Live streaming

Where to watch the Democratic National Convention live online

This week’s Democratic National Convention will be live streamed by a number of broadcasters, print publishers and political websites. There will be live fact checking, live video for iPads, a live hat cam and even a live Kumar cameo. Check out the details in our ultimate guide.

20 percent of Ustream’s views come from mobile devices has been cashing in on its premium broadcasting services, which allow customers to stream live video without ads: The live streaming site announced Wednesday that revenue from this line of products grew 290 percent year-over-year. And increasingly, those streams are viewed on mobile devices.

Where to watch the 94th PGA Championship live online

Golf fans are looking to South Carolina this week, where the p94th PGA Championship is about to begin at the Ocean Course in Kiawah Island. Want to watch live as Tiger Woods takes the field? Then check out our guide to live streams of the event.

Streaming the Olympics: How YouTube and NBC do it

YouTube is in charge of the streaming for NBC’s ambitious online coverage of the 2012 London Olympics, delivering some 3,500 hours of live coverage from the event on the web and through native apps. Here’s an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at this cooperation.

Where to watch the British Open live online

Want to watch the world’s best golf players compete against each other at the Open Championship, but don’t have a TV nearby? No worries, much of the tournament is live streamed online, viewable either on your PC or mobile device – with no cable subscription required.

Can’t make it to Comic-Con? Internet to the rescue

Many people ask why Comic-Con has held out on live-streaming the panels and events which make up the convention’s core — a paid live-stream offering would likely have no trouble finding an audience. But for now, live-streaming is unnecessary: The fans are doing it for them.

NBC’s Olympics authentication gives you a break

Adobe introduced the two Olympics mobile apps it made for NBC this week, explaining among other things how authentication for live video streams will work. Viewers will have to prove that they’re subscribers of a pay TV service, but there will be a short grace period.

Where to watch the 2012 U.S. Open live online

Golf fans beware: The U.S. Open are going down in San Francisco this week, and at least part of the competition will happen while most of us are at the office. But no worries: The prestigious tournament will be live streamed online and on mobile devices.

DDOS attack: Ustream down, Bambuser under heavy load

Ustream has been unavailable this morning, and Bambuser is seeing huge amounts of unusual traffic due to a distributed denial-of-service attack against both sides. Ustream says the attack was directed against Russian opposition live streamers. Other live streaming services remain unaffected.

YouTube adds pay-per-view to live streaming

Pay-per-view is coming to YouTube: The site announced that publishers with access to its live streaming platform will now be able to charge for live events. YouTube also said that it will eventually give more publishers access to live streaming.

AP turns to citizen reporters for live video news

Bambuser users may soon have a much bigger audience: The Swedish live streaming startup has partnered with Associated Press. The news organization will be able to add footage from citizen reporters all around the world its own work, and credit them properly.

Where to watch March Madness 2012 live online

March Madness is a go! Once again, games will be streamed online, but this time around, you will have to pay $3.99 to watch – unless you are a Comcast cable TV customer, in which case live streaming is still free. Confused? Check our explanation for details.

With Starz exiting, Netflix loses access to live TV

As of Wednesday, Netflix subscribers don’t have access to the Starz Play live TV feed anymore, effectively ending what could have become Netflix’s live TV streaming business. Never heard of the ability to watch live TV through the Netflix website? You’re not alone.

Bram Cohen: My goal is to kill off television

BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen demonstrated his P2P live sreaming protocol at the SF MusicTech Summit on Monday, arguing that it would be much better suited to stream large sports events that existing CDN-based solutions. “My goal here is to kill off television,” he joked.

TwitchTV hits 12m uniques and 1000 partners in November

The latest update from live streamed gaming site TwitchTV is in, and it shows pretty impressive growth. In six months since launch, TwitchTV has grown to more than 12 million uniques per month, with visits increasing about 15 percent each month.

Live streaming the Super Bowl of eSports

The eSports market might finally have reached its tipping point, thanks to broadband connectivity and the ability to live stream tournaments online. And its Super Bowl moment might happen this weekend, as Major League Gaming live streams the final tournament of its pro season.

Bambuser exec streams live from New York, for 24 hours

Remember Justin Kan, the founder who broadcasted much of his life online to kickstart his company? Hans Eriksson from Swedish competitor Bambuser tries to bring back some of that early live streaming spirit with a 24-hour live tour of New York this week.

BitTorrent starts streaming DJ sets to test live P2P

BitTorrent Inc. is starting to stream a live DJ set out of its office every Friday afternoon to stress-test its new live streaming platform. BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen and his team have been developing the live streaming platform for close to three years.

