015 with 290 million LTE subscriptions in place worldwide.

Clearwire reeling as Sprint forges its own LTE plans

4G provider Clearwire’s stock fell 32 percent to $1.39 Friday following an announcement by Sprint Friday that it was launching an LTE network without the help of Clearwire, throwing into doubt its role in Sprint’s 4G future. The news raises more concerns about Clearwire’s future.

Why Verizon just launched a $99 LTE phone

Verizon introduced a new Android smartphone on Monday: The Pantech Breakout runs on Verizon’s 4G network and appears in stores on Thursday for just $99 with contract. Now that the 4G network is on pace to cover 185 million, it’s time to expand the user base.

AT&T to launch its LTE network on Sept 18

After fits and starts, AT&T will launch its LTE wireless network in five cities on Sunday, according to CFO John Stephens speaking at a financial conference. The nation’s No. 2 carrier will launch LTE in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio, Chicago and Atlanta.

If the AT&T deal fails, what’s next for T-Mobile?

AT&T’s $39 billion bid isn’t over with the Department of Justice’s decision to file suit agains the merger. But it raises a lot of uncertainty around the deal and the possibility that it might not go through. Here are some thoughts on possible outcomes for T-Mobile.

Verizon’s got half the country covered with LTE

Verizon’s turning on its LTE network in 15 cities and expanding 4G coverage in 10 cities, bringing more than half the U.S. population under its next-generation wireless network on Thursday. Since its launch in December, Verizon’s LTE network now covers 160 million people in 117 cities.

LTE revolution faces spectrum fragmentation

The world is going LTE but the availability of spectrum in different countries and regions is fragmenting the 4G wireless standard internationally, according to research from Informa Telecoms & Media. That is posing a challenge for manufacturers looking at which bands to support in their devices.


The next-generation of broadband–Long Term Evolution (LTE)–is upon us with rollouts taking place far and wide. LTE promises to bring new applications…

LG Revolution, Verizon’s Next LTE Phone, Lands May 26

Verizon Wireless is adding another LTE handset to its smartphone lineup: The LG Revolution arrives in stores and becomes available online tomorrow, May 26 for $249 after contract. The capable device looks good on paper, but how will 4G affect battery life and monthly data use?

Will 4G Phones Change the Mobile Web Forever?

The first speedtests for Verizon’s new 4G phone, the HTC ThunderBolt, are in and the device is a mobile broadband screamer. Such speeds eliminate on of the key reasons the mobile web has moved to lighter pages. Could 4G spur a change back to website complexity?

LTE Will Grow. It Just Needs Hot Devices

New LTE networks coming online around the world offer speed galore, but without the right devices, they won’t offer those speeds to many. Much like we had to wait for devices to take advantage of 3G mobile networks, LTE will face the same adoption curve.

If Sprint Bails on WiMAX, What Happens to Clearwire?

A Sprint executive was quoted today saying that the nation’s No. 3 carrier is evaluating a switch to a Long Term Evolution network in the coming months, transitioning from WiMAX as its 4G wireless technology. But if Sprint dumps WiMAX, what happens to Clearwire?

Verizon to Offer 4G Voice Next Year

Verizon Wireless will support voice over LTE (VoLTE) calling next year and demonstrate the service on an Android 4G handset next week. The service will support simultaneous voice and data, but how can the carrier do this when the GSMA hasn’t yet created the VoLTE standard?

Infographic: Get Ready for LTE

The next generation of wireless network is coming, and it will be fast. We’ve been excited about LTE networks and their speed gains for years, and now it’s close. For more on the technology and how it will affect you, check out our handy infographic.

Verizon’s LTE Network Getting 10 Devices by June

Now that Verizon Wireless (s vz) has a speedy 4G network in 38 markets, what will consumers do with it? The company announced 10 new LTE devices — handsets, tablets, wireless hotspot devices, and notebooks — that will become available over the next six months.

