BusyCal, what iCal for Lion should have been

Unhappy with Lion’s new iCal interface? You’re not alone. While some fixes exist, I’ve found BusyCal not only retains all the good stuff from iCal for Snow Leopard, but also adds many new features that make it a great purchase for anyone.

Lion 101: System Preferences

System Preferences are the motivational speakers of your operating system. Don’t like something? The OS gives you the power to change! I’m not going to list every preference, but I am going to tell which choices you can make will have the greatest impact.

How to create a Mac OS X Lion recovery drive

Apple now has a free tool available for Lion that, once downloaded, will allow you to create another recovery drive using a USB drive instead. It’s now very easy to create your own Apple-sanction Lion install and recovery drive. Just follow these steps.

QuickTime Player gains advanced features in Lion

When Snow Leopard arrived, it came with an updated version of QuickTime, called QuickTime Player X. It lost a lot of features from the previous release, QuickTime 7. With Lion, a new version of QuickTime Player drops the “X” and gains a few more advanced features.

An in-depth look at Mail 5 in OS X Lion

Managing email on OS X has always been about finding the lesser of many evils. I have too many email addresses to use webmail efficiently, but I’ve never been happy with any email program on the Mac. That finally changed, thanks to OS X Lion.

The road to Lion: How Lion’s new features evolved

The latest update to our favorite OS code-named after felids, Lion, is due out sometime this month. To celebrate, we’re going to take a look at how Lion’s new features evolved from its predecessors, its little brother (iOS) and other sources.

Patent Describes OS X Spaces on iPad

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a new patent that describes a system by which Spaces, Apple’s system for operating multiple independent desktops on one computer, might be brought to the iPad. Could this be a preview of the merger of iOS and OS X?

Mac OS X Lion Includes Many Small but Significant Changes

The Lion developer preview was released about two weeks ago, and while the marquee features such as Launchpad and Mission Control are getting most of the Mac blogosphere’s attention, there are some smaller changes in Lion that I think are worth pointing out.

Lion’s App Resume: How it Will Probably Work

In my coverage of OS X Lion, I wondered how the app resume feature would work. I noticed that in the preview, the activity indicators in the Dock (those white dots) were all gone. Then I realized: There are no activity indicators in iOS.