Level 3

Why You May Care About Level 3 Buying Global Crossing

Level 3 Communications agreed to buy Global Crossing in a transaction worth $3 billion. The deal is a sign of consolidation as broadband becomes the connecting fabric of our lives. But the question isn’t why this deal between two telecommunications backbone providers happened, but why now?

Netflix: Comcast Hates Us, Sort Of, Maybe

Has Comcast been imposing extra peering fees on Level 3 to hurt Netflix, which is competing with its TV business? That’s what Netflix is alleging in its just-published annual report, without actually stating it that frankly. The warning is carefully worded, but Netflix is clearly concerned.

Netflix: ISPs Overcharging Subs With Tiered Data Plans

Netflix has been very successful in attracting new subscribers, specifically around its streaming video service. But the video subscription company says its business could be hurt by ISPs moving to tiered data plans, which Netflix claims are incredibly overpriced.

Level 3: Comcast Lied About Dispute, Broke NDA

In the latest salvo over its interconnection dispute with Comcast, Level 3 is taking aim at the cable provider’s proposed deal to merge with NBC Universal. In a letter to the FCC, Level 3 accuses Comcast as acting as a gatekeeper to competing online video services.

20% of All Peak Traffic Due to 3.5M Netflix Data Hogs?

We already knew that Netflix streams about 20 percent of peak data traffic. But you might be surprised just how few Netflix subscribers it takes to push that much data: One analyst estimates just 3.5 million users might be responsible for one-fifth of primetime data traffic.

The Real Story Behind the Comcast-Level 3 Battle

The conventional wisdom is that Comcast is evil, therefore, Level 3 must be the innocent victim of Comcast’s capricious greed. In reality, this is a complex situation without clear-cut heroes or villains — in the network game, this is business as usual.

What the Web Is Saying: Comcast vs. Level 3

A showdown between Comcast and Level 3 over fees Level 3 has agreed to pay the cable giant to carry its traffic has touched off a debate as to whether Comcast is abusing its power or if it’s simply holding Level 3 to a fair standard.

Forget Net Neutrality; Comcast Might Break the Web

The fight that erupted today between Level 3 and Comcast involves an esoteric agreement and equally esoteric policy arguments, but at its core this fight is about money. Yet what has begun as commercial dispute may change how the web works and who pays for it.

Level 3, Comcast in a Cat Fight Over Online Video

Level 3, the middle-mile Internet provider and the newly crowned content delivery network for Netflix, has accused Comcast of violating the tenants of network neutrality as the cable company seeks an additional payment to deliver content from Level 3 to its subscribers.

Level 3 Lays Off 450

[qi:010] As the recession deepens and the telecommunications industry braces for some tough quarters, Level 3 (s LVLT) said yesterday it will…