DaCast’s new SaaS business model: Streaming-as-a-service

DaCast is looking to make live streaming easier with a new offering it calls “streaming as a service.” With a flexible pricing model and easy set up, it hopes to find a sweet spot between enterprise platforms like Brightcove and free live streaming services like Ustream.

Where to watch Occupy Wall Street live online

Occupy Wall Street has grown from a hash tag to a movement with protests in dozens of cities in the U.S. and beyond. Want to keep track of what’s ging on in New York’s financial district? The check out this list of live streams.

Sneak peak: BitTorrent expands live streaming tests

BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen and his company are moving forward with its P2P live streaming project, expanding field trials and courting indie bands to stress test Cohen’s algorithms. However, it could still take months before BitTorrent Live is ready for prime time.

New Bambuser apps optimize mobile live streaming

Swedish live streaming startup Bambuser knows that mobile networks can be unreliable for high-quality broadcasts – but it also realizes that people don’t want to watch a fuzzy video of an archived stream. That’s why it came with a unique technology for its live streaming apps.

Google adds Hangouts live streaming & Hangouts mobile

Google is bolstering the feature set of its popular Google+ Hangouts video chat service by adding the ability to broadcast Hangouts sessions to an unlimited number of participants. Hangouts users can also now chat with their mobile devices, share their screens and access other Google services.

What’s next for Ustream? Q&A with founder Brad Hunstable

We got a chance to talk with Ustream president and co-founder Brad Hunstable in the company’s San Francisco office last week to discuss the company’s evolution and opportunities for future growth, as well as how it sees growing competition from some big-name players.

Where to watch the 2011 PGA Championship live online

Tiger Woods is back! Well, back at the Atlanta Golf Club anyway, where he’ll participate in this week’s 93rd PGA Championship. The tournament will be broadcast live online with multiple streams, a 360-degree-camera and a nifty feature that will allow fans to share clips on Facebook.

YouTube embraces Google+ Hangouts for live streaming

Google+ Hangouts users can now watch live streams from YouTube together, and YouTube wants to improve this integration in the near future by featuring live streams both within Hangouts and on its own website. This could add an interesting real-time social component to live webcasts.

Video gamers: TwitchTV wants you to quit your day job

TwitchTV just made playing video games a whole lot more lucrative: The site opened up its partner program, offering qualifying gamers the chance to run ads on and make money with live streams of their games. Some participants of the beta already quit their day jobs.

TWiT starts broadcasting at new studio

Leo Laporte and his TWiT team made the move to their new studio on Sunday, taking the next big step toward turning the podcast network into a 24/7 live technology network. The launch came with a lot of behind-the-scenes info about what makes TWiT run.

YouTube launches paid live streaming with

YouTube is making its first foray into subscriptions for live streaming content with a cooperation with, bringing live coverage of the India tour of England to’s YouTube channel. This follows a first live pay-per-view event on YouTube, which aired at the end of May.

Hangouts can turn broadcasts into a two-way medium

Indie singer Daria Musk explored the boundaries of Goole+ Hangouts this weekend when she played a six-hour live concert on Google’s new video group chat service. Musk’s concert and her experiences with Google+ hint at some big opportunities for the future of live streaming.

Where to watch Carmageddon live online

Los Angeles will close down its 405 freeway this weekend, and the fact that the event is officially called Carmageddon hints at how much traffic the city is expecting. The best plan is likely to just stay home and watch the traffic live online.

Where to watch the 2011 Home Run Derby online

The 2011 MLB Home Run Derby begins at 8:00 p.m. EDT/5:00 p.m. PDT this evening, and will be available on ESPN, ESPN3, Facebook, and a variety of mobile apps. MLB players will also be live tweeting during the contest, adding a social element to the Derby.

Video gamers: the secret stars of live streaming

Forget live music: One of the hottest trends in live streaming is competitive gaming, also known as e-sports. Gaming competitions attract hundreds of thousands of simultaneous viewers, and the events are streamed online by a number of sites that specifically cater to gamers and their fans.

NRK uses live stream, BitTorrent for fjord cruise show

The midnight sun, harbors, beautiful fjords, and water, lots of water: That’s what millions Norwegians have been watching since the local broadcaster NRK started its 135 live stream of a fjord cruise last week. NRK is also using BitTorrent and live streaming for the show.

Where to watch Bonnaroo live online

Want to enjoy all the fun of the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival but not suffer through any of the downsides? Then you’re in luck: All major acts of the festival can be watched though a live stream from the comfort of your living room.