AT&T Works To Catch Up on LTE and Abuses the Term 4G

AT&T laid out plans today for an accelerated race to LTE while bulking up its existing network to handle 4G speeds. The No. 2 wireless carrier said it will begin deploying LTE by mid-year and plans on having the network “largely complete” by 2013.

4G Phones May Be Better for Verizon Than for Consumers

It looks like multiple Verizon LTE handsets will be shown off at CES from the likes of Motorola and HTC. But, faster networks mean more network usage, so while the phones sound interesting, I’m wondering what it cost to use Verizon’s speedy network on a phone.

Will the FCC Approve Qualcomm’s Spectrum Sale to AT&T?

FLO TV, Qualcomm’s mobile video network is expected to be shut down in March 2011. The San Diego-based chip maker is selling the 700 MHz spectrum that propped up the nationwide mobile video network to AT&T for $1.925 billion, a move that help AT&T’s 4G efforts.

Get Ready, Here Come the LTE Phones

Although LTE networks are appearing around the world, the U.S. will push LTE faster than most others, says HTC CEO Peter Chou. His company plans to bring LTE phones to the U.S. soon because of the perfect storm brewing with smartphones and fast wireless networks.

Verizon, Please Don’t Over-Promise on LTE

Watching Sunday Night Football last night, I was as surprised as anyone to see the Verizon Wireless ‘teaser’ ads for the December launch of its initial LTE markets. But Verizon seems to be making the mistake of promising more than it can deliver — again.

Will the Real 4G Please Stand Up?

The tech world loves numbers, feature-driven marketing, and pedantic arguments over … well, technicalities, which is why the wireless debate du jour is over 4G. As operators roll out faster networks, every press release is touting 4G, but they are all pretenders to the 4G throne.

Buying Mobile Broadband? Don’t! (Until You Read This)

Had someone asked me just six months ago about what data plan to buy, my answer would have been very different than it is today. Here’s what you need to know about new and improved networks coming, more prepaid options and tethering plans, before you buy.

WiMAX Arriving in San Fran, L.A. and N.Y.C. By Year End

Just in time to compete with Verizon’s LTE rollout, Clearwire has announced WiMAX in three major cities before end of 2010. New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco, areas where smartphones are stressing 3G data networks, will all gain access to the operators 4G network.

Verizon CEO Crushes Hopes of 1.4M AT&T Subscribers

Despite supplier rumors that seemed to indicate a Verizon iPhone coming early next year, recent comments by Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg suggest otherwise. Seidenberg said that Apple’s device won’t appear on his company’s network until it’s ready for the LTE network Verizon is so fervent about.

Here’s What Future Verizon Data Plans Could Look Like

Verizon Wireless is forging ahead with plans to change how it prices mobile broadband data, but isn’t yet sharing the details. Unless there are any surprises, however, there are only a few options or combinations of such options that the carrier will likely offer for LTE.

Mapping LTE’s Assault on Global 4G Domination

The number of carrier commitments for LTE has jumped 71 percent in the last six months and the world map for potential LTE service is quickly getting full. WiMAX may be used in some areas around the world, but LTE looks to be the global future.

Intel Buys Infineon’s Wireless Biz. Is It About LTE?

Intel is buying Infineon’s wireless chip business for roughly $1.4 billion in cash. The new business will allow Intel to compete in the smartphone markets. But with WiMAX rollout not working out as planned, the deal is Intel’s plan B as LTE gains momentum.

Sprint Going LTE Makes Sense, But Not a T-Mobile Merger

Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse, says that LTE is definitely not out of the question in the future. Indeed, both Sprint and Clearwire have hedged bets with WiMAX, which could speed up an LTE transition. But Hesse’s comments about a T-Mobile merger make little sense just yet.

Verizon to Launch LTE Nov. 15?

Reports of a Nov. 15 Verizon LTE launch are hitting the airwaves today. The timing sounds right based on our prior conversations with Verizon CTO Dick Lynch. Verizon subsequently reconfirmed its 2010 LTE launch plans and told us what kinds of LTE devices we should expect.

