Will Amazon announce an Apple TV competitor this week?

Amazon has been quietly hiring a number of experienced connected TV developers, including some that worked on Logitech’s failed Google TV efforts. Could that mean that the company will announce a streaming media device during its press event in Los Angeles this week?

Logitech uses the sun to power new iPad keyboard case

You won’t be replacing batteries on Logitech’s newest iPad keyboard case. As its name implies, the $129.99 Solar Keyboard Folio uses light — either indoors or out — to maintain its battery life, which is two years on a single charge, claims Logitech.

Scoop: Less than 1M Google TV devices in use

How many Google TV devices are actually being used by consumers? Google and its partners have never released any sales figures, but publicly available Android Market data offers some interesting insights. Market data also suggests that price may be key to Google TV’s future success.

Logitech’s Google TV failure: Too much, too soon

A lot of times, companies fail by not embracing new technologies quickly enough, but Logitech’s Google TV debacle might be just the opposite: The company bet aggressively on technology that consumers weren’t quite ready for. That mistake in timing cost Logitech upwards of $100 million.

Not just mobile: Adobe is abandoning Flash on TVs as well

The TV app market is incredibly fragmented, but Adobe’s Flash won’t provide a solution. The company confirmed that like mobile, it will no longer focus on porting the Flash plugin into web browsers on CE devices, but thinks developers should build native apps instead.

Google TV relaunches with Android Market (video)

Google TV is getting a big revamp with a new version launching this weekend that will include access to the Android Market as well as various UI improvements. But for Google, this is just the beginning of a marathon with a clear route mapped out.

Exclusive: Viewsonic pulls the plug on Boxee TV

Viewsonic won’t be selling the Boxee-powered smart TV it showed off at CES earlier this year: The company has told us that consumer interest is too low and hardware costs are too high. This is bad news for Boxee, but also the industry as a whole.

Blurred Vision: What went wrong with Logitech

Logitech, a well known computer peripherals company made a strategic blunder by betting on Google TV software and in the end paid a hefty price. A terrible financial performance promoted industry observer Michael Mace to breakdown why Google TV-related turned into a minefield for Logitech.

Google TV price slashed to $99 as Logitech stumbles

More bad news for Google TV: Device maker Logitech got more units sent back from consumers during the most recent quarter than it actually sold. It now wants to get rid of its massive inventory with a big price cut to $99, down from $249 originally.

Will Google TV 2.0 embrace cord cutting?

Google TV development boxes sent out to a limited number of Android developers spot an interesting feature: an antenna input. This would enable Google TV users to access free OTA HD programming. Does that mean that Google TV’s next iteration will embrace cord cutting?

Logitech Makes a Measly $5M From Google TV

Logitech’s Google TV sales tanked in the first three months of this year: The company missed its previous forecast on Google TV sales by more than 70 percent. Logitech now hopes that the next generation of the Google TV platform will turn things around.

Sony Prices Google TV to Sell; Will People Buy?

Sony unveiled a new family of Google TV-powered TVs and a Blu-ray player, pricing the hardware with an eye toward selling consumers on the benefits of marrying the full Internet with TV. The announcement came one week after Logitech announced its Google TV-powered Revue set-top box.

Google TV Is Pricing Itself Out of the Market

We’ve known for a while that Google TV products would carry a premium over other comparable TV solutions on the market. But it’s becoming very clear that Google TV will have a tough time finding adoption in an increasingly cost-conscious consumer market.

Get Ready to Video Chat From Your Couch

With new products from Cisco and Logitech announced just hours apart from each other, the market for consumer video chat is heating up as multiple providers are looking to provide video communications in the living room. They join Skype in the battle for video chat supremacy.

Will Logitech’s Google TV Device Be a Loss Leader?

Logitech CEO Jerry Quindlen thinks that Google TV will be hugely profitable for his company – he just doesn’t expect much of that money to come from Logitech’s Revue set-top box. In fact, Logitech plans to invest all its initial Google TV profits back into marketing.

Required Specs Could Make Google TV Too Pricey

Consumer electronics manufacturers, take note: If you want to roll out Google TV on the next version of your connected TV or Blu-ray player, you’re going to need some serious horsepower just to get up and running. Will Google’s hardware specs lead to a sticker shock?

What Would You Want From a Google Set-Top Box?

Google has partnered with Sony, Intel and Logitech to develop a yet-unannounced product called Google TV. It will be based on Android and could be a dedicated set-top box or a software platform that could be deployed on Internet-connected TVs and similar devices.