Yahoo, AOL vet Garlinghouse named CEO of YouSendIt

Brad Garlinghouse, who once headed up AOL’s Silicon Valley operations, is now CEO of YouSendIt, a provider of file sharing, sync, storage and collaboration software for businesses. Garlinghouse replaces Ivan Koon who is leaving the company after six years.

Box on the road to an IPO

Box, the cloud storage company that would like to be the “Dropbox of the Enterprise” appears headed for an IPO next year.
The company just added Dana Evans, former CFO of Verisign, to its board and named her head of its audit committee.

LogMeIn throws its hat into cloud storage ring

And the latest entry into the cloud storage sweepstakes is … LogMeIn, the company that built its business with its easy-to-use remote access service. The company hopes to woo both consumers and businesses with a beta of its Cubby service, said LogMeIn CEO Michael Simon.

Android This Week: Leveling Off; Fring Calling; LogMeIn

The growth of Android in the smartphone space has been phenomenal, but recent ad statistics show it may be leveling off. VoIP calling is hot on Android, however, with fring posting solid performance. LogMeIn Ignition is coming to the tablet, and we have an advance look.

Video: LogMeIn for iPad — Touch Enable any Computer

LogMeIn was recently updated for the iPad with a significant improvement to the touch interface. This video shows the touch operation of both a remote Windows 7 and a MacBook using an iPad with LogMeIn, even though those systems were not designed for such operation.

Mobile Tech Manor #101: Android Getting Better

Mobile Tech Manor is my home office where all sorts of gadgetry is always arriving. In this column I look back at the week in the Manor and recount the happenings and lessons learned. I love sharing my weeks with you, so welcome to the Manor.

Review: LogMeIn Ignition for Android

The Android version of LogMeIn Ignition has only been available for a short time and I have been giving it a spin to see how it compares to the iPhone version. This review makes it clear that Android is a good platform for those needing LogMeIn.


Why the iPad is Right for the Enterprise

The iPad may be one of the biggest consumer electronics this year, but as deafening as the hype is, there are some perceived shortcomings in its design — including a lack of multitasking, no Flash support and the absence of a “real” OS under the hood. But these “shortcomings” are the traits that make the Apple’s tablet perfect for the enterprise.

LogMeIn Ignition — Free Upgrade for the iPad

I have stated that LogMeIn Ignition can be the killer app for the iPad. The ability to remotely access and use any Mac or Windows PC from the iPad will be simply awesome. The iPad version of LogMeIn Ignition will be available on Saturday.

Top 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of LogMeIn

I am getting asked questions about LogMeIn since my recent writings about the utility that provides remote control functions to any Mac or Windows PC. Here I dive deeper into using the service, and my top 5 ways to do so are the result.

LogMeIn Revisited — Multiple Computer Nirvana

Being a mobile worker, and one who is prone to use a number of different computers, it is common to realize I need some files currently residing on another computer back on the office. LogMeIn Pro lets me reach out and grab them with ease.

LogMeIn Coming to Android. Will it Help Sell Tablets?

LogMeIn Ignition is coming to Android and will provide remote access to a full desktop computer. With many tablets forthcoming, a remote desktop solution could actually help these devices gain some traction. Why carry a full OS in your pocket when you can access it remotely?

Next Hot Tech IPO: LogMeIn

Updated: The almost moribund market for technology initial public offerings might make a comeback if Woburn, Mass.-based software maker LogMeIn has a…