Losses are mounting for LivingSocial

LivingSocial, the other social commerce company is not yet public, but its results are, thanks to the investment it received from Amazon. In its 10-Q, Amazon revealed that during the for the second quarter of 2012, LivingSocial lost $93 million on sales of $138 million.

SCVNGR Founder Burns His Ships and Takes on Groupon

Alexander the Great set his own warships ablaze just to send the message there was no turning back. Two thousand years later, SCVNGR founder Seth Priebatsch doesn’t want to take over the world — he just wants to “build game layers” on top of it.

Why Google Still Needs to Buy a Groupon Clone

So Google is launching Groupon-style discount program for small businesses known as Google Offers. But does Google have what it takes to build up that kind of service on its own? Probably not. Which is why the company should still think about buying a Groupon clone.

LivingSocial’s Biggest Deals Before Today

How much of a break-out hit is LivingSocial’s daily deal of $10 for a $20 gift certificate? In 2010, LivingSocial’s most popular…

LivingSocial Deal Shows the Power of Amazon Partnership

Groupon may be getting all the headlines lately, but competitor LivingSocial launched a gift-card promotion with Amazon today that shows the kind of marketing power the group-buying company now has at its disposal, as a result of the recent $175-million investment from the online retailing giant.

Why Google Should Buy a Groupon Clone

After being rebuffed by Groupon, Google is reportedly looking at acquiring another player in the group-buying space — and there are good reasons why it should do so. A marriage of local advertising and social shopping could fill a big hole in the web giant’s portfolio.

EBay Snaps Up brands4friends For $200 Million

EBay is on the acquisition trail as it looks for growth in new markets: today the auction giant announced that it would buy brands4friends,…

Amazon Invests $175 Million In LivingSocial

Moving to counter Google (NSDQ: GOOG), which is widely expected to soon announce a deal to purchase Groupon, (NSDQ: AMZN) has jus…

Tippr Launches White Label Group-Buying Platform

How do you compete with an 800-pound gorilla like Groupon? If you’re Tippr, you don’t. Instead, you arm websites with the weapons to do that themselves. The Seattle-based startup today launched a white-label platform that gives companies the tools to run their own group-buying campaigns.

LivingSocial and the Future of Local Group-Buying

Don Rainey of Grotech Ventures, one of the financial backers behind the number two group-buying player LivingSocial, says he sees a future in which consumers looking for a night out can bid on offers of discounts from local merchants in a real-time, stock exchange-style marketplace.

After Groupon's Big Round, LivingSocial Nabs More Cash, Too

Turns out collective buying isn’t the only path down which LivingSocial is following local coupon hotshot Groupon. Less than two weeks after Groupon closed a $135 million Series C round, LivingSocial has raised a $14 million Series C round led by new investor Lightspeed Venture Partners.

HomeRun: Like Groupon, But Ridiculously Social

One Groupon competitor I’ve found, San Francisco-based HomeRun, has innovated in useful ways around the social motivations that entice people to purchase coupons. The company has added at least four major social features that encourage impulse buying and engagement.

LivingSocial Gets $25M for Group Buying

We know there are lot of entrants in the group deals space — see my recent piece Groupon and the Wannabes — but now the competitors are seriously bulking up. LivingSocial is today announcing it’s raised a $25 million Series B round.

Groupon and the Wannabes

Once you grok the collective buying power idea, the term Groupon starts to seem almost generic. By now, if you live in a major U.S. metropolitan area you can get 5-10 Groupon-type email newsletters a day.

LivingSocial Creator Takes New $5M Round

Hungry Machine Inc., the application developer behind, the social cataloging service, has raised $5 million in a new round, bringing its total funding to $10 million. Existing investors Steve and Jean Case and Grotech Capital Group contributed to the round alongside company CEO Tim O’Shaughnessy.