Box CIO decamps for Yahoo

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Ben Haines, who was named Box’s first CIO 18 months ago, is now the VP in charge of applications at Yahoo.

How LinkedIn launched Influencers in just 6 weeks

LinkedIn became a giant in the tech sector, in part by building quality product in a short time. That skill – reflected in platforms like Influencers – wasn’t luck but the result of hard tech decisions along the way.

A conversation with K9’s Manu Kumar

Even as we analyze larger trends in VC investments right now, debating if there’s too much money or if it’s going to the right companies, it’s important to note that every VC is different and takes a unique approach to picking and mentoring companies.

What’s wrong with the tech valuations?

For nearly a decade and a half, Internet companies have been accorded nosebleed valuations by the stock markets. Despite shaky business fundamentals, Internet companies have often gotten premium in the markets. One banker finds valuations of LinkedIn and Facebook insane, especially when compared to Apple & Microsoft.

Facebook, Twitter and the economics of attention

One of the biggest risks for Facebook, as it tries to justify its multibillion-dollar market valuation, is that its attempt to monetize attention through advertising will fail — in part because the nature of the social network simply isn’t conducive to commercial messages.

Want better, not more connections? Check out Pipe

In this era of ever more social networks, it is hard to connect with one another. Pipe hopes to fix that. It sifts through your social graph and encourages you to get in touch with one person on your list. The rest is up to you.

LinkedIn pays $119M for SlideShare’s professional content

Professional social network LinkedIn is looking to bolster its appeal with its core business audience by buying presentation hosting service SlideShare in a deal worth $118.75 million. The acquisition gives LinkedIn another way to connect its users, who are often communicating through presentations and content.

Zynga seeks $1B in IPO

Online games powerhouse Zynga is shooting to reap $1billion in its IPO, according to an amended prospectus filed on Friday. The company behind Farmville, Mafia Wars and other games expects to offer 100 million shares of common stock at $8.50 to $10.00 per share.

LinkedIn acquires search engine startup IndexTank

LinkedIn has made its second small acquisition in as many weeks with the purchase of IndexTank, a San Francisco-based startup that makes a real-time, hosted search engine service. LinkedIn has thus far opted to spend the $352 million it pulled in from its IPO very slowly.

Social Media

Getting to grips with social media (including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, among others) is crucial for any web worker. Social media helps…

LinkedIn launches job application plug-in

LinkedIn has launched a plug-in that allows companies to place an “Apply with LinkedIn” button on their jobs web pages, enabling people to use their LinkedIn profiles as résumés. GigaOM was the first to report on the development of the “Apply with LinkedIn” plug-in in June.

LinkedIn IPO

LinkedIn, a social network for the business world went public on May 9, 2011 at a valuation of $4.6 billion. It is…

Pandora goes public, valued over $3 billion

More than a decade after it was started by Tim Westergren and cohorts, Oakland, Calif. based Pandora Music completed an initial public offering that saw the company raise about $235 million at about $16 a share. The company started trading at $20.30 a share.

LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman’s $2B Bonanza

Updated. LinkedIn’s huge debut today may have left some money on the table for initial investors, but it was still very lucrative especially for founder Reid Hoffman, who is now worth $2 billion more based a market cap of $10 billion.

The Morning Lowdown 05-19-11

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LinkedIn Is a Good Business, But Just How Good Is It?

LinkedIn went public on Thursday in one of the most eagerly-awaited stock offerings in years, and the shares doubled almost instantly, giving the company a market value of more than $9-billion. While the service is clearly a good business, is it really worth $9 billion?

LinkedIn Ups The Size Of Its IPO (Again)

LinkedIn, which is set to go public Thursday, has upped the size of its IPO — again — a sign that there’s been extremely strong interest i…

LinkedIn Ups The Size Of Its IPO

LinkedIn, which filed to raise up to $175 million in an IPO in late January, now says it expects to raise as much as $315 million by going p…

Hashable: What LinkedIn Would Look Like If It Was Built Now

Hashable has a fun interface but is all business under the hood, according to founder and CEO Mike Yavonditte. With its ability to track and index your professional relationships and connections in real time, with social awareness and even geo-tagging, it is everything that LinkedIn isn’t.

