Which devices use Wi-Fi hotspots the most? Not laptops…

Smartphones are use more for Wi-Fi hotspot connections as we want information from mobile devices on demand, but not by paying more for mobile broadband. Tablets are catching up to laptops in this regard too, making strong cases for hetnets, more hotspots and small cells.

Intel to offer ‘free’ Wi-Fi in its ultrabooks, tablets

Intel is adding a feature to its Ultrabooks and tablets that will make them stand out from its competitors’ netbooks and slates: automatic access to a global Wi-Fi network. The silicon vendor is using DeviceScape’s connection manager technology to link to millions of open hotspots.

Motorola’s LapDock: The next Google ChromeBook?

Google can’t keep fighting against Apple and Microsoft with just Android, when both rivals have a mobile and a desktop system. ChromeOS could be that system for Google, but it’s not a hit yet. What might help? Motorola’s LapDock system to pair up Android and ChromeOS.

Why the iPad is a salesperson’s best friend

Recent studies show that Apple’s iPad is doing very well in the enterprise, with new activations soaring. One company just deployed 1,300 of the Apple tablets across its sales force, because combined with the right software, it believes there’s no better tool a salesperson can carry.

Stat shot: Phones, tablets use airport Wi-Fi more than laptops

Smartphones and tablets now trump laptops as the newer, more mobile devices use airport Wi-Fi more than traditional computers, according to data collected by Boingo Wireless. Although laptops outnumber mobile devices by a factor of five, the smaller devices use nearly 60 percent of airport Wi-Fi.

IsoStick turns a flash stick into an optical drive

Folks experiencing a major laptop crash might be dead in the water: Without operating system DVDs and an optical drive, it’s a potential problem. IsoStick, a Kickstarter project, aims to solve this issue with a small flash drive that appears as an optical drive to computer.

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