The Big Shift: Moving to LTE From WiMAX

If WiMAX is a fad — a short-term bridge on the path to LTE as the global fourth-generation wireless standard — how will operators move from one network technology to another? Russia’s Yota, a WiMAX provider moving to LTE and interviews provide some clues.

It's a Long Way to Widespread LTE

It will take almost 10 years for the sale of LTE devices to overtake 3G devices according to Keith Mallinson, founder of research firm WiseHarbor. He estimates the tipping point between LTE and 3G will occur in 2019, which is normal for network technology adoption curves.

America’s Amazing Rise to 3G Dominance

Nearly 70 percent of U.S. cell phone subscribers are on a 3G network, according to data released by Wireless Intelligence today. America’s 3G adoption ties closely to our innovation and the economic growth around mobile computing, so imagine what happens when 4G services are rolled out.

Bummer –Today I Got an LTE Reality Check

Few people are as excited as I am about the coming Long Term Evolution wireless networks, but I experienced a little bit of of a reality check thanks to Qualcomm’s VP of Technology Jou Yu-chuen who said he didn’t see LTE as being widespread until 2014.

Clearwire May Dump WiMAX

Clearwire has changed an agreement it had with Intel, one of its largest investors, that could lead the way for Clearwire to dump WiMAX and switch to LTE. Clearwire didn’t say it planned to switch technologies, but it now has the freedom to do so.

AT&T Asks FCC to Change Its Mind Over Harbinger

AT&T today filed a petition with the FCC asking it to reconsider conditions associated with an order allowing Harbinger Capital Partners to take over a satellite company and its spectrum assets. The move is AT&T’s attempt to fight the construction of a competing 4G wireless network.

Mobile Broadband: You're Gonna Pay for the Convenience

People treat their mobile broadband connections like they treat their wireline connections — downloading as much data and expecting the same performance. Sandvine today released data showing exactly how much people use mobile broadband, and concluded that such use isn’t sustainable or profitable for carriers.

Clearwire's Big Bet on Our Broadband Addiction

Mike Sievert, chief commercial officer at Clearwire, said the company’s mobile users (those on laptops and dongles outside the home) consume more than an average of 7GB per month of data. Slaking that thirst for mobile data, and doing it cheaply, is essential for Clearwire’s strategy.

Why Is Sprint Rushing a WiMAX Phone to Market?

Sprint will reportedly bring a WiMAX handset to market in the first half of this year, several months earlier than had been expected. But given its small WiMAX footprint and the technical issues that must be overcome, what’s the rush?

Alcatel-Lucent Sets an LTE Record, Verizon Says U.S. Plans on Track

Alcatel-Lucent has achieved 80Mbps downstream peak speeds on China Mobile’s TD-LTE (time division duplex) trial network, it said today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. And Verizon said its U.S. 4G plans remain on track — more evidence that radically faster broadband is imminent.

Verizon: Talk Is Cheap, Data Is Mandatory for Most

Verizon today unveiled new pricing plans that reduce the cost of voice while keeping one’s overall bill about the same by making data plans mandatory on many popular phones. It also plans to reduce the number of phones it carries, to 50 from a current 80-plus.

4G in the U.S.: Tale of the Tape

WiMAX is beginning to get legs on a worldwide basis, with services now being offered in major U.S. markets like Chicago, Dallas and Seattle. But with Verizon Wireless planning to bring LTE to more than a dozen markets in 2010, what will next year look like?

AT&T Moves Up Its LTE Rollout, Admits To Network Issues

Nothing quite works like the threat of the possibility of losing a money-making asset. With rumors that Apple is flirting with Verizon over a future partnership, AT&T has abruptly changed its future wireless broadband plans to include a sudden acceleration of its LTE deployment.

T-Mobile Tests LTE At Highway Speeds

In the race to get to market, WiMax is clearly ahead, but the LTE camp seems to be working fast to catch up. Rumors emerged today that Sprin…

AT&T's 700 MHz Strategy: LTE

The open access restrictions mandated by the Federal Communications Commission on portions of the recently auctioned 700 MHz spectrum were among the…