Larry Ellison

Dilbert disses cloud (or at least cloudwashing)

When cartoonist Scott Adams decides that cloudwashing has become too much to take, maybe it’s time to give this annoying practice the boot. Sooooo … what do you say Oracle, HP, IBM, Microsoft? Can we agree to put the mindless use of the C-word on ice?

Tit for tat: Amazon offers free taste of Oracle database

The empire strikes back: Amazon Web Services adds the Oracle database — actually the whole RDS lineup — to its free usage tier. Anyone who doesn’t see Oracle’s new Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Amazon Web Services as potential competitors should probably look again.

Oracle cloud takes vendor lock-in up a notch

Oracle’s new clouds are a vehicle for selling more Oracle hardware and software into big accounts. It’s unclear how many of these big accounts — banks, manufacturers, insurance companies — really want to go all-in with Oracle in the cloud, however.

Oracle’s hardware hangover continues

Oracle’s still fighting to recover, recoup and profit from its $7.4 billion buyout of Sun Microsystems three years ago. In its first quarter, Oracle’s overall hardware business was off 24 percent year over year despite “triple-digit growth” in engineered systems like Exadata.

Shhhh, Larry Ellison’s about to tweet!

With all the cloud computing hubbub this week as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft and Oracle gala events all vie for attention, it’s telling that most of the buzz centers on what exactly, Larry Ellison will tweet some time tomorrow.

Oracle faces big data, cloud, hardware triple whammy

For years, Oracle has wowed Wall Street with fat software margins: Large companies depending on Oracle relational databases pay what it takes to keep them up and running. It’s unclear whether Oracle can carry that dominance over into the Big Data era, however.

Oracle buys Taleo in a $1.9B response to SAP

Oracle is buying Taleo, a SaaS-based talent management company for $1.9 billion. Oracle said Taleo’s services will become part of the Oracle “public cloud.” Taleo could bring both more cloud credibility and more vertical expertise to Oracle’s broadening applications portfolio.

Which companies will EMC’s Project Lightning strike?

With its Project Lightning server-side flash cache, aka VFcache, EMC hopes to show itself as a forward-looking storage provider. But until it loses its big box, scale-up mentality, it won’t be much of a factor in webscale data centers that go for scale-out everything.

Oracle’s boxes more about integration than innovation

Oracle painted Exalytics data analytics and big data appliances as game changers. And they might be, for Oracle. But both high-end boxes are about Oracle taking existing IP assets that it acquired or open sourced, and layering them on Intel hardware and Infiniband pipes.

Cloud spat: Benioff cries foul over Oracle keynote cancellation

Battling CEOs: CEO Marc Benioff tweeted that his counterpart at Oracle canceled Benioff’s big OpenWorld keynote. We can’t be sure because Oracle isn’t responding, but either way probably just boosted attendance at its alternate event big-time.

Oracle Big Data Appliance stakes big claim

With its latest appliance, Oracle officially signaled its embrace of big data. Company execs said the appliance marries big data technologies with Oracle’s core 11G database and new Exalytics analytics appliance. The Big Data Appliance bundles Oracle NoSQL and an open-source Apache Hadoop distribution.

Six degrees of Larry Ellison [Infographic]

Some people just seem to have “it” — that spark that makes them seem like they have an inside track on everything and everyone worth knowing. There’s no question that, in the technology industry, Oracle co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison is one of those people.

For Oracle, Big Data Translates Into Big Bucks

Larry Ellison and Oracle aren’t interested when it comes to technology trends. They do their own thing, whether it’s mocking cloud companies or hiring deposed chief executives of rivals. Somehow, it all works out. Oracle reported blowout results for first quarter of 2011 on Friday.

HP vs Mark Hurd & Oracle: The Machiavellian Version

When it comes to ousted HP CEO Mark Hurd joining Oracle and HP’s subsequent lawsuit, Om speculates that this is a Machiavellian plot cooked up by Hurd and Larry Ellison to distract HP from business as usual, and settles in to watch the show.