The Rise of the “Second Internet” and What It Means

Wedbush Securities says we are seeing the rise of the “Second Internet,” and the companies that are growing and succeeding share certain attributes — including an understanding of the social web — and are rarely the same players who succeeded in the earlier phases of the web.

Niche Social Networks Could Still Succeed

Human beings naturally belong to a variety of networks based on different contexts like shared interests, work, school, geography and the like. So it seems logical that there is room for specialized or niche social networks oriented around those specific groups or activities.

BranchOut Tries to “Gamify” Career Networking on Facebook

Facebook isn’t much of a platform for business, but BranchOut, which integrates with the social network, is applying tactics and techniques from social gaming to take on LinkedIn in professional career networking. Companies that want to build business apps on the Facebook platform should pay attention.

LinkedIn Goes Down For Some Amid IPO Spotlight

LinkedIn is apparently on and off for a significant group of its users today. That in itself isn’t news for us (after all, it’s in pretty go…

Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook Are 2011’s Disrupters

Who will set 2011’s standards in NewNet technologies like social media and real-time feeds? In terms of growing user adoption, revenues and technology innovation and influence, there are the sure-to-be leaders like Facebook going head-to-head with mid-size companies with potential to disrupt.

Hashable Gets Serious About Relationships

Hashable, a New York startup in private beta, looks to create and facilitate introductions and interactions. But CEO Michael Yavonditte sees a much brighter future for the venture as a way to encourage more real world engagement, measure social relationships and create a decentralized social network.

LinkedIn Launches Career Explorer For Grads

LinkedIn today launched a new feature for college students at over 60 universities that it calls “Career Explorer,” which will allow students to explore different career paths based on their school, their level of education, and the industry they hope to join when they graduate.

LinkedIn Boosts Social Features With ChoiceVendor Deal

LinkedIn has agreed to acquire ChoiceVendor, a startup that allows companies to rate and review business-to-business service providers. The acquisition appears to be designed to improve LinkedIn’s ability to offer recommendations and other social features to its members and the companies that use the social network.

Matt Cohler Leads Funding for Scientist Social Network

ResearchGATE, a social network for scientists aimed to facilitate their collaboration on research, has raised an unspecified amount of money in its first institutional round of funding. The site has amassed 500,000 members in the last two years, with strong contingents from biology and medicine.

LinkedIn Buys Personalization Startup mSpoke

LinkedIn is buying up personalization technology startup mSpoke in what is its first acquisition ever. MSpoke’s customers include publishers…

Should LinkedIn Be Afraid of BranchOut and Facebook?

BranchOut wants to bring LinkedIn-style business networking to Facebook using an application that pulls information from your friends’ profiles about what companies they work for, along with any other business-related details. Should LinkedIn be afraid of this new competitor? Yes and no.

Will Copycat Features Help LinkedIn Get Social?

LinkedIn has rolled out some enhancements to its sharing features that allow users to post links and images to the service, features that now look virtually identical to those at Facebook and on Google Buzz. But is copying other social networks going to help LinkedIn grow?

Unvarnished: Should You Crowdsource Your Reputation?

The idea behind Unvarnished, a new web service that launched this week, is that your online reputation is already being crowdsourced via the web and various social networks, and that you need the tools to manage it better than you can through sites such as LinkedIn.

8 Guides for Becoming a Power Business Social Networker

Social networking tools are critical for keeping up with others and raising our profiles in the working world. They are also increasingly useful ways for businesses to communicate. Here are eight essential guides from our network to make you a power business user of social tools.

LinkedIn Opens Up To Developers

LinkedIn wants more attention from developers. The company is announcing that third-party developers will now be able to easily integrate th…

Is the LinkedIn Platform Dead?

LinkedIn, the business social network, hopped on the platform bandwagon this time last year by opening up its network to developers. It…

Ex-E*TRADE CEO Goes Social With MOLI

Christos Cotsakos, former CEO of E*TRADE, the online brokerage firm that revolutionized stock trading in Web 1.0, will unveil his Web 2.0…

2008: The Year of LinkedIn?

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to start speculating about what will be hot and what will be not in 2008. After all, 2007 was not the Year of the Widget, despite what Newsweek predicted. If anything, it was the Year of Facebook. But what about that business networking contender, LinkedIn? Could 2008 be the year of business networking?