Music site This Is My Jam could spin out from Echo Nest

A year after it launched as a skunkworks project inside music data company The Echo Nest, trendy social music site This Is My Jam is “looking at options” for going independent — as well as getting ready to launch some fun new site exploration features.

Music startups aren’t dead — they’re just changing

Rumors of the death of the digital music industry are greatly exaggerated, says former executive Matthew Hawn. While there may not be much room for profiting from recorded music any more, an entire generation of companies are building a different, more exciting future.

Spotify said to hit 20M users, but it’s no wunderkind

Spotify has now 20 million monthly active users, according to new estimates based on publicly available Facebook data. The company’s growth has accelerated ever since its Facebook integration launched – but it’s success isn’t extraordinary: Long forgotten music services like Imeem were once just as popular.

The best music service you don’t know just got better

EXCLUSIVE: Clio might not be the most familiar name in the world of music recommendation — but its system is one of the most intelligent. And now the Philadelphia service has strengthened its hand by signing a major deal to provide its services to Hollywood’s biggest studios.

Can the web make art better? Artfinder thinks so.

All sorts of media have been disrupted by the online world: music, video, news, books and more. But after years of digital revolution, the rarified world of visual art remains largely untouched. Enter one British startup that thinks it can change all that. Co-Founder Blasts Apple’s 30 Percent Cut

Rhapsody has probably garnered the most attention for speaking out against Apple’s new subscription plans, but co-founder Richard Jones probably takes the cake for most direct denunciation. Speaking in an IRC chat, Jones said “[A]pple just f****** over online music subs for the iPhone.”

Carriers Could Move the Needle in Mobile Music

The hype surrounding mobile music continues despite the lack of evidence that the space will ever generate much in the way of revenues. But carriers still have a chance to use music to attract new consumers and keep the ones they have.

YouTube Mash-Up Lets You Make Your Own MTV

Type in the name of an artist, select a song, and you’re presented with a playlist of 150 music videos, based on music filtering algorithms from That’s the gist of a new mash-up that combines Google Instant-like search with YouTube videos and recommendations.

A Personal Blippy + Foursquare + = Strings

A service called Strings, which launched today, is trying to find and collect all the different ways you can track yourself online. Strings is not about socializing and sharing that information, like the Twitter-for-credit-cards Blippy, but about privately harnessing it.

Music Site Bans Unofficial Mobile Apps is banning all unofficial third-party apps that allow users to stream its content, including those that stream to mobile phones, th…

MeeMix Joins the Social Music Party

MeeMix, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based social music startup, is joining competitors including MOG, and Pandora by offering music-oriented communities centered around…