Ustream Introduces Premium Memberships for Ad-Free Viewing

Live streaming provider Ustream is adding another possible revenue stream with the introduction of new Premium Memberships. For $3.99 a month, Ustream viewers will now get unlimited access to any live stream on the site without having to watch pre-roll ads before the video loads.

Where to Watch the Royal Wedding Online

The world is looking to London for the royal wedding this Friday, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to follow the entire event live online as well. Practically every news network and many other sites are streaming their take on the wedding in real time.

Where to Watch Obama’s Town Hall Meeting Live Online

President Obama is coming to Facebook HQ tomorrow to answer questions about the economy and the budget in a special online town hall meeting. The event will also feature Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Obama may have to deal with questions about marijuana and gambling.

Want to Live Stream Over Facebook? DaCast Shows You How

Want to do a live stream and share it right on your Facebook wall? Then check out DaCast, which just added such a feature to its live streaming platform. DaCast caters to casual end users, but the service could also be used to stream live events.

Web App Brings YouTube Live to the iPad

Want to watch the Coachella festival’s live stream on the iPad? Then you’re out of luck, at least if you access it via YouTube’s live streaming platform, which doesn’t support iOS. However, a new web app makes all those live streams available to iPads as well.

Where to Watch Coachella Live Online

Want to watch Duran Duran, The Strokes or The National at Coachella, but didn’t get a ticket in time? Don’t worry, you don’t have pay thousands of dollars to shady ticket resellers on Craigslist: The festival will be live streamed for free on Youtube as well.

Apple’s AirPlay Seed Begins to Take Root

Last year, Apple introduced a sleeper agent that, while better than its predecessor, still wasn’t fully active. That agent was the Apple TV, and it wasn’t until the recent release of iOS 4.3 and the expanded availability of AirPlay that its true potential became apparent.

Will Apple Build Cloud-Based TV?

Apple could be ready to upend the living room market in a truly revolutionary way. Analyst Peter Misek thinks Apple is just about ready to launch a new cloud-based video streaming service that could go well beyond what Apple TV already offers.

YouTube Gets Into the Live Streaming Game

After months of testing, YouTube is rolling out a new live streaming platform for its partners. With the launch of the new service, YouTube will finally be going up against Ustream, and Livestream, seeking to become the king of live events on the web.

Time Warner Cable Now Streaming Live TV on the iPad

Time Warner Cable is the latest pay TV provider to roll out an iPad app — and this one streams live TV. Unfortunately, the channel selection is somewhat limited, and if you’re a subscriber, you’re only allowed to stream live TV from inside your own house.

Where To Watch Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never Premiere

Do you have the Bieber-mania? It’s not surprising, thanks to Justin Bieber’s recent media blitz to promote the release of his very own concert film/biopic. And if you simply cannot wait until Never Say Never comes out this Friday, tonight’s live-streamed premiere might help.

BitTorrent Betting Big on Device Integration, Live Streams

BitTorrent is making a big push to get its filesharing client embedded on multiple platforms, partnering with Taiwan’s ITRI to develop standards for sharing streams between connected devices. It’s also finally productizing a new P2P-based live streaming technology founder Bram Cohen has been working on.

90% Of’s Mobile Streams Watched On Demand has seen a bump in usage since releasing mobile apps for broadcasting live streams from iPhone and Android devices. But surprisingly enough, not all those views happen in real-time; in fact, the vast majority of its “live” mobile streams are watched on demand.

Streamin’ Garage Launching HD Live Stream

The Streamin’ Garage, an independent network of live-streamed pop culture commentary, is upgrading its operation to HD streaming video effective tomorrow. But the real excitement may come in 2011, as CEO Mike Rotman pushes closer to blurring the lines between web content and television.

Watch Out, Ustream & Co: YouTube Starts Live Streaming

Live streaming has finally reached YouTube, if only for a test: The Google-owned, video-sharing site is going to enable four of its partners to stream live shows. YouTube is only testing these live streams for two days, but the site clearly has bigger plans.

1.4B Minutes of Live Online Video Watched in July

While on-demand services like YouTube and Hulu get all the press, live-streaming services have posted dramatic increases in viewer engagement over the last year. Time spent watching live online video increased nearly 650 percent in that time, to 1.4 billion minutes a month. Going Mobile With Live Streaming on Android is going back to its roots with a new mobile app that will allow users to stream live video from wherever they are. The new Android app enables users to easily create and share high-quality live video streams with their friends and social networks.

