Say hello to the Skype mafia

Like PayPal before it, Skype has become a breeding ground for a generation of investors and entrepreneurs in Europe – and elsewhere – who are now starting to exert their influence on the web.

Lovefilm heads off Netflix again with Universal deal

Amazon’s European subsidiary now has exclusive second pay-TV window rights locked up for three of Hollywood’s six major studios, leaving precious little premium content left over for rival Netflix to acquire when it expands into Western Europe later this year.

Do Euro startups invading America face their Waterloo?

European startups have a long history of trying to break the American market — a move that works for some but not all. Now the CEO of print-on-demand website Photobox says that Europe’s entrepreneurs should learn from history if they want to build strong companies.

After Missing Its Shot at Netflix, Amazon Buys Lovefilm

Amazon had long been rumored to want to buy Netflix. Instead, it bought the next best thing: Lovefilm. Regarded as the European version of Netflix, Lovefilm operates a DVD-by-mail and subscription streaming business. But will Amazon go head-to-head with Netflix in the U.S.?

Vid-Biz: Lovefilm, MTV Music Meter, Sling on iPhone

Today on the Net: Lovefilm has extended its video streaming service into Germany, MTV introduces its social media Music Meter offering to track social influence of stars and their music videos and Sling released a new version of its iPhone app with improved video quality.

Will Lovefilm Get The Love?

Lovefilm, the UK online DVD rental service which recently announced buying’s (NSDQ: AMZN) competing UK service, is of course bull…