How LG and Motorola are assailing Samsung

two-front android attack

Samsung still enjoys a healthy lead atop the Android smartphone heap, but competitors such as LG and Motorola have shown they are starting to find ways to penetrate its market dominance.

IBM drops long-standing $20-EPS-or-bust goal

IBM, the venerable IT giant, is in a tough place and it’s unclear whether divesting businesses will help it compete with cloud and software oriented companies with lower cost structures, but at least it rids itself of this obnoxious target.

Chrome Show: Making Chrome Apps on Chromebooks

There’s one less reason to use a traditional computer if you’re a developer: You can now make Chrome apps, which can be deployed to Android devices, on a Chromebook. We discuss why that’s important in this week’s Chrome Show podcast.

Lenovo: IBM server strike ain’t our problem

Lenovo insists it will give Chinese IBM server factory workers a fair deal when they transition over as part of the $2.3 billion sale of IBM’s x86 server business, but until then it’s not Lenovo’s concern.

IBM buys UrbanCode for its devops chops

Big Blue says UrbanCode’s software works well with its own Worklight mobile application development platfrom to speed up the creation and deployment of mobile (and cloud) apps.

Lenovo adds BlueStacks Android player to Windows 8 PCs

BlueStacks gained a big new partner at CES: Lenovo will be installing the BlueStacks software on Idea-branded PCs. The app player runs Android software within Windows 8, but it’s not just about apps: BlueStacks can sync SMS messages from phone to computer.

Windows RT slate makers: the good, the not so bad and the ugly

Microsoft announced four initial hardware partners for the first Windows RT slates. Of the four, two have some solid tablet experience while another showed promise with early smartbook designs. The last one, however, is a dark horse, as it has limited success with consumer electronics devices.

Powered by Macheen, Lenovo sells bits of no-contract 3G

Lenovo is taking a new approach to make its ThinkPad laptops more appealing to consumers and enterprises: Lenovo is also selling no-contract wireless data. Called Lenovo Mobile Access, the service provides an 3G connection to ThinkPads for as short as 30 minutes, costing $1.95.

Lenovo readies an iPad competitor: IdeaTab S2109

Lenovo released a video overview of its newest slate, the IdeaTab S2109. The 8.9 millimeter Android 4.0 tablet with 9.7-inch display doesn’t have an official price, but there are a few clues indicating that this IdeaPad will be priced at or below Apple’s $399 iPad 2.

Tablet makers with no ecosystem should turn to Windows 8

By 2016, one-third of the U.S. population will own a tablet, says Forrester. This figure — 112.5 million people — is an upward revision due to two names in the tablet market: Apple and Amazon. All other tablet makers should leave Android for Windows, says Forrester.

Lenovo IdeaPad S2: Docking tablet runs for 20 hours

Rivaling Asus’s Transformer Prime, Lenovo is showing off its own tablet with keyboard dock at the Consumer Electronics Show. The dual-core IdeaPad S2 weighs just 1.1 pounds, runs Google Android 4.0 out of the box and lasts for 20 hours with an optional keyboard dock.

Lenovo launches first Ice Cream Sandwich TV

A TV that features voice control, facial recognition, thousands of apps, a game pad and 3-D video?No, it’s not the rumored Apple TV, but a new Smart TV made by Lenovo that’s based on the latest version 4.0 of Google’s Android OS.

Plant shutdown may disrupt Apple, HTC products

Charter, a China-based manufacturer is partially closing production due to nearby communities reporting bad odors. What’s impacted? Laptops and smartphones that use metal casings: Apple’s MacBook Air and handsets from HTC. Other laptops and new ultrabooks may be impacted too; just before the profitable holiday season.

Now playing on more Android devices: Netflix

Netflix certified more Android devices for its software, adding support for a number of handsets and tablets powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 2 processor. That brings the total number of Netflix-capable smartphones and tablets up to 22. Good, because consumers don’t care whose chip powers their device.

Usability and Shareability to Drive Tablet Market

Although Apple’s iPad has everyone’s attention, the tablet wars won’t be fought and won this year alone. A number of contenders are on the way and this disparity in platforms and form factors will help increase tablet sales 54 percent per year through 2015.

Lenovo’s New Mobile Division: Better Late Than Never

After dumping its mobile phone group in 2008, Lenovo bought it back for double in 2009. Now the company has formed a new Mobile Internet and Digital Home Business Group, just as computer sales are eclipsed by smartphones. Is it too late for Lenovo?

The Real Tablet Wars Will Have to Wait Until Next Year

Even with release of the Galaxy Tab this week, it looks like the real battle to upend the iPad won’t happen until next year. Lenovo’s CEO confirmed that its LePad tablet won’t hit the market until 2011. LG also pushed back the release of its tablet until next year.

Apple Slips, HP Climbs in Green Gadget Ranking

Greenpeace has been a thorn in the side of the consumer electronics industry with its Guide to Greener Electronics for years. The latest edition shows shuffling in the ranks of top companies as they launch new products and sail past deadlines for eliminating hazardous substances.

Power Brick Meets USB Hub: From Lenovo

Road warriors will soon be cheering world-wide as word spreads about the new Lenovo Power Hub. This product is so simple that it’s amazing no one has produced one before now. Take a power brick and add four USB ports to it without making it bigger.

Lenovo Goes 3D with IdeaPad Y560d

The world seems consumed with 3D, with talk of 3D TVs and computers all over the news lately. Computer maker Lenovo is paying attention to this and introduced its first 3D notebook — the IdeaPad Y560d. The 15 inch notebook can play 3D games and movies.

