Don’t Check-In for Offers, Just Wait for Them to Find You

The next step for location-based service is discount offers that find you where you are, something we’re starting to see more and more. The latest example is a new partnership between Groupon and Loopt, which will bring Groupon Now limited time offer alerts to Loopt users.

Loopt Crosses a Line in the Sand for Location and Privacy

Loopt is incorporating background location updates its latest version, allowing you to alert a select group of friends about your location without having to open the app. Loopt 4.0 gives a glimpse at how other major location companies may incorporate background location sharing into their apps.

Boom Is Back And Has Checked In At Loopt

Steve Boom is best known for his 10-year stint at Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO), where he was repsonsible for the company’s mobile products, and while…

Tech Firms Unite to Demand Location and Cloud Services Privacy Reform

Google, Microsoft, AT&T, Salesforce.com, AOL, Intel, Loopt are asking for updates to federal electronic privacy laws to address new forms of surveillance and data collecting. Coalition members would like to defend themselves and their users from forced sharing of data contributed through email and location-tracking services.

Loopt Deal Means Lower Costs for Location Data

Today Loopt and Qualcomm announced a deal that allows Loopt the ability to grab location data for a monthly fee, rather than each time someone checks their locale–making it cheaper to figure out exactly where a mobile device is at any time.