Emmys 2010 Review: The Two-Screen Experience

With social media shown to improve ratings for awards shows and tech-savvy Jimmy Fallon hosting, it’s little surprise that last night’s Emmy Awards had enough going on to warrant two-screen viewing. But did seven different live-streamed angles on the backstage action improve the show?

Emmys 2010 Online: Your Tweets Read By Jimmy Fallon Live

Are you surprised to learn that this year’s Emmy Awards aren’t going to be live-streamed online anywhere? Of course not. But the social media surrounding the ceremony is growing denser: Twitter and live-streaming initiatives are in the process of gearing up for Sunday’s ceremony.

Facebook Launches Live Video Channel

Facebook is expanding its video capabilities and creating a new live video channel to connect with its users. Beginning today, the social media startup plans to use Facebook Live to keep users informed about new product features, giving them a deeper look into the social network.

Arcade Fire Live On YouTube Tonight

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the first entry in Vevo’s live concert series, then your waiting stops very soon. At 10 PM ET/7PM PT tonight, the Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire will kick off the “Unstaged” live music series.

Where To Watch Shark Week 2010 Online

The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has been a tradition of the cable broadcaster, first running a week of specials devoted to selachimorpha in 1987. On August 1, seven glorious days of shark-related programming begins — but what are your online viewing options?

Barclays New York Challenge a Coming-Out Party for Veetle

Palo Alto-based live streaming start-up Veetle will broadcast all four soccer matches of the Barclays New York Challenge for free in HD – and it promises content owners that they can do the same, without paying a dime. Veetle’s money saving secret is its P2P technlogy.

Sunlight Foundation Wins Award for Contextualizing Live Streams

Live streams of legislative proceedings and other political events aren’t exactly sexy, but the Sunlight Foundation aims to make them at least more accessible by adding information about speakers and their donors in real time. The project won a $10,000 journalism award for these efforts today.

World Cup Woes: Malware Tries to Trick Video Viewers

Looking for a live stream of the World Cup? Then don’t fall for one of countless scam sites that promise goals, but deliver malware. Kaspersky Lab told us of sites distribute password-stealing trojans, and live-streaming companies try to rid themselves of these types of scammers.

E3 Live-Streaming Breaks Records for Viacom, G4

While the physical doors of this month’s Electronic Entertainment Expo were only open to professionals from the video gaming world, E3 video coverage by YouTube, Viacom and successfully brought the biggest announcements and demos to online audiences, with hundreds of thousands of gaming fans tuning in.

Where to Watch E3 2010 Online

Are you a hardcore gamer that wasn’t able to make it out to Los Angeles for this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo? Well have no fear, because IGN has teamed up with YouTube to stream live coverage of all the major happenings at the show.

Where To Watch Bonnaroo 2010 Online

Much like this year’s Coachella, the 2010 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival will be live-streamed. But this time, it’s YouTube doing the honors, and the line-up of performances available is much improved, including Jay-Z, Dave Matthews Band, Norah Jones and Tenacious D.

YouTube Could Get Into the Live Streaming Game

Watch out Livestream, Ustream, and YouTube could launch live streaming. Doing so would enable YouTube users (or some trusted partners) to create live events on their own, one of the more sought-after feature requests for the online video sharing site.

Live Matrix: The One-Stop Calendar for All the Web’s Events

Live Matrix, founded by Sanjay Reddy and Nova Spivack, aims to index all the web’s events, including not just live video and audio webcasts, but also gaming events, auctions, events taking place in virtual worlds, tournaments, contests and product and content launches on other websites.

Ustream Launches Pro Live Streaming Division

Ever wondered how live streaming companies can possibly make any money? Well, how about this for a clue: Ustream announced its new Global Production Services division today, offering offers professional streaming services for concerts, conferences and other events. Live streaming a gig costs $20,000 a night.

BitTorrent Aims for the Live Video Web

Watch out, and Ustream: BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen is working on a new P2P protocol, and it’s all about live streaming. BitTorrent Inc. announced the new protocol for the first time this week, and it could release a first implementation as early as this summer.

Ustream Goes White-Label

How to make money from live streaming? It could be as simple as selling it. Ustream today is announcing a white-label version…

Next Up for Qik: BlackBerry

The live video-streaming boxing match enters a new round today with Qik counter-punching an alpha for select BlackBerry handsets. Those of us…

Vid-Biz: YouTube, Joost, NBC

No Live Streaming for YouTube? Sources tell SAI that despite Steve Chen’s previous comments, the company never seriously considered adding the service.…

Qik Opens to Public

Live mobile streaming service Qik goes into public beta Monday, adding support for many more phones, including those running on the Verizon…