Lenovo Delays U1 Hybrid, Skylight for Android

Two of the most interesting gadgets we saw early this year at the CES in Las Vegas were both from Lenovo. These two products have been delayed by Lenovo according to Laptop Magazine, because the company is going to drop Linux to use Android.

Mobile Tech Manor #90: Look, it’s a SkyGrid

The end of another week is upon us and that means it is time to share my week in Mobile Tech Manor with you. This week saw gadgets littering every surface in the Manor and I spent hours playing with them, er, evaluating them.

IdeaPad Y460 Notebook Review: Going Large and Light

The IdeaPad Y460 is a 14.1-inch notebook that is very thin and mobile. You don’t think of mobile in the 14-inch size, but this notebook fits the description. The unit is not much bigger than the screen, and weighs roughly the same as a 13-inch MacBook.

Lenovo Expands Notebook Line With Power

Lenovo is apparently determined to have the most notebooks in its portfolio, with the introduction of the IdeaPad Z-series line of notebooks. The objective looks to bring powerful processors and multimedia capabilities to the Lenovo lineup, while keeping prices low enough to appeal to consumers.

ThinkPad Edge 14 Video Review

The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge is a good compromise between the enterprise focused ThinkPad line and the consumer market. In the video I give a tour around the notebook and show how solid a performer it is at normal tasks such as web browsing and video playing.

New Green ThinkPad L Line Launched

Lenovo, the company that brings us the ThinkPad line of notebooks, has launched the new ThinkPad L line of notebooks. The company states these new notebooks are “the greenest laptops on the market” as they are made with up to 30% post-consumer content.

Lenovo Refocuses on Smartphones to Bolster Sales

Lenovo sold its mobile handset division in 2008 only to buy it back in late 2009. It now says that up to 20 percent of its revenues will come from mobile products, including smartphones, within the next five years. How will it make this transition?

Palm Looking for a Sugar Daddy

Beleaguered Palm is looking for a buyer, according to a report by Bloomberg. The company has failed to capitalize sufficiently on the webOS platform launched to great fanfare, and is courting companies for a sale. Two companies thought to have an interest are Lenovo and HTC.

ThinkPad Edge 14 Review

The ThinkPad Edge line is aimed at bringing the solid ThinkPad reputation to the consumer. The Edge combines the solid build quality the ThinkPad is famous for with a design that is geared toward the consumer. The ThinkPad Edge 14 crosses the enterprise/ consumer divide admirably.

Lenovo 14-Inch ThinkPad Edge Arrives in the Manor

The ThinkPad Edge line combines many of the features that make the ThinkPad line a favorite with businesses, with other features that appeal to consumers. The result is a thin form factor with excellent consumer appeal. The 14-inch model starts at $599.

ThinkPad X100e Video Overview

The 11.6-inch high-res screen on the ThinkPad X100e is a nice touch for an ultra-portable, and the attention to detail is present throughout the design. The inclusion of an AMD processor is a concession to pricing, and I discuss my findings due to that design choice.

Coffee Break: Q&A on the ThinkPad X100e

I’ve been working in a local coffee shop for an hour using the ThinkPad X100e laptop. I’m getting a lot of questions about the X100e, and it makes sense to do a brief Q&A session to shed further light on this small ThinkPad.

Taking the IdeaPad S10-3t for a Spin

The race to get tablets to market has hit the lowly netbook sector, with several models already available and more likely on the way. I love me some slate goodness, and was delighted when Lenovo sent a IdeaPad S10-3t over for a test drive.

Kicking the Tires on the ThinkPad X100e

What if you could merge the best features of netbooks with the top quality of the ThinkPad notebook line? You’d get the ThinkPad X100e. This 11.6-inch ThinkPad crams the build quality and features of the venerable ThinkPad line into a form slightly bigger than the netbook.

5 Alternatives to the iPad

So you’re not impressed that the “magic” iPad went on sale today? You want a “real” OS powering your slate? I’ve got your back as I’m your source for information about slates. Here’s a list of 5 alternatives to the iPad; I’ve used all of them.

New ThinkPads Unleashed — Tablet Refresh, Too

Lenovo has been busy since the CES in January, and have announced refreshed models in the ThinkPad line. The x201 series gets beefier processors, and the Tablet PC model gets a trackpad. The massive dual-screen x701ds also gets a refresh while keeping that second slide-out screen.

This Week in Mobile Tech Manor #75

The end of the week means it’s time to share the week at Mobile Tech Manor with you. This week saw a little laptop arrive, and I tested (and quit using) a new browser. The Kindle gained new respect from me, deservedly so.

Palm Mobile Hotspot Revisited

The Palm Mobile Hotspot feature can be a boon to the mobile worker if connection speeds are good. While my initial testing showed slow speeds, further testing has determined the cause is not the Palm technology. Read the post and help me with a fix.

Will Demand Meet the Tablet Supply?

A long list of companies will bring new tablets to market this year in the hopes of duplicating the success of Apple’s iPod touch. Whether demand will meet that supply, though, is far from clear.

LePhone Showcases Android's Strength — and Weakness

Lenovo’s new smartphone demonstrates just how impressive and flexible Google’s Android OS can be. But that flexibility will be a double-edged sword if it competes with itself in the marketplace and results in a vast number of Android versions.

Why PC Makers Will Make Android King

As Lenovo steps back into the mobile business, it’s becoming clear that Android will democratize the hardware for mobile phones allowing the PC makers (both Dell and Acer are using it) to make a compelling handsets and put the hurt on traditional handset makers.

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